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Elbit Systems' ReDrone is an advanced anti-drone protection system.

Elbit Systems will present its holistic approach for rotary winged aircraft protection solutions, intelligence gathering and training and simulation solutions at the upcoming Aero-India Air & Space exhibition in Bangalore, India, February 14-18. The operational systems presented at the exhibit are interconnected with training systems, allowing enhanced readiness of all aircrew as well as mission review.

Here are some of the systems you’ll find at the Elbit booth (A 2.5 Hall A):


ReDrone – an advanced anti-drone protection system designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize different types of drones at a designated airspace. The system is capable of separating a drone’s signals from its operator’s remote control signals, as well as pinpointing both the drone and the operator’s directions. The advanced detection system provides 360-degree perimeter protection and complete, up-to-the-minute situational awareness. It can also deal with several drones simultaneously. The ReDrone system disrupts the drone’s communication with its operator, blocks its radio and video signals and GPS positioning data, and sends it off track, preventing it from carrying out an attack.

HPS – Helmet Pointing System, features enhanced situational awareness including day & night color symbology and innovative line-of-sight technology. It is a proven solution for utility, multi-role, combat and maritime helicopters, operating on over 7,000 helicopters world-wide. HPS offers intuitive color 3D conformal symbology that superimposes mission symbols onto the outer world scenery. This allows sorties to be carried out in degraded visual environment (DVE) conditions, when outside-cockpit vision is limited by bad weather, sandstorms, sea spray, brown outs or white outs.

LIZARD™ – a family of modular guidance kits offering the option of Laser-Seeker (LIZARD2 and LIZARD3) or dual-mode (GPS/INS and Laser, LIZARD4) guidance. By converting general purpose bombs into smart munitions, Lizard increases the capability to counter any stationary or moving target, day and night, in all-weather conditions.

EMA 66 BD BR – double based solid propellant 70mm Air to Ground Rocket, aerodynamically stabilized by three wrap-around retractable fins for use in tactical and training operations against surface targets, able to be launched from helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft. EMA 66 BD BR has greater thrust and rotation, giving it better stability and precision in the trajectory.

Rocket Launcher LA 707 – developed to be used with 70 mm rockets (MK 40, MK 66 and similar) and available for use with fixed (LA 707A) and rotary wing (LA 707H) aircraft. The launcher is light weight, with easy maintenance coupled with high reliability operation. The LA 707 Rocket Launcher can be used in any aircraft fire control system using 5-pin connectors.

SkyBreaker™ Mission Training Centre (MTC) – a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training center supporting many aircraft types. SkyBreaker provides realistic simulated battlefield training using all aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance all levels of pilot training. The SkyBreaker facility houses a complex networked system designed to provide an entire squadron with the tools to practice modern air combat using SkyScen™, a sophisticated computer generated forces (CGF) solution, in a fully integrated military setting.

TARGO™ – a sophisticated Helmet Mounted System (HMS) technology that transmits aircraft avionics to the pilot’s helmet. Targo represents a new generation of aviator capabilities for intense flying environments. The Targo solution enables pilots to plan, rehearse, fly and debrief using their personal helmets, providing them with increased situational awareness, safety levels and operational abilities.

SNS Immune Satellite Navigation System – a highly effective Global Positioning System Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (GPS ECCM) system that enables reliable, non-stop GPS operation, iSNS provides full jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and handles multiple interfering signals and/or jammers operating on concurrent frequencies.


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