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Reykjavik, Iceland Councilmember Björk Vilhelmsdóttir and husband

The City Councillors of the capital of Iceland, that tiny little Island nation of former Vikings, have their knickers in a twist over the “Occupation” by Israel of what they call the “Palestinian Territories.” The knickers must be twisted too tightly, because what they did to express their displeasure is going to get their national government in trouble.

The 15-member City Council passed a motion banning the city of Reykjavik from purchasing any goods made in Israel. Reykjavik went whole hog – all Israeli goods were banned under its new law, not just goods made or grown beyond the “Green Line.” The measure was passed by a majority of the City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 15.


The motion was sponsored by retiring Councillor Björk Vilhelmsdóttir, of the center-left Social Democrats. The motion was introduced in 2014, as a response to that summer’s conflict between Hamas and Israel. Vilhelmsdóttir also encouraged individuals to boycott all Israeli goods.

The preamble to the new law states that the City of Reykjavik will not purchase any goods from Israel so long as that country “occupies Palestinian territories.”

In the opinion of the Reykjavik City Council, Israel deserves to be slapped – at least symbolically – for “violating international agreements” and for treating Palestinian Arabs with a form of Apartheid, akin to South Africa.

Vilhelmsdóttir claims neither she nor her legislative action have anything to do with anti-Semitism, and neither are opposed to Israel, merely to the current government of Israel.

The councillor’s husband, Sveinn Runar Hauksson, is the head of the Iceland-Palestine Association.

Sveinn Runar Hauksson (center), husband of Björk Vilhelmsdóttir

On the Councillor’s Facebook page, she features a picture of two young girls holding a huge poster of a man with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanuyahu’s head on the body of a Nazi officer.

picture featured on Facebook page of Bjork Vilhelmsdottir

Although most photographs of Hauksson show him wearing a kefiyah expressing allegiance to Fatah, his Facebook page boasts a picture of him in 2010 handing an award to the then-Prime Minister of Gaza and head of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh.

The spouse of Björk Vilhelmsdóttir, with Ismail Haniyeh, Hama leader.


Hauksson not only dislikes Israel, he is not too fond of the United States, and hoped its defeat by Vietnam would be celebrated all over the world.



The boycott motion passed this week expresses Reykjavik’s disapproval of the “racial apartheid government in Israel,” and compares Israel to South Africa under apartheid. The law also expresses support for the “right of Palestinians to an independent and sovereign state within the borders of the Six-Day War in 1967.” So much for only opposing the current government of Israel.

The new boycott law states:

Boycotting products is a peaceful way to influence governments in countries where human rights are not respected and where international agreements are disregarded. One example of when boycotting had a big impact on a country was when countries all over the world decided to boycot South Africa because of its apartheid regime. In recent years, an increasing number of individuals, organisations, counties and states have taken up boycotts against Israel where the situation is not unlike the sitution in South Africa during the time of the apartheid regime. (Emphasis added.)

Interesting that the motion should mention wrongdoing countries where “international agreements are disregarded.”


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  1. "Just to tell you all – many Icelanders, me included are shocked and very angry at this ridiculous boycott that the lefties at the Reykjavik council have agreed to! Let me assure you that the boycott is not supported by most Icelanders! The council is stupid enough to agree to something they have no place to do, is against the constitution and reeks of immorality! These are stupid and uninformed people that have no idea what they are doing and this will be protested! I for one will do my best to buy everything I can of israeli products and encourage everyone I know do to the same.

    I am very sorry and ashamed for my ignorant countrymen/women!"

  2. When Sveinn Rúnar Hauksson came out of a drug abuse in the 1970s and 80s, this man turned his ideological support from the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia to militant Palestinian organisations. Hauksson's support to the Palestinians seems to be endless verbal extremes and nearly always with analogies between Israel and Nazi-Germany. His rhetoric is an endless anti-Semitic Holocaust-relativism. See E.g.

    Reykjavík is heading for a computerless administration, thank to the wife of the pot-doctor and they have to throw out all the medicine for hospitals and medical service in the city, which they have bought from former Icelandic medicinal firm Actavis, which has been bought by Israel's TEVA. Even the main library system in Iceland, GEGNIR.IS, was created by an Israeli firm. No more reading for the Reykjavík's anti-Semitic Left.

