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Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY-1)

(b) SANCTIONS DESCRIBED.—The sanctions described in this subsection are— 1) the sanctions described in sections 4 through 7.9 of Annex II of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; and (2) the sanctions described in any other agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran that includes the United States, commits the United States to take action, or pursuant to which the United States commits or otherwise agrees to take action, regardless of the form it takes, whether a political commitment or otherwise, and regardless of whether it is legally binding or not.

(c) JOINT COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF ACTION DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘‘Joint ComprehensivePlan of Action’’ means the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed at Vienna on July 14, 2015, by Iran and by the People’s Republic of China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States, with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and all implementing materials and agreements related to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.


Senate: your turn.


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  1. Zechariah 12:9, “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I WILL seek to DESTORY ALL the nations that come against Jerusalem.”

    Zechariah 14:16, “And it shall come to pass, that EVERY ONE that is left of ALL the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles.”

  2. I don't know if bill, HR 3460, blocking U.S. President Barack Obama from in any way lifting sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program will stick so congress should also use Obama's non compliance on the Corker bill to block the Iran nuclear deal? Obama has failed to comply with the crystal-clear conditions spelled out in the Corker law. This is indisputable. “Side deals” that the statute explicitly requires to be disclosed to Congress — involving, for example, IAEA inspection terms and Iran’s prior nuclear work — have been withheld. Why isn't Congress using this to block the Iran nuclear deal?

  3. Now you will really need to watch Obama, he is slick like a snake. He will try every thing he can think of including exc. order!s or maybe run crying to the U.N. Thats usually were he runs when he doesnt get his way with Congress. Whatever dont back down.

  4. I am pleased that those Congressmen who voted against the present deal have done so for the good of our country. I hope those people who voted in favor realize that country comes before Party and will work on writing, creating another deal to include changes in thinking and behavior-i.e. stop terrorism, release prisoners, humane treatment of its people.
    I am disturbed that the New York Times designated the Jewish voters-the yellow line .The yellow color is what differentiated Jews from Christians during the Christian Middle Ages. Not a nice thing to do. How many Jews and non-Jews know the history of Christian antiSemitism. Hatred must end. Respect
    replaces hate.. as does learning and not living in a mythical world. Lois Wasserman

  5. thank you so much republicans for bocking this agreement., you’v just saved ISRAEL. have a happy new year all of you, even the none jewish. i bless you with tons of health, love and may your dreams come true. thank you again for saving us from another holocauste. i’m a scond jeneration to holocaust servivle and i know what hell means and looks like. you have made all Israelies happy for the new year, you gave us the best present, and thaks to bibi that foght so hard to not have this agreamant signed, love you all Anat Koch.

  6. This was an intentionally mendacious vote and Bill. The President has to sign a Bll to make it valid. Obama will not sign it. If he vetos it Congress does not have to votes to override the veto. If Congress did have the votes to override a Presidential veto then the President can use the pocket veto which means that he puts it in his pocket and never sends it back to Congress. If Congress then adjourns sine die at the end of the normal session, the bill is not passed. Our Republican controlled Congress knew this and passed this bill only to seem as if it opposed the President just to impress gulible voters. It is all a a lie an they should be damned for it.

  7. The Iran Deal may have failed in the USA because Israel controls the White House, but the UN and Europe will start trading with Iran, and the USA will be left with the current collapsing economy. Is it about the American Taxpayers or is it about Israel? Please think about how it may affect our the American households.

  8. Garegin Nalbandian haha If the USA collapses, it will collapse irrespective of whether it trades with Iran or not. Your sense of economic reality is deeply flawed and your arguments imbecilic. The truth is diametrically opposed to your view, since Iranian nuclear power will be the very thing that will lead to increased oil prices and the holding of the west over a barrel (excuse the pun, not that you can comprehend subtle intelligence, since you have none). The reason is simple, with nuclear power Iran will close of oil supply routes and invade other oil supplying countries in the region. Then we will see how quickly the oil price rise exponentially. Furthemore, all the USA has to do is rid itself of Obama and wallah the USA can exploit its own oil reserves an automatic solution to arab , Islamic and Persian oil dominance. My guess you are an anti-semite or Moslem or alternatively just plain stupid but I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions. Typical Islamic disinformation and Taqqiya.

