Photo Credit: Respect Party photo
Anti-Semitic Briitsh MP George Galloway poses with a lump on his head after being assaulted.

British police have arrested a 39-year-old man, (not Jewish, we’re not sure if that surprises us or not) for assault anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Member of Parliament George Galloway, who was hospitalized for broken ribs and a head injury.

The attacker was identified as Neil Masterson.


Galloway has been released from the hospital, but it is doubtful that the attacker was able to beat some sense into his head.

The MP, who has built his political career on loving Saddam Hussein and Hamas and hating Jews and Israel, was posing for pictures in west London Friday night when the attacker jumped on him while calling him “Hitler.”

The assault “appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust,” said Galloway’s spokesman. The name of his one-MP party is Respect, which indicates his ignorance of the English language.

The party’s name is a very contrived acronym for Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community and Trade Unionism. A more accurate acronym would be “Racist, Extremist, Satanic, Pisher, Ethnic=hatingt, Crude and Twisted.

Galloway has been under police investigation since his call earlier this month that the city of Bradford, which he represents, be an “Israel-free” zone that would bar Israeli tourist and place a total ban on anything related to Israel.

We wish Galloway a speedy recovery and hope that some of the medicine he needs is made in Israel.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. So much for freedom of speech, opinion and political preference.
    Let’s reverse the situation. Imagine some supporter of Israel being attacked physically. The din would be deafening. Clever humour? Perhaps it would seem so to 12 year olds.

  2. There is freedom of speech & there is provoking, inciting & supporting hatred by dictating & discriminating using political power which the likes of Hitler among other notorious public figures have done. It is not acceptable! not to any race or religion. If he wants to start on Israeli Jews for being heavy handed, stereotyping & boxing in all Jews then lets start with muslims terror groups who are recruiting world wide to help spread their hate, evil, genocide, slavery & rape.. Galloway belongs right with them!

  3. Again God said to Abram: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” Genesis 12:3. All of these hate mongers have a divine appointment with God Almighty Jehovah..

  4. Daniel Morman Re: his broken ribs being a painful injury: Yep!

    Especially to someone who likes inflating his lungs to full capacity to bellow his slanderous lies at his audience LOL!

  5. I find no basis for being happy by this event. I dislike Mr Galloway for the same reason many other people do, but attacking him physically is wrong. I think he plays a dangerous game by deliberately exploiting a distinction between Israel as a secular nation and the obvious and clear reality that in the minds of the overwhelming majority of people Zionism or Israel means Jews. The danger is of course directed at Jews themselves. In this instance it has backfired on Galloway. But using violence in this way is wrong and should never be celebrated.

  6. This man’s words have led to assaults, bigotry, and harm to Jews. He knows it and so do you. I’m not saying the assault was right but his contemptible words and actions caused someone to snap.

  7. There have been 3 attacks on Jews this week alone in the US. There have been horrific attacks all over Europe. Open your eyes. Crimes against Jews in Europe are through the roof. There are hundreds in France alone. There is no din. Just deafening silence. Silence from the media and silence from the governments. So before you make such ridiculous statements do a little research. You are wrong.

  8. I come from the same city in Scotland as this vile coward,i can assure all of you he is hated by many in the the UK too. I hope he dies a very painful death,can’t Mossad take out this piece of scum.

  9. Harold Taback If you are going to wait for non Jews to help you, then you are best to sit back and wait, and wait. Their goal is to convert you ASAP, and nothing more.

  10. I don’t know what the answer to your question is regarding how many Jews have been hurt because of Mr Galloway, but I do agree that we should not take any further harm sitting down. As a nation Israel must defend itself and individual Jews everywhere should stand up for themselves and for one another. If that means acting in self defence then so be it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do what was necessary to defend anyone who was being attacked. But I have to say if I had been at this incident I would have defended Mr Galloway without hesitation as well. We cannot start taking the law into our own hands.

  11. “Hitler” now may blame Israel and Jewry for all the bumps and bruises he earned. I doubt the beating he took was able to knock some common sense into his thick skull.

  12. Ichabod Galloway took the law into his own hands when he stood up & denied entry to all Israelis into ‘his’ town. Who gave him that right? The law often does not do justice nor protect when it should, trust me as an ex police! There is a petition against him signed by over 12,000 people to have him convicted. He broke the law. He is no better then the guy who punched him except the actions of one man only hurt one man, the actions of Galloway hurt 1000’s!