  3. I am Icelandinc, I do not support the boycott of Israel product. The leftist government group of Reykjavík, just took a step that could destroy them politically. But Iceland is on a very very fine line right now those leftist so called forward thinkers are very vissible and seem to be growing and are quite literally ready to thorw this nation to the snakes (like dog can´t use dogs) Remember Israel will never be able to do anything right where these people are concerned but Israel can do something about Björk and her husband who are on their way to Gaza they have to go through Tel Aviv 😉

  4. There are obviously many Icelanders who recognize how utterly stupidly their capital city government is acting. We thank you!

    Jew hate is nothing new. We (most of us) realize the ban is ridiculous. They are not banning scientific developments (they will not choose filament cameras instead of open heart surgery … and laser treatment instead of most more painful dental surgeries). They're just banning the things they think they can get away with. No Jew hater gives up the technology that comes out of Israel. They just give up … well … "fruit". They're not giving up cell phones and computers.

    Let's recognize them for the dispicable hypocrites they are … and recognize there are decent Icelanders as well.

  5. Thank you to all the Icelanders who do not support these pathetic losers on the city council. Thank you for speaking up against their vile actions. God blesses those who bless Israel, and curses those who curse Israel. Whether religious or not, look around the world, and at history, and see that this is true. Europe decimated its Jews; the result is the Muslim takeover of Europe. Again, thank you to the good Icelandic people who take a stand against these idiotic fools.

  6. We were planning a family trip to Iceland for October. Now we will boycott that country for travel and avoid buying goods made there. A boycott has two sides. Millions of Jews and their frieds should teach the anti-semites a taste of their own medicine.

  7. If the idiots who boycott Israel had two brain cells to rub together, they would instead be boycotting the surrounding Arab nations, where thousands of women are murdered each year by their families in so-called honour killings, where gays and Christians risk death for openly being who they are or worshipping at churches. But these idiots never talk about that. Real human rights issues are not important as long as they can wallow in their hatred of Jews.

  8. It so happens to be that this council member of the leftist majority in City Council has been also a member of the antisemitic propaganda group Island-Palestina with her husband and they have subtely influenced council members and public with bias distorted and delusional picture of the conflict of Israel and Palestinian arabs. But there a lot people that are sad and angry in Iceland because of this hateful stand. G-d bless Israel.

  9. There are no such people as "Palestinian". They were invented in 1964 by Ahmed Shukeiry, the founderof the PLO. Read your Bible. G-D gave this land to us Jew's, 3350 years ago. The man on the cross, that you may witness on Sunday, was a JEW. We NEVER voluntarily abandoned our land. You gentiles expelled us, 2000 years ago.

  10. What occupation are you talking ? the Occupiation by Hamas in Gaza ? or the Occupation by the Romans 2000 years ago in the jewish land which they called Palestine? You make no sense Salmann Israel is in
    Palestine by defination even by the landmap. Do yo
    u have any special made landmap that proofs you point? even the Palestinian flag 1933 had the david star in it.. so The Palestinian Flag was all Jewish..Do you know anything in Human History Salmann because the way you talk you sound like an idiot..

  11. Salmann Tamimi Palestine is the name that was given to the Jewish Land it is the same land area that Israel opirates on today that you seem not understand . However Gaza strip is under Terrorist control " Hamas " and westbank " PLO,Fata which are also terrorist oganisasion so you must be asking for that so at the year 1900 in the Gaza strip and the westbank where 450.000 jews and the population did not exceed 1 million people. BTW Israel Cannot by any law occupy their own land but i do understand that you want to blame them how things have gone in Gaza and westbank but isn´t always the easiest way out to just blame the ones who are Stronger than you are. IF you care for you Brothers and sisters in your area then tell them to stop voting for Terrorists to run their area…

  12. I´m only 30% icelandic 70% French Canadian but i´m sorry for what the stupid Pro-Palestine Terrorists Bjork vilheimsdottir and svein runar hauksson in the Icelandic city council in Reykjavik did it is completely Anti-semetic and ugly act. However we here in Canada are so lucky to have many jewish citizens among us which we are greatful to have wonderful people i wish the icelanders where that lucky to get the change to live among the jewish people in their country. I´m ahsamed about this act i hope you will prosecute them for it or do anything at all to make them stop this Anti-Semitism which is only pure Hate. i whish you the best Shalom.

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