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British Jew Neil Masterson allegedly punched anti-Semitic MP George Galloway in the face.

A caretaker who says he is Jewish and was charged with pushing anti-Semitic British Member of Parliament George Galloway in the face last Friday has been remanded to prison, without bail, after pleading not guilty .

Neil Masterson, a former manager for the BBC, allegedly assaulted Galloway when the MP was posing for pictures. Galloway was hospitalized for broken ribs and bruises, including a lump on his head, before being released the following day.


The prosecutor in the case told the court that the Jewish suspect told police, “I didn’t want him to think I’m scared, Galloway is anti-Semitic, and I am Jewish.” However, a post on his Facebook page states he is Catholic.

He is a caregiver for a middle-aged woman, and his defense lawyer told the court that she “would be lost without him.”

One tweet called him a “Zionist terrorist.”

Masterson pleaded not guilty to the charge of an assault that was “religiously aggravated” on Galloway, who recently declared that the city of Bradford that he presents will be an “Israel-free zone.” Police have investigated Galloway for the remarks.

The court denied Masterson bail, and his trial is scheduled for later this month.

Galloway is far from the most popular politician in Britain and is such an embarrassment to the government that the assault was ignored by politicians.

The silence led a London Telegraph columnist to complain, “Galloway has received no public message of sympathy from a single MP from any party – nothing from Speaker Bercow, from the Prime Minister, or from any of the other elected political leader.“

The writer called the assault an ”attack on democracy,” but public figures apparently figure Britain was better off with Galloway out of action, even if for only a day.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. He is right. he is not guilty Galloway is guilty of hate speech, in America they would force him to take a class, oh no that’s not right, only Americans and Jews must take a class on learning to have respect for other religions. What a dam joke.

  2. Reem, Galloway didn’t have an opposing opinion. He declared Bradford a jew/Israel -free zone. He asked for BDS on Israeli products. ( I highly doubt he meant any Halal product made in Israel either) That’s a hateful action taken by Galloway and his followers. That’s anti-semetic, not opinion.
    Seems Gaza has been doing lots of attacking and getting away with it from the UN…Let’s not play double standard here.

  3. Reem, that tripe about Israel shooting pregnant Palestinian women is a hoax. That was happening in Syria about a year ago, and it was Syrian rebels doing the shooting. If you paid attention to something other than anti-Israel reporting, you would know that.

  4. Galloway and his evil mouth deserved this thrashing, and should be in prison, too. I’m not big on violence, but when the government there protects Muslims more than Jews (allowing them to beat Jews), and this MP does and says about Jews and Israel, it is difficult to say this man is guilty of anything at all but finally delivering some much-needed justice to the Jewish community in Britain.

  5. From Neil Masterson facebook, “As a Catholic, it grieves me deeply that the catholic church was confederate-in-chief in antisemitism; and their antisemitism essentially caused the most brutal murderous aspects of the Nazis…

    If we fail to check Islam in precisely the same way as we, using the most advanced laws of the day, did against Catholics for centuries, then a greater antisemitism with a far greater darkness than the Nazis will be sure to follow.

    Where Jews suffer, we are all doomed to suffer… eventually.

    Kill the beast, it must be slain. Keep destroying it until it starts to destroy itself”. Please share, Neil Masterson now needs our help.

  6. Dear fellow Jews of Britain. Please plan a rally in Bradford in honor of Neil Masterson. You can have armbands made with a picture of Galloway with a line drawn diagonal symbolizing “No Galloway.”

  7. There’s a big difference between words & fists. Exercising your right to free speech, doesn’t give some stranger the legal or moral right to punch & kick you, just because he didn’t like your words.

  8. Can you provide us with email addresses so that we can flood the prosecutes office and demand that Neil Masterson is found not guilty and is set free. What the anti-Semitic British Member of Parliament George Galloway did was illegal and yet no one in the UK government stopped him. And this is the real crime. Galloway actions of declaring that the city of Bradford will be an “Israel-free zone” is the same thing as calling the city of Bradford a Jew-free zone since Israel is a Jewish state. Galloway is a public figure he represents all people but his personal anti-Semitism got in the way. Galloway’s behavior is not any different than that of Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s. The guilty should be persecuted, and in this case it is Galloway and all those who stood by and allowed him to make a mockery of democracy.

  9. Many comments here do not comply with the house rules. Too abusive! I am a little confused about only advocating violence against terrorists? Who does that include Hamas or the IDF?

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