  9. I don't think Europe will start trading with iran now , because the sanctions will not be lifted , and I'm not sure the money will be released either , so where is iran going to get money for trade ? Personally I would like to increase sanctions and drive iran to it's knees , maybe then they will be more complient and civil towards the West …..

  10. Mark Hes well said. This jackwagon has no clue. If Israel controlled the US, why does the US continue to get in Israel's way when Israel is trying to accomplish something. This is simply an anti-semetic, tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist who is ranting without a check valve!!!

  11. you fool like most people you are only concerned with your own selfish wants, You are more upset with your cell phone battery dying than terrorists beheading men wemon and BABIES!open your eyes this country in the last 6 years has lost its mind!

  12. Frederick Rogers, your comment makes no sense. If you had bothered to read and do a little bit of research, you’d find that this president has been working very hard for the benefit of this country. I can recall a few in recent past who were hell bent on destroying the US and almost succeeded. But I suppose it’s really difficult to tell the difference.

  13. Jola:.. Congress is a separate equal entity of the three branches of Government and holds no allegiance to the President whatsoever… Their allegiance is bound to the Legal Citizens of our Nation…. The Traitor is in the White House aiding our enemies.

  14. This was an intentionally mendacious vote and Bill. The President has to sign a Bill to make it valid. Obama will not sign it. If he vetos it Congress does not have the votes to override the veto. If Congress did have the votes to override a Presidential veto then the President can use the pocket veto which means that he puts it in his pocket and never sends it back to Congress. If Congress then adjourns sine die at the end of the normal session, the bill is not passed. Our Republican controlled Congress knew this and passed this bill only to seem as if it opposed the President just to impress gulible voters. It is all a a lie an they should be damned for it.

  15. Terri, you don't even know me. What makes you think you can insult me? I served in the U.S. Army. I know that no American soldier wants to die in a far away land. The UN and the European countries will benefit from the Iran Deal, but Americans won't because Israel controls the White House. God forbid that USA would do something that would not benefit Israel. You want to talk about terrorism, let's talk about it. Who plotted the 9/11? Saudi Arabia. Who supports Al-Qaida and ISIS? Turkey and Saudi Arabia. What is the world doing about it? Nothing. You open your eyes. Don't be blinded by the media.

  16. Garegin Nalbandian Your statement is the cassic Aluminati anti-semitic claim that the paltry 13m Jews out of 7 billion people control the world. You are a fool to make such a statement. It would be impossible for Israel to control the white house. Totally and completely impossible, I'd like to explain yourself in this regard?

  17. For those who are unclear, both houses of Congress need to vote in favor of a bill in order for it to become law. And even if this bill passes the Senate, the President is sure to veto it, and there may not be enough votes to override. BUT the reason this bill is of value to those who want to defeat the Nuclear Iran Deal, is because it forces Congressional supporters of the bill to take action to protect the deal, which most Americans and even most members of Congress, oppose. And the more information that comes out about the Nuclear Iran Deal, the more the opposition increases.

  18. There never was a real "deal." Truth is, people voted with their party. Another truth is that nobody really knows what this "deal" was. There were parts of it that were secret, and have yet to be exposed. So, while you had a bunch of Democrats voting for it, they did not read the details, because the details are still undisclosed.
    It is sad that we voted all of these people into office. The Democrats that opposed Obama will probably not run, or be re-elected in the next elections.

  19. Obama never does what Congress says. He will just Veto the bill then do as he pleases. The only way Congress will stop any of the stupidity of this POTUS is to bring up charges against him for all of the stunts he has done to damage America and then enforce it. If the skunk is too busy defending himself, he will not have time to do much more damage. Impeachment is too good for him, but should be done ASAP. Also they need to pass a law that makes it illegal for the current or any future POTUS to use Executive Order except in the case of Extreme Emergency such as a group trying to destroy or bring War to the US. EO should never be used to promote the wishes of the POTUS.

  20. David Higginbotham – whatever do you mean by "this assures the deal will go through"? It most certainly does not, and your desperation to inform others that it is a fake vote is rather alarming. The members of the House are doing exactly what they should be doing – (plus bringing litigation) although far too late, unless that's what you mean. But the supporters of the administration, who voted for a deal they never read, which benefits the leading supporter of terror in the world, are the ones who disparage, not the few who are, finally, fighting it.

