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One homeowner's "art" in Sacramento, California.

One homeowner in a suburban section of Sacramento, California has festooned the front of his house with what he is calling “art.” His neighbors are calling it offensive.

The “art” includes a Palestinian flag, pictures of the U.S. and Israeli flags with swastikas where the stars should go, and a life sized mock-up of an adult male with his hands raised, Ferguson-style.


The display on this house in Moddison Avenue is lit up with Christmas lights at night, so no one can miss it.

According to KXTV in Sacramento, the display began going up several months ago, and neighbors are complaining.

However, unless there are local ordinances restricting neighborhood appearances, the display is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, tasteless and flawed, though it is. Police investigated and found no laws were being broken, so they are powerless to aid the distressed neighbors.

“How do I explain this to my little one?” asked Robbie Rose, who lives nearby. “I am all for freedom of speech, but this is just too much. I really do want to get out of my car and rip that down. But the only reason I don’t (is) because I do believe in being a good American, and I do believe in freedom of speech.”

A California state senator, Marty Block (D-San Diego), chairman of the California Legislative Jewish Caucus, held a news conference on Thursday, Feb. 26.

“Swastikas displayed on a house in the River Park section of Sacramento tarnish the neighborhood,” said Block, “and disrespect and dishonor the memory of tens of thousands of brave American soldiers … men and women who died for their country fighting Hitler’s henchmen who wore that very same symbol.”

Block said that he and his colleagues cherish America’s freedom of speech, but they “call on the owner of that house to voluntarily remove his vulgar display.”

“There is no more potent a symbol of hatred than the swastika,” Barry Broad, the president of the Jewish Federation of Sacramento told KCRA. “It is a symbol of murder and genocide.” Broad agreed, however, that displaying a swastika is a form of protected speech.


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  1. Wow.
    No words
    Ok wait.
    Figured out a few….
    Wtf are people thinking?! The amount of hate in this world is so unreal. What’s so unthinkable is… If you are so proud of your hate that you display it so publicly you deserve the attacks that should come your way.

  2. Obama will not send anyone to investigate this hate speach, but in Minnesota University the police can’t say a criminal is of any race when IDing them, because of racial profiling. “We have a person with a gun running around shooting people he/she is very dangerous so be on the lookout for shim”

  3. This is not freedom of speech. This is harrasment and intimidation. You can protest in front of this idiot's house. Sing the National Anthem and Hatikvah. Someone please come up with other ideas to make this fool stop his stupidity.

  4. I would love to ask them, in all sincerity, if they love Palestine and hate the U.S. so much what are they doing here? If it’s that they can’t afford to move to Palestine I bet there are plenty of people who would pay their way.

  5. It is reguarded as unlawful, all anti jewish behaviour is against a nation of people and that comes under antisemitsim and that is unlawful in England by Mr Camerons support, so it must be unlawful in the USA the KKK s behabiour is also unlawful USA ought to jail them too, but they like to go abroad and get into are they are not sure of, yet allow unlawful behaviour in their own land, and Mr Obamah want to help terriorst be educated and he cant even control his own students illeagal anti everything in so called schools and universities

  6. I notice the name and address of this creep was not given. Why not?
    He has made himself and his home a news item. The address should be published.
    He has a constitutional right to do this but the newspaper also has a right to cover the event

  7. Returning hatred with hatred is not the way of the Jew or the Christian. I am a Christian and fully support the Jewish people wherever they reside. All people need the G-d of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God of love and compassion and justice. Revenge is MINE says the LORD! Pray for the souls of your enemies!


  9. I do not know if it has changed but when I was in Germany in the 70's it was illegal to display a swastika. David it would be nice if everything worked as you described it but I truly do not believe that this person or people involved with the display is/are going to take your invite to dinner.

  10. The number is 3805 as you can see in the picture and in the article it says the house is on Moddison Avenue. So there you have the address but why do you want that and the name? Do you want to meet hate with hate that could end up with you in jail?

  11. Only a Fool would think there are No Limits on’ Free Speech’… ‘this is not Speech… but Hatred… and Threats…So why is it allowed ?? UNBELIEVABLE HYPOCRISY IN THIS COUNTRY !!! Here we are Forcing the American Flag out of our schools and Allowing HATE SPEECH TO FLOURISH……What are we turning into ???..>>>America .. >>The COWARDS ??!!

  12. Kind of a dumb-ass as far as I am concerned. Each swastika is a tiny target for "retaliation" by somebody too easily offended. I am not advocating anything be done, but I can't help it if somebody feels different. Whether he is home or not, his home is always there. A beacon.

  13. People that hate, are usually jealous of the people that they want to be. So in that respect, I say that person is a pure evil person who wishes to be a Jewish person because they obviously have such Low self-esteem, that they wish they had what what the jewish people have. ” hate is just a reflection of what they see in the other person. And they see good so they’re jealous of that”.

  14. Its hideous. Soldiers have died for their right to be so hateful. Yet they do not respect the hearts of others. I hope every religious group with a brochure knocks on their door every day of the year. Let’s bring religious and political freedom right foot their doorstep.

  15. Plaster the area with real Israeli flags!! Maybe some Hebrew songs, blaring away, and maybe she will give up. Hate displays are not free speech but creating anger and thus anything like this surely is not the right for Americans.