  13. I agree and my response was to pay for and monitor a national advertising campaign which was seeking for his prosecution. In one day we reached over 43,000 people in the UK. What shocked me altogether about that add which was monitored through Facebook, was the anti semitic comments I received. For more than fourteen hours I was bombarded by the most offensive comments imaginable. If we want men like Galloway to be held to account we have to direct our energies within the law. Over 300 people made complaints about the remarks he made at the RESPECT meeting in Leeds. If there had been three thousand complaints or ten thousand complaints you can be sure that there are people who would be making noises in Parliament and not just on social media sites.

  14. Ichabod I too agree. I do not understand why these petitions reaching such high numbers are not having an impact, it can only be a result of such conflicting & ignorant judgements passed on Israel over the war as well as UK Jews being out numbered by the arab community & media support it has raised. Whatever the reason it has caused great upset & frustration to many hence the result of a personal attack on Galloway which I think was much deserved. Sometimes the old school way of smacking a child on the bum was enough of a lesson for them to never do it again, in this case perhaps the old school way of a punch to the head will teach him to watch his mouth next time. Violence is only acceptable in self defence. I would like to think Mr. Masterson was doing this in defence for us all who took the brunt of his actions.

  15. I think you have hit the nail on the head Jamie in more ways than one. Most of the offence was linked to the political lunacy and distorted reporting of the Gaza conflict. That issue was raised over and over again. Personally I have no doubt that the majority of comments were a true reflection of age old anti Semitism. Do you want to know the really surprising part of that campaign? The demographic stats placed over 80% of the anti semitic comments in the 50+ male group. Of course if you had said you wanted his backside smacked I would have offered to hold his hand whilst you thrashed him!

  16. He should go to an Arab country for treatment. But he won’t. Those bastards use our inventions, our medicine and our knowledge. Then run around afterwards talking their . He should start by boycotting our medical accomplishments and see how long this idiot survives.

  17. Ichabod I had a brief look at Galloway Facebook public profile. Its littered with anti semitic comments by his fans. This man should truly not be allowed the privilege of the position he is in. I hope his actions will reflect in the next voting election. He is a disgrace and bad example for Britain who has become a soft touch. The Britain that is currently on high alert from a terror attack by the very people who support the destruction of Israel & chant through our streets for Jewish deaths.

  18. For what it is worth I believe that Galloway has actually set a snare for himself. The risks he has taken over the last three years don’t just fall into the ball park of attracting the emotional response of a few people who are deeply offended by his anti-semitism. He has ideologically courted Islam as well. What he does not realise is that Islam has only one interest and that is Islam itself. Galloway has used a form of language in the Uk over the past few years which he does not realise carries a meaning which in the minds of some less well balanced Muslims obligates him to Islam. When he tries to move on, as he must, they will go after him in the desert and demand his return. When he refuses they will bless him with the sword of Allah.


  20. Agreed Barb ..and Laura and Judith!! You should see the ugly comments made to me by his ‘supporters’! But one would never expect anything less?? They are lesser than less!! Sadly they know it so that’s why being anti-semites makes them feel important!

  21. This scum a constant fixture on the ayatollahs press tv have always been a great pain to me.But i never suspected him to be MP of great britain!This wondereous world.I thought him to be some european fag under the ayatollahs pay but not an mp.Any ways i cant hide something:he looks ‘handsome’ today than ever,with the bumps on his face in particular.This fag always begged to be trashed and he got it today! Long live israel while its enemies get trashed!

  22. i can only hope that galloways’ recovery is slow and painful. just one remark about mr leshers’ remarks. he is confusing politics with reality and george bush has had no idea of either..
    when the jews/israelis stand up and fight they are villified as aggressors and nazis. if the jews/israelis do not stand up ,as was perceived in the ’30’s and 40’s, they are the craven cowardly jews. is there any stance that we should take that would be acceptable in the eyes of the world or is it a given that we are easy to lay blame on for anything and everything ?

