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Israel Air Force F-16B Netz

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By Ilan Shavit


Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported Saturday that President Barack Obama blocked an Israeli air force attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities in 2014, Ma’an reported.

Al-Jarida quoted “well-placed” sources that said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided to carry out air strikes against Iran’s nuclear program after consultations with minister of defense Moshe Ya’alon, foreign minister Avigdor Liberman and the IDF brass.

The decision came, according to al-Jarida, in response to U.S. and Iran secret talks—behind Israel’s back—over Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the report, Netanyahu et al agreed after four nights of deliberations (not 1,000 nights, mind you) to assign IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz the preparation of an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The same sources said Gantz prepared the plan, for which Israeli fighter jets trained over several weeks, including test flights in Iran’s airspace, after breaking through its radar.

However, goes the Al-Jarida report, a certain Israeli minister “who has good ties with the U.S. administration,” revealed Netanyahu’s plans to Secretary of State John Kerry, and, as a result, Obama threatened to shoot down those pesky Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran.

As a result, Netanyahu had to abort the operation and since then relations between Israel and the United States have been declining, concludes the report.

The rest is history.


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  1. Normally I would believe it, obama doesn't have the ball, but when his moslem brother are threatened, he just might. He has done ass much as he can to assist ISIS without over playing his hand.

  2. Then why are you even bothering to read this or any other newspaper? Obviously newspapers have credibility in your mind, otherwise you wouldn't bother to read this and then comment here.

  3. That is EXACTLY why Obozo threw a fit when Ben was invited to speak. Once the public is forced to admit Obozo is a muSLIME TERRORIST, they will turn on him. Martial law is sooner than you think! Obozo is in a rush to take over the internet for a reason, and he has the FCC trying everything they can to shut down FOX News! Libtards have turned Communist, and the ball has been rolling for 6 1/2 years. God be with us all.

  4. Obama is hell bent on kleting Iran Have nuclear weapons. ,.He swore to stand with muslims shoul winds of change blew against The Muslims, Now U have him threatening Israel ,after Egypt says Obama Is a member of the Muslim brother hood. . It can't posibly get anyw worse than That . CAN IT

  5. Wow a "christian" who attended a "church" for over 10 years where the "pastor" has REPEATEDLY screamed God DAMN America.
    Then in his book he ADMITS he will side with NOT the Christians (as he claims to be one) but with the moslims who are mass murdering Christians like it is some new hip video game by writing "I will side with the moslems if the political winds change to an ugly direction".
    By siding with the moslems, he is by default, already against Israel which is counter to what Christians were told to do by Christ "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Israel). Then a couple years back he said to the moslems, "I am one of YOU" which the media HID from print.

  6. I am a very sad American To have a Pres. the likes of Obama, Please Congress start impeachment proceedings. Dame the people who voted for him, and all the people who forged dead persons vote, those who voted twice, scum bags they are.

  7. If barry did say that, he is more skull hosed than previously thought. Go Israel. BN will be addressing the Congress, he will have a sage speech. America needs to listen. Unlike the the BSer's in the White House.

  8. Obama has proven he is a muslim brother. You have to be a liberal to accept the notion that this is a lie. With all the EVIDENCE of TREASON by this administration, in all agencies. Especially since Obama appointed 46 czars where most are muslim or communist in top positions. Americans MUST stop this TRAITOR in the WH, before ISIS flag flies high over our WH and country.

  9. I, too, hope this will be mentioned in Bibi speech to US Congress, but my guess is NO, as he is a Statesman with strong character, unlike our Muslim president who is hell bent on destroying American. Please, all pray for Mr. Netanyahu that God gives him the words to reach the hearts and souls of our Congressmen so they will stand up to what is right.

  10. You have to ask this question…. in light of all the other times Israel has secretly taken out nuclear facilities…. example in Iraq 1981 and Syria 2007….. Why has Israel not taken out Iran by now? Think a minute…. Iran has gone from 20 Centrifuges to 20,000 Centrifuges…. a whole lot more then Iraq or Syria could ever have built. If this information is not true as some are saying…. then why has Israel not taken out Iran's reactors by now? I believe every word of this is true that Obama has threaten on numerous occasions to bring war against Israel if they did not comply with his demands. You can all think whatever you want to …. I will let G-d be the Judge and He will reveal the Truth. Shalom

  11. The fact of the matter is, Obeyme exposed Israel's jets parked in Azerbaijan and he's done nothing but support Iran and oppose Israel. So, the burden of proof is on Obeyme to prove he didn't do this evil that fits him so well.

  12. The talks between the U.S., Iran and the rest of the P5+1 nations are hardly secret. The U.S. joined in those negotiations in 2006. Any attack on Iran while those negotiations are under way would be nothing short of a war crime. Let's hope none of this is true…..

