Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Gaza terrorists last night saved the IDF the task of having to retaliate for rocket fire and did so itself, with the missile exploding on a house in Gaza, not in Israel.

The IDF confirmed the “self-retaliation” to The Friday morning , but a spokeswoman said it is not known if there were any injuries.


Recent rocket fire from Gaza has been met by immediate IDF retaliation, a “proportional” response that is careful not to injure anyone if the rockets explode in “open areas” in Israel.

Southern Israeli citizens raced to bomb shelters Thursday night to the sound of warning sirens of an approaching missile.

In Gaza, there are plenty of shelters for missiles and bombs, but there are few bomb shelters, except perhaps in the houses of the terrorist echelon.

Thursday night’s rocket damage to a residence was disproportional, but neither Hamas nor the Salafists (ISIS/Gaza) have yet complained to the United Nations.



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