  23. Next time they get to him I hope they damage that ugly face of his where he will need some stitches…and also give him a good devastating punch where the sun does not shine

  24. Well said, Larry Fleisher. Sadly, there is no stance at all that we could/should take that would be acceptable in the eyes of the world. Not only is it easy to lay blame on us for anything and everything, but we are expected not to complain, and NEVER to defend ourselves if attacked, whether verbally or by rockets and mortars. Self-defence by Jews is verboten. As the Poles said while stoning Jews to death in the post-war Kielce massacre: “They’re just Jews.”

  25. Ichabod : Why not? Who is going to help us, apart from ourselves? Who has EVER helped us? When Europeans attack Jews, as happens frequently nowadays, who comes to the aid of the Jews? You know the answer.

  26. Wow. This is the 2nd time I’ve read that Masterson is a Catholic. A Catholic coming to the aid of Jews? Things are looking up. Is the world becoming a better place? Are Catholics seeing the light? I doubt it.

  27. Denis gray: Jews are daily being physically attacked, world-wide? Do you not read anything apart from your local paper? And there is no “deafening din.” Jews are not permitted to complain, because “Christians” don’t like it.
    All the “deafening din” in the world at present comes from Muslims who threaten riots, boycotts and death to anyone who says a word they dislike or who tells the truth about Islam.

    Anyway, what are YOU doing on a Jewish website? Go away. This is one of the few places we have to ourselves. Get lost, preferably in a deep dam.

  28. Perhaps the lump on his head will grow, and then affect his brain so that he has hallucinations about all the Jews who have been murdered and maimed and traumatized because of Nazis like him. A bit like in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, he will emerge a new man. Huh. I must be having hallucinations myself.

  29. BEVERLEY KAHN, have watched your video clip – wow! Sadly I am 72, and the acrobatics are beyond me. Just give me a big gun, and I would use it well and with discretion.

  30. There should be more people like Neil Mastererson ( Jews and Non Jews ) that
    will stand up, be active and not just passively talk among like thinkers, to combat this evil antisemitism spreading the world .

  31. THere’s a difference between an anti-Zionist and an antisemite. Read what he actually said ” “We do not hate Jews. We hate Zionism, we hate Israel, we hate murder and injustice. Israel blasphemes against the Torah by calling itself a Jewish state.”

  32. Well said, Larry Fleisher. Sadly, there is no stance at all that we could/should take that would be acceptable in the eyes of the world. Not only is it easy to lay blame on us for anything and everything, but we are expected not to complain, and NEVER to defend ourselves if attacked, whether verbally or by rockets and mortars. Self-defence by Jews is verboten. As the Poles said while stoning Jews to death in the post-war Kielce massacre: "They're just Jews."

  33. Denis gray: Jews are daily being physically attacked, world-wide? Do you not read anything apart from your local paper? And there is no "deafening din." Jews are not permitted to complain, because "Christians" don't like it.
    All the "deafening din" in the world at present comes from Muslims who threaten riots, boycotts and death to anyone who says a word they dislike or who tells the truth about Islam.

    Anyway, what are YOU doing on a Jewish website? Go away. This is one of the few places we have to ourselves. Get lost, preferably in a deep dam.

  34. Perhaps the lump on his head will grow, and then affect his brain so that he has hallucinations about all the Jews who have been murdered and maimed and traumatized because of Nazis like him. A bit like in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", he will emerge a new man. Huh. I must be having hallucinations myself.

  35. Just beat someone’s ing head in yes the ultimate solution violence violence violence the one thing that every human knows or should know is that violence is the number one thing to avoid and yet we live in a rapidly escalating sick to the guts violent world…sort it out people

  36. This is absolutely absurd. Nothing more than a mere character assassination of a man based purely on his opposition to the israeli governments culture.

    You are brainwashed from the minute you’re born.

  37. Moron, hypocrite!!…. being a zionist is part pf religious judaism!!…. and this man deserves slot more than just s thorough beating…. he should be airdropped into gaza!!…. he incited frenzied mobs against the funndamental right of every jew to own and posess the land of israel!!…. you all need a beating!!… but its coming!!…. not from us….. from the people you protecting!…. 😉 😉

  38. Oh look at you all and your nasty comments in favour of hate crimes and genocide. It really is sickening. Your comments and actions of the state you support will go down in history alongside those of holocaust supporters and apartheid supporters. As an otherwise impartial person reading this you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Utterly sickening.

