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The EU is once again threatening to punish Israel if the Jewish State dares to breathe too deeply.

Haaretz was treated to another dollop of cheap thrills. It was given another juicy quote by a “senior European diplomat” who said: “This paper is an uncooked dish and the process is only beginning, but it is slowly continuing.” Imagine the thrill of having a senior European diplomat sharing such state secrets!

But what Haaretz could do, and apparently did do, is suggest that concerns about the document have been raised amongst senior Israeli officials. All one needs do is write an article about this fearsome document, mention that senior Israeli officials are running scared, and VOILÀ! You have people running scared.


How can this be alarming, even if, as has been reported, the framer of the document is the director for Middle East of the European External Action Service (EEAS) Christian Berger? Berger was also behind EU sanctions against settlements in the summer of 2013.

No surprise there, either. Berger is a career EU-UN “peacenik” who was in the EU’s “Office in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,” the EU Representative to the Quartet Special Envoy and was in charge of the “Commission’s crisis response and peace building unit.” He also worked with the UN peacekeeping force in the Middle East for several years. No wonder it’s the same old threats over the same old red lines.

Really. This is all a tempest in a Haaretz-pot.

The Europeans simply want to transform the “Green Line” into a “Red Line” which is actually an Apartheid line.

Enough with the threats and the lines.



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  1. The EUtrash at it again, you sons and daughters, and grand kids of war criminals, should keep your nasty mouth shot. Instead to ask for forgiveness for the crimes your families have committed against us, you have the incredible huspa to mix in our affairs. All the countries hostile to Israel should suffer a boycott for their goods and travel. I despise you rotten bunch. Holocaust survivor

  2. The EU idea is a good one with honesty modification.

    The lines to be moved to the borders of Israel and Jordan(east), Sinai(south), Kurdistan(north) and all non=-Jews to be placed to outside the these true borders.

    EU needs to also redraw its owns borders to reFlect the original countries of the local inhabitants. France made small and return the rest to the basque – ditto- Spain, UK made small liberating Ireland, Scotland, and rest to the Nordics. etc. Hence, t hey put their mouth and logic to where their mouths are! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Don't you agree? aT THE SAME TIME, Ukraine SHOULD RETURN TO GREATER Poland THAT IT USURPED DURIING WWII WHEN FOREIGNERS(USA,UK, AND USSR REWROTE THE EU BORDERS BY THEIR OWN NEFARIOUS DESIGNS AND NOT BY INDIGENT POPULATION.

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