  21. Anna Warrick that is the way the US Constitution was written! Congress does not control the government and the republican lead congress sedm does what the people want. The people want this deal to go through! No matter what you think that is the actual truth! How come you want to stop President Obama from issuing executive orders because you do not agree with them? He has issued significantly less executive orders than Bush the Younger. I do not remember repubs in congress (or democrats for that matter crying foul whenever Bush the Younger issued an executive order) So cut the crap. You simply think it is OK for congress to pass a law saying anything that President Obama does is not legal and when e vetoes it and the veto is upheld, how are you going to write another law to make the veto illegal? You need to know what you are talking about!


  23. Leonard S. Freinman – All the details have been released and Democrats have read the details. Fact is the repubs were 100% against the pact before an agreement was reached and when the agreement was reached they all rejected it not knowing anything about the deal. So let's be honest about the deal. One thing for sure is that it stops Iran from getting a nuclear bomb for 10 to 15 years and when the argeement term is over. Based on making the necessary enriched uranium bomb quality will take years and the inspection team is allowed to inspect even after the term of the agreement is reach and the US still maitains the right to use mitary force!

    As for the democrats not running for re-election that is only specualtion on your part! I know for sure that Schumer will run again and will be re-elected. The others I do not know, but just because the may not run does not mean the seats will flip!

  24. Edward Lobel You are a true fool if you really believe what you wrote. You lack facts. All of this deal is not in the open. And, nobody has explained how to prevent Iran from getting a bomb. Forget inspections. Believe what Iran says. They have made good on their promises of helping to bring down Israel with their financial support. Why would you doubt them, and believe a known prevaricator like Obama? Unless, you are not who you appear to be.
    If I were a Democrat, I doubt I would broadcast that. It does say you are devoid of thinking and reasoning ability. So, if you are, STFU.

  25. No I am not Jennifer but her Husband Charles ,a Holocaust survivor .We in Australia had a Prime Minister who refered to the incumbants of our Senate as 'Unrepresented Swill' The USA I see has similar problems .We in time past got rid of the Nazis ,the Bilical Datan and from Esthers Book the vile Haman .Israel will also see the end of the Obama era ,and hope to be around to see it happen .

  26. Edward Lobel cannot be more wrong. All the "deals" have NOT been released! Actually, OBAMA is saying he has not received a copy of the side deals and therefore he cannot hand them over to Congress. We know its all BS. Of course he knows what the side deals are, but he also knows no one who is not a muslim, would fall for them!

  27. The U.S. has saved countless Israelis and American lives yet unborn by blocking this OBAMA-IRAN NUCLEAR TREATY. If IRAN attempts to play
    around with Nuclear power or weapons, the U.S. and Israel should bomb Iran, just like in the 1980 song, now on YouTube. We are dealing with the REAL BAD GUYS here.

  28. It seems that most Americans are overlooking something. Obama is hell bent on helping the enemy. He has made it legal to pay ransom to terrorists, releasing sanctions giving them billions of dollars, he released top commanders of the taliban and and now has given Iran nukes. He needs to be arrested for aiding the enemy.

  29. With the wicked people who have engineered this diabolical plot, which is against all creation, she surely needs to be blessed. There are many good people there, but surely some wicked people in the seat of power, and behind the seat of power.

  30. Edward Lobel, firstly, the writer of this article MAY ARTICULATE HER OPINION. And you should articulate yours more politely. Secondly, you will be judged before G-d for how you vote. I presume you would have voted to give the nutter in North Korea the nuclear bomb too. IT IS A REFLECTION ON WHO YOU ARE. That is your problem. The only one G-d has his plans. This deal will cost millions of lives. Those who support it will be guilty.

  31. How DIM AND WICKED of Obama (not you, of course) and all who supported him and were behind the plot of this deal (conceived, I gather in 2008) to drive such a dishonest and heavy-handed deal against his own nation, as well as Israel.

    There are heavy consequences of this deal, but this is part of G-d bringing the wickedness of this world to a head, like a bad boil.

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