  39. Well two replies in criticism and two likes.(so far) Sort of cancel each other out. For my own views let me give an analogy, I dont like the activitities of the Westboro Baptist Church but it doesnt make me anti- Christian. I can criticise the actions of Israel without being anti-semite.

  40. Jed Bland the only thing that will cancel things out is when you and others like you wake up to the fact that this is not a game. The hatred that spews out of Westboro Baptist Church is rejected by the overwhelming majority of Christians. I hate what they stand for and I am a Messianic Jew. So does that also make me an anti-christian. None of the people I know would even give thought to the suggestion. On the other hand if I condemned the Baptist Union on the basis of Westboro then I am showing myself to be an ignorant man at the very least. I notice that you don’t actually address the substance of what is said.

  41. I was merely pointing out that the article throughout refers to Galloway as “anti-Israel and anti-Semitic” when there is no reason the latter follows the former. The substance of what is said appears to be approval of common assault and disregard for the rule of law.

  42. What is utterly sickening is that there is no comparison here to either apartheid or nazi Germany Israel is protecting itself from terrorists. Hamas could take a position like Jordan or Egypt and normalize relations. They instead have ethnic cleansing in their charter and as their goal. So do a little reading beyond propaganda. Israel dreams of the day when their neighbors are not trying to kill them because they are Jews. And are you out protesting about Syria and Isis? Or are your blinders on for them as well? 200000 intentional murders smacks of a genocide to me or is it only the Jewish state that you are mad about like the rest of the hypocritical Muslim and their supporters.

  43. It is pointless trying reason or communicate with people totally indoctrinated. If you can justify in your own mind the murder of thousands if people and the dehumanisation of a people and in the same breath say that there is no comparison to the Holocaust AND then call people that don’t condone it anti-Semitic, then I can see I’m wasting my breath. And yes to your question – I oppose all genocide regardless of geography or religion. And no matter what anyone says, hate crimes are not good and they solve little.

  44. Natasha. Why don’t you find an Israeli or a Jew to speak with to gain a little perspective. Jews are
    Saddened by the loss of ANY civilian life. Whereas when a Jew dies they pass out candy and celebrate in the Arab world. The genocide that you refer to is the one that Hamas wants to comit in Israel. Read the charter. Read something or talk to someone other than Al Jazeera to get your understanding. If you really believe that Jews want to kill and would rather do that then have peace you are the indoctrinated one. Because this could not be further from the truth.

  45. Jed Bland this video purports to be Galloway’s explanation as to why he holds his views as he does. If you listen vary carefully you will hear exactly what his real spirit of hatred is. But you will have to listen vary carefully and disregard the illusion of a love for Jews, on the basis of Jewish involvement in political marxist hegemony in what Galloway calls his “true blood” Galloway is a fraud. Just remember that the Jewish ANC members and activists he is referring to here all lived and worked their activities after the Jewish State was created. Go and find any claim prior to 1993 where Israel and Apartheid South Africa were politically concluded to mean the same thing.

  46. Natasha Marchant When you have done wasting your breath perhaps you may want to draw in and explain precisely why you, like so many others, fail to make an equivalence in their condemnation of the Arabs who’s ambition has been historically and unequivocally set in the context of annihilation of the Jewish State. Hamas is just a front man for a political hatred which has its roots in the foundation of Islam and the rejection of Islam by the Jewish tribes of Mohammed’s day. This is written up in the Qur’an and is plain as these words are too you. If you are really the humanitarian you say you are then why not make the condemnation on both sides, on the same philosophical humanistic abhorrence of violence and war? Unless you can answer that question you will have no comprehension why others tell you when you say, “Your comments and actions of the state you support will go down in history alongside those of holocaust supporters and apartheid supporters,” that your stated equivalence is sickening.

