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Unwelcome sign for Jews.

A British sporting goods chain has apologized for a security guard preventing identifiable Jewish preteens from entering one of its stores.

The seventh-graders were wearing the uniforms of the Yavneh Academy, a Jewish secondary school, when they attempted to enter the Sports Direct store in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, on Friday, the Jewish Chronicle reported. The guard stopped them at the door and said “no Jews, no Jews.”


Other Yavneh students who wore coats over their uniforms were permitted to enter.

The company apologized and removed the guard, who was fired from the security company for which he worked.

Unlike in Turkey, at least the Jews still were considered human beings.

The Jewish newspaper Salom reported that a mobile phone accessories store in Istanbul posted a sign in the window stating,

“The Jew dogs cannot come in here.”


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  1. I have said it before and I'll say it again, Jews, run for your lives to Israel. Immediate citizenship, a big welcome and love are available at your earliest convenience. Think about your children's futures – there is none in the U.K. or any part of Europe and there soon will be none in the USA – the college professors in the USA are making sure of that by promoting Jew hatred among the young and impressionable.

  2. So one day there will be a small, completely isolated, indeed besieged country which calls itself Israel, and no Jews anywhere else? Not a good idea. Jews, never abandon any country where you live now – even try to resettle countries where you once lived in greater numbers (especially in Eastern Europe). There needs to be a strong Israel supporting a strong Diaspora.

  3. I must say I quake with the thought that my fingers will rot under your "rabbinical" curse, "rabbi" Friedman! Get a bit of Derech Eretz and be sensible. I repeat: there needs to be a strong Israel supporting a strong Diaspora. That's part of what being a light to the Nations (Or laGoyim) actually means.

  4. WE love our JEWS.Brothers ‘n’ sister’s … ;;; i just saw british PM requesting ,pleading,repeating word’s like ”please” to scottland ………( i wish they stay together),,,,,justice served by TIME …forgiv them ..but dont forget

  5. 1939 – 2014, nothing has changed in 75 years. Europe does not stand with Israel, it turns it's back on the USA and forgot that we saved their collective asses in WWII. but Jews will NEVER FORGET! this time maybe our numbers are low, but Israel has the power to eliminate them this time around. the time is near. stop a Nuclear Iran now before it'd too late.

  6. I wrote this, just over a year ago:

    “Shihzur – my personal ideology of more-than-Zionism. It’s essential that Jews should have, in Israel, a home of their own, and wonderful that it exists, in the ancient homeland, and is prospering. Nevertheless, that there are wide territories in Eastern Europe and elsewhere where Jews once lived in numbers and no longer do – this is the consequence of what was more than an injustice! Beside and additional to living in Israel, Jews (whose numbers are no longer shrinking) should seek to maintain a presence everywhere where they once lived. Absolutely do NOT abandon Europe, either countries with comparatively large communities now or those which once held big communities but where they were massacred by the Nazis and only a tiny remnant hangs on.

    “Show that you can be Jewish anywhere, and deny Hitler and Stalin any posthumous victory.”

  7. Lisa, all the Jews have not lived in Israel since before the Babylonian captivity. God forbid it happen, but what will happen to the Jewish people if anything happens to Israel again. Nation states have limited lifetimes, Am yisrael is different because we are more than a nation state.

  8. As I said, "rabbi" Friedman, get a bit of Derech Eretz and be sensible! I have worked for the BBC, as a support engineer not a journalist, for over 17 years; it has been a good employer and enabled me to see my children through to good universities. (I am unable to live in Israel or any other country than Britain, because I have a seriously handicapped sister who could live nowhere else.) Even some BBC journalists sometimes refer to those supposed "star" journalists, notably Jeremy Bowen, who are known for being anti-Israel, as "bigots" – actually, the BBC is one of the more impartial and objective international news organizations (perhaps because no international news organization is *very* objective or impartial). Yes, Britain is a rather antisemitic country – much more so than, for instance, my family's "old country" Czechia / the Czech Republic, where we have recovered our pre-WW2 property. But here in Britain, as in France, Belgium or Holland, the bad antisemites are usually not locals of indigenous origin, but Muslims originating for the most part in those countries' former colonies – British ones in South Asia, French ones in North Africa. How well do you actually know Europe?

  9. Israel and Palestine. These people who domthese things are not ALL people. Keep it in proper perspective. They are the few bad apples in the bunch!!And probably Muslim sympathizers with Palestine.