  13. But Israel was more than happy to accept the $225 million in emergency funding for the Iron Dome this last summer. Weren't they Mr. Cane.
    Nobody believe's that Israel doesn't have the right to defend itself. But seeing as Iran hasn't attacked Israel. You can't call any attack on them at this point in time defense.

  14. And as a fellow Washingtonian. I have to say
    I am proud to have him as president. And am
    ashamed that so many Americans have chosen
    to demonize him based on false rhetoric and
    double standards.
    Fact of the matter is… He has taken the same position regarding occupied territories and the building of settlements as every other president since Johnson.
    Yet he's the only one demonized for it.
    Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak didn't question
    Obama's support for Israel.
    Barak noted that the American president will not always agree with every little thing that a foreign country’s government wants. But by funding missile defense systems, giving diplomatic support and cover in international fora, and supplying Israel with sophisticated weapons, among other things, even a staunch hawk like Barak seemed more than satisfied, perhaps even pleased, with Obama’s level of support for Israel.

  15. He isn't a muslim or a jihadi sympathizer you stupid old woman. I don't think he's a christian either though. He seems non-religious by his behavior, but like all politicians has to pretend like he's part of the majority religion for the sake of popularity.

  16. I doubt this story is true in the first place. Obama's a complete moron but he isn't stupid enough to threaten shooting down Israeli planes, and Netanyahu does what he wants.

  17. This story (ADMINISTRATION DENIES OBAMA THREATENED TO SHOOT DOWN ISRAELI WARPLANES) and the Obama administration"strong denial "have the potential for an explosive reaction from the media.

    The administration “strong denial” is technically correct, but only on very narrow grounds.

    The threat that was actually conveyed was that the US would not give Israel the IFF codes and therefore all intruding IDF aircraft would be considered possibly hostile and US warplanes would be scrambled to intercept them. And it would be exceedingly "unfortunate" if Israeli aircraft were downed under these circumstances.

    The source of the threat was the defense department stating that the Defense Department was not authorized to share the IFF codes with the IDF. This was coupled with public remarks made by Brezinski in which he urged the US to actively intercept and shoot down Israeli planes should they attempt to stage such a raid. Brezinski's then close relationship with the Obama administration was publicized.

    Thus, as stated above, the administration's “strong denial” is technically correct… But the actual transmission of information and of vailed threats to the IDF was very real. The role of Benny Gantz is now emerging in the public discourse. His role in discouraging (and possibly preventing) the IDF attack may contain additional information embarrassing to the White House. Also, the anonymous White House advisor who publicly called Prime Minister Netanyahu a coward for not conducting this attack has only added fuel to a very potentially inflammatory public confrontation


    Jeffrey Scott Shapiro – The Washington Times – Sunday, March 1, 2015


    1. Recognizes Iran's the “right to enrich” , thus enables the world's most dangerous terrorist state to become a nuclear threshold power. Establishes a timetable with a “sunset clause”, after which Iran will be permitted legally to go ahead at whatever pace that it chooses for its nuclear development programs.

    2. Ignores all of Iran's ancillary programs such as fuse developments, warhead developments, guidance developments, propulsion developments, etc. Ignores Iran's nuclear cooperation with North Korea (testing, components, etc.) and with Syria (facilities development)..

    3. Ignores the current agreements for Iran to purchase very advanced air defense systems from Russia. These air defense systems will make Iran's nuclear production facilities and nuclear forces nearly invulnerable to attack. { As been noted in previous intelligence summaries —the objective of Iran is not a single weapon–it is a force of multiple weapons, protected by a basically impenetrable air defense envelope.}

    4. Relinquishes the ability to have in place in order to to immediately institute sanctions or other punishments should and when Iran is caught cheating.{Which according to the IAEC and several US and foreign intelligence sources is probably doing right now… since reconnaissance evidence exists and Iran will not allow on the ground inspections of these suspicious sites.]

    5. grants Iran it's sphere of influence over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and allowing its funding and arms supply to Hezbollah and Hamas.

  19. What I'm waiting for is Bibi losing patience with Obama with his inaction on Hamas and Iran and taking care of business himself. He's been overall pretty patient over the years. Now he feels he's being abandoned. I think we are going to hear some very interesting info. on Tuesday.

  20. David Osborne

    With respect, they have not attacked Israel, but they make it clear that they want Israel destroyed.

    These sex-crazed pedophiles (Ayatollah Khomeini has repeatedly raped girls as young as 4, in "temporary pleasure marriages") do not care about the future of their own country. If they can go down in Islamic history as "the first Muslim nation to deal a serious blow to Israel", I have no doubt they would love to do their part.

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