  47. Mr Bland you appear to wish to give the impression that Mr Galloway is a thoughtful man of intelligence and reason, yet you miss the most obvious and basis reality of all. If Mr Galloway’s comments, which led to this attack on him, were to carry to its end, then that would mean that his distinction, and yours, in which he speaks of “Israeli’s as well as Israel, would extend to Arabs de facto. We both know that Galloway would agree to that comment as he would have to do if he is to be kept from any formal hate crime. However, no intelligent person could fail to realise that anti Semitism is an age old reality and has existed long before the State of Israel came into being. Nor could any right minded person fail to comprehend that whilst Israel does mean both Arabs and Jews, all such language affords an opportunity to hate Jews and not Arabs; first in Israel and then by extension throughout the world. When Galloway says he hates Zionism and Israel he is facilitating a declaration of hatred against Jews. Zionism began in the 19th Century in Europe primarily and was uniquely an ambition of Jews, not Arabs. Israel of the mid 20th Century was uniquely an ambition of Jews and not Arabs. In fact the Arabs sought to annihilate Israel from the very moment of its inception as a Nation. Anyone Mr Bland who agrees with Galloway and has the same ability to understand reality, is a hater of Jews by apriori knowledge to the same understanding. You hide behind semantics for legal reasons because you are a physical and moral coward. Mr Galloway has expressed biblical realities according to his version of the Torah and does so in complete defiance of its plain meaning. He is the most theologically ignorant man I have ever listened to. A complete illiterate fool on the meaning of the Torah. Politics and religion in one man to a perfect end of hatred Mr Bland, that is George Galloway. For those who have difficulty with the words “to a perfect end of hatred” they mean “coming to perfect hatred in the end”. Galloway is deceived and not simply ignorant.

  48. “The state you support” are you referring to Israel?
    If I did understand correctly then I recommend you pay a visit to Israel. Dress as you like and go where you like. Then be sure to go visit Gaza, Iraq, Saudi, Qatar or any like minded nation. I am certain you will have an entrirely different view after that.

  49. Look if you think objecting to the murder of civilians is something that I need to apologise for then you are deluded. I’m not saying responding any more to this thread, not because I can’t, or lack the intelligence or experience to reply, but because it is pointless trying to communicate with people with such a fixed and flaws mindset,

  50. Phillip M Goldstein YOU Chosen?! hahahaha! How do you know about vibrators dear if you are goody-goody worshiping all day every day & such a good soul…. 1 word comes to mind totally delusional. You are preaching hate & violence should be locked up, “chosen” ROTFLAMO

  51. Kevin- I know Phillip and he is NOT a homophobe! The description of this monster might have been a boil on the ass of the UK. I was surprised to read those words and wonder if he was drunk or someone else hacked into his computer!

  52. Kevin- The true homophobes are people like Galloway who support jihadists that castrate then murder homosexuals. Kevin- I am offended by yourude cr choice of words as well, I think just telling Phillip, if in fact he wrote that, you found his choice of words extremely offensive, might have given you an apology. Now you have created an unnecessary verbal altercation.

  53. This boil on the anus of Britain society, Galloway, is an MP, correct? If this is what democracy is becoming in the UK……then G-d Save the Queen! For all of you uninformed, truly ignorant of the truth people who have spouted hate against Israel and the Jews, I will not waste my energy attempting to enlighten you. I will not HATE you. I will not LIKE you! I only pity you and your inability to communicate without the use of profanity and reasoning!

  54. Kevin- It is so sad that you hate who you are so much. Only a self hating person could spout off so much negativity. I do wish you would have completed the third grade though, so you had the ability to construct a simple sentence using appropriate sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation! I can refer you to a wonderful website that assists with adult illiteracy! ( That’s how you do it Phillip!)

  55. I thank you for proving my point regarding your inability to write beyond the third grade level. I am quite aware of the pink triangle homosexuals were forced to display on their clothing during the era of Nazi Germany. I am also apprised that in every Muslim country homosexuality is considered a capital offense that is punished with decapitation of the penis and testicles prior to a torturous execution. In essence the Jews and homosexual community share the same enemy. I know I was condescending, and purposely, so. I would like to get beyond the crudeness and actually communicate. I have a gut feeling that you do have the ability to be a more effective communicator……Why not demonstrate the education that you were blessed to receive?

  56. It’s pathologically absurd and depressingly dangerous that a few days before of the 13th anniversary of 9/11 that anyone would support the actions of any Muslim, Arab, or “Palestinian”. If I could make a wish for World peace and have it come true would be to be able to arm the Christians of Nigeria, the African Christians of the Southern Sudan, the Copts of Egypt, the Christians and Yezedis of Iraq and Syria, the Christians and Hindus of Pakistan, the Hindus of Kashmir, the Buddhists of Thailand, the Christians of the Southern Philippines, etc., etc., etc., etc., with the same firepower and weaponry that the Israelis have to ward off the Muslim savages who menace them.