  16. The ONE question I have never been able to answer in my entire life is this one: “Why does someone hate Jews ? ?” Does that someone KNOW each & every Jew personally, and based on that ‘knowledge’ that someone has formed an opinion ? ? ? – Sorry; but I really don’t get it . . . . . . . .

  17. I am sorry A swastika should not be included in free speech, there are limits. That symbol represents an organization that stood for the annihilation of a good part of the population of the world. By ignoring Hitler and letting him speak and letting his brownshirts wreck havoc, millions of people died under that symbol. Just like in other countries around the world it should be outlawed. Millions of Americans gave their lives to destroy the symbolism behind it and now we have it right here on our streets. This is not freedom of speech. The nazi party should be banned if not a banned already, political party with all its symbols! This is what our parents and grandparents fought for,not to have it sitting in front of us on our land.

  18. You people. Sound.s. Like. Your. Muslims. They. Hate. Jews when Jew. Haven’t. Done anything. To. Them if anything. Muslims have. Do. It. To. Them selfs but muslims. Well. Blame everybody. Else for what. Happen. To them. They are. The. Biggest. Lair s that’s that’s. Come to America

  19. ….very very strange…all of this alowed by this obama administration..?…
    ulises gonzales…how sad is this for you…they are a kind of a very low minded crooks….if you might go for an attack…l would say..don’t!!..they’re provocating and expecting response….
    no reactions…?…than the action will stop….believe me…take care all of you…

  20. If this is freedom of speech, and these scummers have a right to this kind of free speech..
    Then 9.11 is free speech. Murdering cartoonists is free speech.
    Everything terrorists and nut jobs like the KKK do is freedom of the speechlings…..
    BAH… Freedom of speech come with NOT harming others, or forcing one’s mentality on others…

  21. Here you go, do something
    Joel Wurnig found the guy's phone number:

    Freedom of Speech says that I can write the following: Douglas M Clark 3805 Moddison Ave, Sacramento CA (916) 455-5271
    55 minutes ago

  22. B"H I understand your being upset. It's disturbing and I would also be particularly upset if I lived nearby this house. However, the whole idea of free speech is to protect that speech which we DON'T like, which is unpopular. We don't need laws protecting the freedom of speech for that speech which is comfortable for us. As Alan Dershowitz said, "Freedom of speech means freedom for those who you despise, and freedom to express the most despicable views. It also means that the government cannot pick and choose which expressions to authorize and which to prevent."

  23. And if we are really upset, the best thing we can do is to add more goodness to the world – As Jews by doing more mitzvot and for the Gentiles, by following the 7 Noachide Laws…As the Alter Rebbe said, "A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness."

  24. Read Jeremiah who says what will happen to all who oppress Israel Gods people, they will all go into captivity, all they that devour the shall be devoured everyone of them, and they that spoil thee shall be a spoil, and all they that prey upon thee shall I give for a prey, and there is lots more about the prosperity of Israel and the return to the Lord and the land given back to the Jews the Lords people Jeremiah 31 to start with

  25. I do not see it that way. It is one thing to share or express a legitimate opinion and another one to come as a "guest" in a foreign country abuse hospitality by showing disdain, disrespect, antagonism, hostility to your host country bordering subversion…Why the hell would such a prick come and stay in a country he doesn't like or is unable or doesn't want to espect?

  26. So where are the churches?? The warriors for righteousness???. How many people who pray before the throne have stood outside this house and prayed the man of hate out of their town and state. What have we become so afraid and weak and worry so much about hurting peoples feelings that we cannot even war against evil.? Resist this fool and his evil or this type of hate will be seen all over the city and then the state. Stop it now before it becomes a epidemic of hate.

  27. So eh, you're ok with the Muslims beheading christians then? Remember no hate and "Revenge is Mine says the Lord" so I guess you should sit back and let it be? OF course NOT! don't be silly if its directed at you, you sure feel different.

  28. Don't waste your breath complaining about the display. It's his right to tell the world he hates America and Israel. Instead, neighbors and local politicians should express their distaste for his promotion of hatred. Be sure to note that hate speech takes no thought; just a lot of bitter emotion. Any nincompoop can express hate, as he has, and many do. It's up to the community to make it known that his kind of hatred may be welcome in Arab and Muslim countries, but it isn't welcome here—even if it isn't against the law.

  29. I think many of you may be missing the point of his use of swastikas. He is using swastikas to say that Israel and the US are acting like Nazis. It's certainly offensive and wrong, and as far as I'm concerned, it's a form of Holocaust denial. Just as his freedom of speech legally allows him to do this, his neighbors' and others' freedom of speech allow them to picket his house and place of employment and otherwise criticize him publicly.

  30. Freedom of speech entails your obligation to defend your position as well, since you are the one who shot your mouth off in the first place. Say something stoopit, and you are the one who suffers for it.

    At least all of the comments here, and elsewhere, which show how misguided Douglas is, are reassuring. It is interesting, that such speech is only allowable in countries where the national psyche most disapproves of it.

    If Doug lived in a society such as he imagines it should be, he would not survive a week. His cherished form of Statism would kill him in no time flat, for not being able to toe the party line.

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