  10. Because we rejected the religions (and thus the gods) of the Romans, Christians and Muslims. The Romans destroyed Israel because they rejected the Roman gods through insurrection. Muslim and Christian believe theirs is the one true religion and supersede Judaism. They view Judaism as a denial of their religion. The Christian god was a Jew, and all the Muslim prophets but one were Jews. So they feel a need to demonize Jews to validate their religions. Thank Hashem Christians are changing this attitude

  11. Because we rejected the religions (and thus the gods) of the Romans, Christians and Muslims. The Romans destroyed Israel because they rejected the Roman gods through insurrection. Muslim and Christian believe theirs is the one true religion and supersede Judaism. They view Judaism as a denial of their religion. The Christian god was a Jew, and all the Muslim prophets but one were Jews. So they feel a need to demonize Jews to validate their religions. Thank Hashem Christians are changing this attitude

  12. Jill Barris, what you are saying was before my time. I think when time heals itself, we should move on, dont you? We obviously have become a more descent society. Until we start doing these things over again, we should be proud it changed. I do know about the Blacks. Never heard anything about Jews! But again, women couldnt vote until the 1920, s. That Jewish thing had to be before world war 2. The USA swore an oath to always support and help the Jewish people after that war. Thats our countrys oath. Of course, that doesnt cover people who still love to be bigots, does it ?

  13. I am the father of one of the boys who was offended by the contracted rogue security guard. This incident has been noticed by the British National Press. I wish to say that Sports Direct acted very swiftly and properly to remove the guard, to apologise unreservedly, and to confirm that JEWS ARE WELCOME, as well as customers from any religious denomination. However, a criminal offence is likely to have been committed, and I have reported the matter to the CST and to the Police. This is being taken very seriously and an investigation is ongoing. The worst thing to do would be to name and pre-judge this man, or consider his ethnic background, or else any potential Prosecution could be scuppered.

  14. There's an old Roma curse "May you get involved in a lawsuit in which you are 100% right." That goes double for criminal acts. Being a crime victim is terrible because not only do you get victimized by the criminal, you also get torn apart by his or her attorney. You might want to consider the stress of a trial on your boy.

  15. You listen Mrs .These rubbish Governments have just let England fill up with people that we have to pay for and a hole Muslim Army. Its going to be your offspring that will have the real trouble and fight for heads. Do gooders doing bad , are you one. ?

  16. Bravely put, Mr Rosen. I do think, however that the security services should involve themselves. Useful idiots like this man have been taught by cleverer and darker handlers. Probably locally.

  17. I thought so too, at first. However, he's lost his livelihood and he's unlikely to listen to his imam's ranting with quite the same enthusiasm, guessing him to be a Muslim. If he's not, then, one should not attribute malice that which can more adequately be explained by stupidity.

  18. Donna: are you a betting woman? Because I bet Britain will have a Jewish Prime Minister before the USA has a Jewish President. In fact, Britain might have a Jewish Prime Minister next year if the Labour party win the General Election.

  19. Bobbie: a Rabbi was murdered in Florida, USA? Say it isn't so. According to the Americans who post on Jewish/israseli internet forums it is only nasty old Europe that is ever
    beastly to the Jews.

  20. I remember that rabbi. That was an isolated incident, or the only one i can remember. I would be saddened to think of signs..NO JEWS! We do have our bigots. Maybe Israwl doesnt have crime like us or bigots. I dont know. We are also very much a larger country compared to Israel. I do know and anyone who has served in the military knows. That after world war 2, our country swore an oath to always take care of fhe Jewish people, as a country. That doesnt mean every individual. That means taking care of theJews in this country. My mktjer came over to the states on a warship, two years atter the war. It brought only war brides and Jewish refugees to the USA.

  21. Donna: I get a bit "ticked off" when I see stupid remarks by Americans whenever anything negative is reported about the UK. People need to put their own house in order before having a snide pop at old Blighty.

  22. I understand Paul. I would too. I stand for you. I said you woulsnt become victimized. That means , I think your country is strong, not to be pushed over..if im the one you are referring too. .

  23. Lisa Liel In England a suspect is innocent until proven guilty and the Police have this former guard's identity and details. I have no idea what religion he is. My son didn't really think about it at the time, and neither does he care. He was offended, insulted and upset, by words spoken, and threatening and intimidating body language. This will be reported as a Hate Crime and the decision as to whether or not to prosecute will be for the Crown Prosecution Service. Releasing such information may prejudice the investigation and for that reason, I can not say more.

  24. Larry Fleck, no! I *would* have recommended the earliest possible escape to America or better, to the pre-Israel Yishuv. I don't recommend this now, because Israel does exist. If in a European country – or, just as likely, the US, Australia, etc. – things turn nasty at the governmental level – "open season" on Jews, or government-organized persecution – *then* Jews can escape to Israel. Pre-emptively leaving countries where Jews have lived for centuries, just because some local people don't like them, seems cowardly to me: making the Greater Israel smaller in the world, instead of shining its light.