    I’m glad that Silly Billy McGuinness mentioned American military bases. As an American I hope you don’t expect the American military to come and rescue you as your country, Great Britain, falls to Islamic Shar’ia abyss and the Queen is replaced with Caliph Ajem Choudry. How sad for you that in your uninformed and rabid hatred of Israel you empower and embolden the very forces and people who are tearing your once great nation apart. What you sow you will reap, in this case the Islamic nightmare.

    Change is the only constant in the World. While Europe becomes one giant Afghanistan Israel’s future is brighter. First of all Israel is the World’s leader in high tech, agriculture, and medical innovation. As new forms of energy are found the oil that the Arab Muslims possess (Oil that was discovered, drawn from the ground, and later paid for by infidels.) will become a less powerful weapon. As an American, I’m still hopefully that we can undo the damage of Obama but if America is weakened the ascendant powers of the World like India, China, and Russia are much more interested in what Israel offers the World than what the Muslims do…

    Remember no one believed Cassandra either. The Trojan Horse has been welcomed into the walls of the city. At least the Greeks brought gifts…what do the Arabs/Muslims/”Palestinians” bring up bloodshed, sloth, ignorance, misogyny, religious intolerance and fanaticism, barbarism, etc.

  57. Well, no one should hate anyone for being gay. It should be a non-issue. Oddly, if Phillip doesn’t like you for being gay he certainly isn’t going to kill you. Last week here in the United States a Prislam convert to the religion of peace was arrested for carrying out a series of murders against gay men. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  58. Hi Nasty Natasha, It’s so funny watching you promote the very same forces and people that are tearing your country apart. Jew hatred is such a irrational mental illness.

    As your nation slowly sinks into the swamp of Shar’ia I do hope that the transition is an easy one for you and yours. I also hope that nothing bad happens to you like the acid attacks that are inflicted on women across the Islamic World. Hey, there’s always a bright side; there’s no doubt that a burqa would improve your appearance greatly.

  59. The term “Palestinian” confuses me. Two of the most famous “Palestinians”, Yassir “boy pedophile” Arafat and Edward Said, were Egyptian. The current winner of
    “Arab Idol” immigrated to Gaza (It must not be so bad there if people would immigrate there…) from Libya as a child. I guess what a “Palestinian” is is a violent, hateful generic Arab with a jealous grudge against Israel.

    The real refugee are the Sephardic/Mizrahi Jews who fled to the reborn Israel after having assets equaling 80 billion in today’s money and land deeds equaling 5 times the land mass of Israel stolen from them. Let the “Palestinians” go to Jordan which is 77% of “Palestine” anyways. It’s not about land, it’s about existence. NON-MUSLIMS of the World unite.

  60. You’re an atheist. Interesting. Don’t let that fact be known an ever increasingly Islamic Britain. As a typical leftist you like to throw around your educational pedigree. Odd. You write like an illiterate. I’m so glad to be in the United States with all those “religious nut jobs” with concealed carry permits instead of Merry Ole England where you’re just a stale cracker ready to be crushed beneath the heel of Islam.

  61. Mama June, Honey Boo Boo’s mother, is a master of the English language compared to you. You’re so dim the only good use for your diploma from the University of East Anglia is toilet paper after you use up a copy of the Qu’ran.

  62. Kevin, If your mind were not so irrational you might recognize the fact that the same Christians who oppose the gay life style also talk and protest the human rights abuses of gay people in Islamic countries. There is a universe of difference between opposing the idea of gay marriage and those who kill gays. Always side on the side of life. In the battle between the civilized and the savage always support the civilized.

    My ideas on this and other topics related to it are indeed influenced by religion but not in the way you suspect. My feelings about this and other issues is shaped by accepting the horrible truth about what Islam is and doing everything I can to resist it. A few months before 9/11 I became involved with an ecumenical group that was helping settle a group of Sudanese Christian refugees from jihad. What Islam does, has done, and will do to the World is not pleasant. Peace.

  63. No it’s not. Stop projecting your filth onto non-Muslims. Muhammad was a pedophile and slept with the dead. As I said, I don’t even know how you have enough nerve to say anything.

