Photo Credit: The Telegraph
A Palestinian Authority terrorist remarked to a journalist during Operation Protective Edge that although Gaza terrorists were firing thousands of rockets at densely populated Israeli areas, few were reaching their targets because "their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air."

A senior operative from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization announced Tuesday the group now has missiles in its arsenal that can reach any city within the State of Israel, most supplied by its Iranian benefactors.

Known in Arab media as ‘Abu Mujahid,’ the spokesperson said PIJ had learned from the mistakes made during the 2014 summer war with Israel, Operation Protective Edge.


“Each Israeli city is within range of our rockets now,” he said. “We implemented many improvements with the ranges and with our forces that were destroyed. We have many surprises that were kept in secret.”

Perhaps so. But Israel’s Defense Force and the Home Front Command has not been idle either. Nor has the the Holy One, Blessed Be He.

Jews are warned in the Torah never to rely on miracles, but last summer even the enemy did not fail to notice that regardless of how many thousands of missiles, mortars and rockets were fired, relatively few ever reached their intended targets.

“Their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air,” an Arab terrorist complained to one journalist.



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