  25. Its to bad that your parents grand parents survived the war and produced an anti-Semite as you. My parents came from Czechkosolvakaya. My mother ran an underground duringin Hungary after fleeing from the Czechoslavakia dressing up as a NUN when she found out that Gestapo where making raids into the hospital to find Jews. At her LEVAYAH people came forward that she saved their lives. Her brother my uncle and a few other Yeshiva boys dressed up as SS officers and saved truck loads of Jewish children from end up in the concentration camps. He and his group were caught because two Jewish informers, did them in. You and Silagi are both anti-Semites going into Gehahnahm..Your parents/grandparents SHOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED AND INSTEAD GOOD JEWS SHOULD HAVE SURVIVED! So that an anti-Semitic apololgist as YOU should not have been born! Watch my shows Judaism every Wednesday 10:00AM & 6:00PM New York Time go to scroll down to Community Media then click on arrow in channel 2. May you and your family know no peace!!! In Yiddish "Zulst due kreigein OSOH HAMACHALO BOSO HAMOHKOHM!!"

  26. Alan, I think Security guards who work at night and protect warehouses and things of that sort may carry weapons, but most security guards who work in department stores almost always do not have guns. As for the "United Kingdom" You may very well be correct. Have a great day my friend!

  27. Silagi you are an anti-Semite and should be inflicted with terrible diseases. When is the last, if ever, you opened a Chumashi with meforshim? When is the last time, if ever you opened a Sefer? Can you learn Gemorah? You and your family(if any) should be smitten as MOSRIM!(Maimonides nezekin Hilchous Chovale Umazil Chapter 8, and the Shulchan Aruch Choshain HaMishpaht Chapter 388 Hilchous Mahbahd Mamohn). These sources describe what you both are and the punishemnts for Mosrim!. Watch my shows Judaism every Wednesday 10:00AM & 6:00PM New York Time go to scroll down to Community Media then click on Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2 May you and your ilk being inscribed in the book of death!!! Shanah Rahah Kesevah vChasemah Rahah

  28. "Rabbi" Friedman, what exactly is your grudge against me that drives you to this extraordinary series of outbursts and foul language? I've just said that Israel is great, that very sadly (because of my handicapped sister) I can't go and live there myself; my only difference with you seems to be to deny that it's a good idea for Jews to live in no other country in the world, which would be a condition unique to the Jewish people – perhaps because their situation is not one of persecution so extreme that they can no longer maintain themselves in countries where they have lived for centuries. I know many European countries quite well, and the Jewish situation in the US and Canada is probably actually better. Their situation is not so urgent that Jews should yield ground to fanatical local Muslims and leave, which is what you are demanding.

  29. Your a Jewish anti-Semite! Disrespecting Judaism you are a secular illiterate that has no credentilas just as your ilk Silagi! My parents escaped Checkoslavakia to Hungery. Both were in the underground! My mother had her own underground! At her Levayah people came forward how she bravely saved their lives. The Gestapo was always in pursuit of her. When my mother heard the Gestapo was going to raid the Hospital she quicklly put on a disguise as a Nun and saved Jewish lives! My mothers brother(my uncle)led a few Yeshiva boys,dressed as SS and stopped truck loads of Jewish children heading for the extermination center. His group was caught because of two Jewish(sic)informers. You Dreck Polak would not have been born, if your family had no survived, instead good Jews should have been saved! Your an apologist for the anti-Semitic BBC and Englands centuries of anti-Semitism. May you and your ilk as Silagi have a Shanah Ra'ah!! May you bury your own children! Kain Ye Rahtzon Bkorov Mamish

  30. No security guards in the UK have any kind of weapon, not even a taser, if they do, then they carry it illegally. Unless you are a licensed Police Armed Unit our on a warrant, nobody carries weapons legally on the UK streets, not even soldiers unless there is a parade and then they aren't loaded. And the last time I looked, we are still United, at least until the 18th, and even if Scotland leave, we are still 3 Countries United. We will just be the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  31. Ethan Perks And can you, as a citizen, be blamed for every atrocity your Country is involved in? We can't be judged by the actions of our police and councils, if left to the people, we would have fixed that ring good and proper many years ago where they wouldn't have hurt anyone every again…………

  32. Both Polak and Seligai are disrespectful of Judaism! They have no credentials in Judaism! How many chiddren did they bring to Judaism as we did in our Yeshiva? How many Giyur-conversion,Mesdahr kiddushin,Gittin did they enact? As I am enacting! Their advocating Jews remain, and return to countries that have histories of anti-Semitism is Shfechas domim and their constitue being Mosrim. The definition of a Moser and the punishments are articulated in the Rambam and Shulchan Arch..

  33. Re: Polak/Seligai:Follow Up definition of Moser and punishments. According to Rambam read Nezekin, Hilchous Chovale Umazak, Chapter 8 In the Shulchan Aruch Choshain Mishpaht Hilchous Mahbahd Mahmon chapter 388. I participated and organized demonstartions for Soviet Jews, Syrian Jews,Iranian Jews, and Israel, what did the Dynamic Duo , Do????

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