  64. Oh good grief people. I am utterly staggered by the bile and nastiness here. I know it is inconvenient and uncomfortable for you to have your mindset challenged, but honestly – just try for a few seconds to consider the other point of view. I am constantly challenging my outlook so that I remain balanced. I am not and have never been anti-Jewish – I have some very lovely Jewish friends and so I am well aware that the vile comments I’m reading here are not representative of the whole – but I pre-empt your response – self-haters I suppose. Just open your minds a little and consider how warped that mentality is.

  65. It’s nice that the media stipulates and then further creates more racism and hatred by making statements like “possibly Jewish”, before it can be confirmed or prove any relevance. Seems the media is getting it’s rocks off on this latest anti-antisemitism fad festering the world…..and so many sheep just following along. I pity you.

  66. Matthew J. Fleming Im fully aware, appears nowhere is safe when I have residency links to Spain, UK & Israel.. maybe I’ll move to NZ with partner.. too far for them to reach although the now kidnapped UN are from Fiji which is controlled by NZ… these terror groups are upsetting a lot of people.

  67. Nasty Nag Natasha posits herself as a champion of human rights while the people who attack and terrorize the Jews are the same people who KILL Christians in Nigeria, KILL Christians in Kenya, carried out a GENOCIDE of some 2,000,000 African Christians, KILL and HARASS Copts in Egypt, KILL Christians and Yezedis in Iraq and Syria, KILL gays and STONE women to death in Iran, KILL Christians and Hindus in Pakistan, KILL Hindus in Kashmir, KILL Buddhists in Thailand, KILL Christians in the Southern Philippines, organize rape gangs of young girls and blow up up subways in Nasty Nag Natasha’s own country of Great Britain, etc., etc., etc., etc.,

    Nasty Nag Natasha likes to listen the BBC and read the Guardian. Nasty Nag Natasha likes to lecture. Nasty Nag Natasha likes judge. Nasty Nag Natasha likes to pontificate. Nasty Nag Natasha likes to feel superior. Nasty Nag Natasha needs to pull her head out of her ass the next time she digs her wadded panties out of her crack.

    A good place for Nasty Nag Natasha to start would be to protest Hamas the fascist entity responsible for each and every death on both sides of the conflict. Period. Case closed.

  68. Natasha. In therapeutic terms this is called projection. In actuality we are the broad minded thinkers and you have your blinders on. Jews feel for the Palestinians plight. They unfortunately elected terrorist murders named Isis. Don’t lie about your Jewish friends,Natasha. You have Palestinian friends. Otherwise your view would be different. Remember Palestinians target civilian populations. How many of them expressed to you the sadness in killing the Israelis. Any? Of course not. The Jews talked about the Palestinian deaths with great sadness. No candy was passed out and there was no dancing. So my read of your posts are a dead Jew is better than a live one. I hope your “friends”‘ really understand how you feel about them. And really don’t try to deny the fact that you are anti Semitic. I hope your conversion is underway. I know some lovely Hamas young men who have a knife with your name in it. Oh and as they are holding up your head your Pali friends will be cheering and the Jews and Christians will be mortified.

  69. I too feel sorry for the “Palestinians” but it’s a limited sympathy. My primary sympathies go out to the almost endless amount of the victims of Islam. Gaza is obviously a place with an almost surreal level of barbarity. I saw a photo and read an article where a donkey was taken and painted like the flag of Israel and then stoned to death. Their society is obviously dominated by criminals, sadists, terrorists.

    Karen, Most times you meet an Arab they claim they are “Palestinians”. It’s a completely manufactured situation. Generic Arabs all.

  70. I do not wish the cretin Galloway a speedy recovery, in fact I hope he suffers from his injuries. I do wish that anyone who is interested in raising money for the fellow who beat him up please contact me as he will likely need some money for his defense. If he is not a Jew I am only glad because it means that non-Jews despise Galloway also. BTW, I do not generally advocate violence but this bugger had it coming to him.

  71. I think its a good thing he was assaulted it is about time Jewish people stand up to these amaleks in this world we are always pacifists we were in nazi germany and we are always it is pathetic. If we as Jews start standign up for ourselves and stop being so apologetic the world would leave us alone they would be trembling instead of always condeming us

  72. Anyone who knows George Galloways work knows he isn’t anti Semite, the only racists I see here are those Isralies who believe in attacking the weak and stealing from them, what is it they say about abused children becoming a users themselves?

