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Betar soccer fans pour out on the field at Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium, where Hamas planned to carry out a mass-casualty attack.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed Thursday it has exposed a huge terrorist network that was aided by terrorists and commanders operating from Jordan, Syria and Turkey as well as within Judea and Samaria.

One of their targets was Jerusalem’s Teddy stadium, home of the Betar soccer team.


They also were planned to use a car bomb and had drawn up plans for a mass casually attack on the Jerusalem light rail system, coordinated roadside bombs and shooting attacks with M-16 semi-automatic rifles, and infiltrations, murders and kidnappings in Jewish communities throughout Judea and Samaria.

The gag order on the arrests of more than 30 terrorists two months ago was lifted today. A large quantity of weapons and ammunition also were found.

At least two of those arrested are Jordanians who previously were soldiers for the kingdom, drafted by Hamas in 2010 and sent to Turkey and Gaza for training, entering the Hamas territory through smuggling tunnels from Egypt.

The command post from Turkey further shows how Hamas has been provided a deadly safe haven by Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The cells had carried out two explosions in Samaria last August, but no one was injured. The terrorists set off the bombs using a timer so that the explosions would occur when security forces were on the scene. One of the bombs went off at the Rehalim junction.

The explosions were carried out under instructions from Hamas commanders in Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. Investigations by the IDF and Shin Bet helped them track down the extensive terrorist network.

Among those arrested were two from Jordan, Manaf Mohammed Angvera, 28; and Abdallah Mahmoud Zitawi, 25, Jordan;

Kuwait native Mahmoud Airbajie, 25, who learned in Jordan; two Arabs from Tulkarem, east of Netanya, Rjyie Ahmed Amuri, 30; Adnan Samara, 30; Mutzav Ruwib, 23, from Bethlehem; and Tzuhiv Rabat, 29, from the Jordan Valley.



  1. During the Protective Edge operation last summer, Prime Minister Netanyahu had a golden opportunity to finally rid themselves of Hamas. Instead, he decided to enter "peace negotiations" with a terrorist group who is a sworn enemy of Israel and whose primary goals is to cause as much death and destruction to Israel as possible. I was dismayed, flabbergasted, and appalled when I learned of Netanyahu's decision to negotiate with this scum of the earth. It's hard for me to understand how someone with Netanyahu's intellect and experience would do such a foolish thing. Part of the problem is you have left wing factions in the Israeli government like Livni, who believes the pathway to peace is continued appeasement of the Arabs. This philosophy completely disregards the fact that for decades Israel has tried this approach and it not only failed to broker peace but increased the violence. It's long overdue for Israel to adopt another approach, one that eliminates suicidal concessions and ensures that any agreement will have identifiable and enforceable recourse for Israel and serious consequences for any act by the Arabs who is not fulfilling their obligations of a garnered proposal. The other problem is we have a U.S. President has done everything in his power to advance the Arab cause at Israel's expense. When Operation Protective Edge first broke out what was Obama's response, positive rhetoric saying Israel had a right to defend itself but as usual, his actions did not equate with his words. Only a short time later, we heard demands that Israel stop its campaign to drive out and eventually defeat Hamas. The European Union responded similarly to Obama and it wasn't long before they to reneged on their original response of support for Israel. Of course, no travesty of injustice would be complete without the U.N. who just a couple weeks ago was investigating war crimes against Israel during Protective Edge. Completely ignoring the fact that Hamas had strategically stored weapons underneath schools and hospitals, told the Palestinians to disregard Israel's warning to evacuate an area that was going to be struck, used their own people as human shields, and developed a sophisticated labyrinth of terrorist tunnels. All funding should be cut off from Turkey and Jordan for being complicit in orchestrating this and other terrorist attacks against Israel. But, this will never happen because we have a President who supports and condones such actions. My heart aches when I watch videos of family members who lost loved ones as a result of savagery committed by Hamas and many other Arab conspirators. At the same time, fire courses through my veins when I see Israel continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again. The world may not care that Israel is forced to live in a constant state of fear and loss but I do and anyone who cares about Israel should also. Israel cannot control the actions of the anti-Semitic international community. But, they can stop making their job easier with weak minded appeasement measures. When Israel finally makes the decision that the well being and security of their country and people takes precedence over the wishes of their enemies, then and only then, will Israel's plight improve.

  2. Why did you advertise their capture? You should have just extracted as much info from them and then quietly kill them. I know it sounds barbaric but now you have them in your jail, have to feed and close them and then probably on day give them up in an exchange.

  3. It is clear; the Third Intifada has begun, so Israel should treat terrorists as enemy combatants; put away the rubber bullets and shoot them on sight. Any caught after the fact should be imprisoned for life without the possibility for parole or release in a prisoner exchange. Let them serve out their sentences in strict isolation. Give their immediate families thirty minutes to collect their things, and expel them from Israel.

    No matter what Israel does to protect itself draws condemnation, so do what must be done, without apology.

    Never forget. Never forgive. Never again.

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