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Graffiti at Duma home that was torched in Samara.

So how did the Jews get in, stay for so long, create so much damage and misery and get out without detection?

No one has mentioned the fact that the Bawabsheh family has been involved for the past 18 years in a blood feud with a second family in the village. Does this definitely implicate the other family? Not necessarily. But it certainly adds another avenue to be investigated, another dimension to be considered, when looking at the issue of who may have had a motive to attack this family.


It’s not always about the Jews.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. Thank You! That's what I've been saying all over the place, in every article that's been written. Why are we "shlugging al chet" quite yet? Let's first find a legitimate suspect…it is RIDICULOUS that Kahane's grandson was apprehended! Then let's have a trial to see if this suspect is even guilty…Innocent until proven guilty! SHHEEESSHH!!!

  2. FINALLY…a breath of fresh air. Someone who wrote an article, stating what I’ve been saying this awful thing occurred. First things first…let’s find a credible suspect…NOT Kahane’s grandson! HOW ABSURD! The world is against us no matter what we do and no matter how moral and how good we are! You can never appease them, so don’t use our brethren in Samaria and Judea as scapegoats. They live in danger every day as it is…we don’t need to add to their tenuous situations by taking on guilt. I am so certain that we are going to find out that an arab did this!!!

  3. There isn't going to be a trial or at least a speedy one.. Its part of the response to this that I am finding worrisome. Defense Minister Yaalon has decided that anyone brought in for this crime will be held under "Administrative Detention". That means an arrest that is open-ended, does not have charges, does not allow a detainee access to lawyers or a trial and only requires a vague requirement for the police to "investigate" and file a report to renew the detention every 3 months–as long as they want to keep doing it. It seems that the two late crimes–the parade stabbing and this arson murder are being exploited by the government to chip away at civil rights and shut up people they don't agree with. Could be this Kahane grandson is up to something, could even be that he knows something but the bottom line was that he was in Safed at the time and basically the police are upset about his organizing a network of Hilltop Youth but can't arrest him for that under normal legal procedures and if they did his lawyers and/or the judge would have him released. Whether you like what he's doing or not you have to worry about what this change is going to do as they apply it to anyone with politics they don't like and can declare to be in an "illegal association" or a "terrorist association" as they want to do with LEHAVA and strip of their civil rights. They arrested the Grossmans just for knowing Schlissel (stabber at parade) and having been known to be against the parade. Normally unpopular opinions are not arrestable offenses. Now you can be arrested and be denied civil rights indefinitely in such a way that a normal citizen will be unable to act to clear themselves or hang in under new rules allowing "moderate pressure" that was previously only permitted to prevent imminent terror attacks. And nobody seems to be worried.

  4. I find the automatic "circle the wagons" position of your Hareidi staff to become defensive when there is a criticism aimed at the potential abuses of media power that might be true about this publication. Administrative detention has been adopted from the British in that country's long fight with the IRA. Had Israel maintained that position, perhaps Muhammed Atta might not have been able to lead the 9/11 attack. I also wonder how you judge what constitute "lies about Israel." Facts are facts, but truth is a matter of interpretation.

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