  73. Christopher Quinn who for you think you are to come on to a Jewish newspaper sight and give us you r thoughts which run like a sewer no one cares what you think do me a favor Quinn go give to Afghanistan and sawed off you bloody Muppet

  74. I dislike George Galloway but I also know that he is not an anti semite or a racist. This paper and those who believe its propaganda are more likely to create feelings of racism and hatred. But then, such is ignorance. Oh by the way…….Viva Palestine. Every man and woman should have the right to freedom and have the freedom of his/her beliefs.

  75. Tommy you must be jealous if us Jews or pissed off Gd is with us and not you or anyone else Israel and the Jews are protected 24 7 by Gd but I cannot wait for the day you will be my servant

  76. Philip M Goldstein, a top tip for you .If you are trying to insult someone it might be better if you learn to read and write properly. It generally helps to get your point across.

  77. Profanity is used by those whose vocabulary is limited. Yes, I feel those that voted Galloway in are uninformed sheep who may very well support his anti-Semitic views of eradicating his city of Jews. Let’s see who is he emulating…Hitler, The 1492 expulsion of Jews from the Iberian peninsula. You might wish to take a history class whilst taking a simple English class. Queen Victoria openly welcomed the jews

  78. ….and following Queen Victoria’s example. other monarchs followed suit. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II actively assisted against Nazi treachery in the 1940’s under her Father King George’s reign. Galloway is a disgrace to parliament, even PM Cameron cringes when he opens his mouth. If I am condescending. please take it personal, Kevin. I know I will not alter your brain that is drowning in hate and ignorance, but I thought it would be fun to have a go at you! I think I will call you Toadie! Cheers!

  79. George Galloway is NOT an anti Semite. He is an anti Zionist. There is a huge difference. I think it is a disgrace that you make this false accusation. This sort of smear is incitement to hatred and violence. As such, this publication is ,in my opinion, guilty of hate speech. You are encouraging violence. Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti Semitism.

  80. According to the Prosecutor in the case …the defendent said “…I am Jewish”…..did the Prosecutor make this up or did he say it, but as I said it is possible he said it because he expected to receive a break , based on ‘mitigating circumstances’….a fair question for you all

  81. Why don’t you Jew haters and Israel haters go bother someone else why aren’t you screaming about Isis or Syria or the killings in Africa or the problems in your country I’ll tell you why cause your hatred of Jews is so deep you hate us more than even Muslims that arev.killing Christian people. Man I wish Jamaicans were running England they show you wa a gwan

  82. What is funny to me is that most of the muslims in england are pakistani what the hell do they care about Israel or Palestinian people they arent even from our region of the world they are from what was India before they were Muslim they were hindus worshipping cows and Hari Krishna. Now they are standing for palestinian interesting I hope you know that most Muslim Countries do not care about the Palestinian nobody wants them and to but them off on Israel like it is our problem is wrong they arent the people from Gaza are Egyptian and the People from the Yehuda Shomron are from Jordan or Saudi Arabia you can tell by there last name. Yasser Arafat is Egyptian the whole thing is fiction. Its propoganda and you guys fall for it what a bunch of loosers

  83. Galloway blames Israel for everything!! the Ukraine, Syrian chemical attacks. yet he ignores genocide in Syria, saddam slaughtered 300,000 kurds, he says Darfur isn’t genoicide!!! its because hes paid by certain tv companies run by brutal regimes, hes a total hyprocrite

  84. Possibly because of the naiveté many people have worldwide on yellow journalism sources like The Guardian (aka The Garbagian, as in garbage) or the BBC (also know as the B BS as in Bull Sh..). I hope , Phillip we have enlightened Stephen! I consider this our contribution to eliminating international ignorance,

  85. Rich Reist. It is a clever title. Read the article because it is just semantics. Nothing has changed. They refuse to recognize the right for Israel to exist and advocate armed resistance against the occupation. The occupation they are referring to is all of Israel not just gaza and the West Bank. Hamas does not offer anything but terrorism and destruction however they do have great porpegansa and can spin anything.

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