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Israeli soldiers sip Coca-Cola in Jerusalem.

The CEO of the Cola-Cola franchise in the Palestinian Authority has publicly called for a boycott of Israel, in violation of Coca-Cola’s policy and recent Congressional amendments to trade laws.

The holder of the franchise is Zahi Khouri, who heads the “Palestinian National Beverage Company.” He has written in U.S. media:

Non-violent efforts of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) advocates make sense as a means to force Israel to recognize that the occupation is not cost-free … countries, like those in the European Union, could enforce their own laws against doing businesses with countries that violate human rights.


Khouri signed his op-ed article as a “Palestinian-American businessman” but carefully omitted that he owns the Coca-Cola franchise in the Palestinian Authority.

Hei moved to the United States in 1967 and built a successful business until 1993, when the Oslo Accords attracted him to live in the Palestinian Authority.

The mega-businessman is one of the Palestinian Authority’s billionaires. Besides holding the Coca-Cola franchise, he runs the PA’s only mobile phone company.

Khouri, born in Jaffa next to Tel Aviv, also has frequently met with American government officials to lobby against Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

His call for a boycott follows the Orange company’s debacle that started out with a death wish for its franchise with Israel’s Partner Communications and ended up with a “We love Israel” act to climb down from a falling BDS tree.

Khouri faces the same fate.

Coca-Cola’s Code of Business Conduct for franchisees states:

Because The Coca-Cola Company is incorporated in the United States, our employees around the world often are subject to U.S. laws.

Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center) has sent a warning letter to Coca-Cola that it will sue the firm if it does not rescind Khouri’s franchise. The letter also states:

The Coca-Cola Company should not affiliate itself with any person or entity calling for a boycott or similar effort against the Israeli government or the nation’s manufacturers, companies, products or services

Recent amendments by Congress require U.S. trade negotiators to ‘discourage politically motivated actions’ by foreign countries and international organizations that aim to ‘penalize or otherwise limit’ commercial relations with Israel or ‘persons doing business in Israel or in territories controlled by Israel.’

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has condemned Khouri’s call for a boycott of Israel as “outright anti-Semitism” and called on Coca-Cola to immediately and publicly condemn and repudiate his remarks.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said:

Zahi Khouri’s anti-Semitic remarks confirm him as an opponent of the Jewish State of Israel’s existence, one who seeks to ostracize, damage and ultimately overcome Israel by means of the BDS campaign of continual, progressive delegitimization of Israel so as to compel it to make untenable concessions to a Palestinian movement that has no intention of living in peace with Israel.

The support of BDS by the owner of the Coca-Cola franchise in the Palestinian Authority has done Israel a big favor because it is going to be another big boomerang for BDS and the Ramallah regime.

The U.S. House of Representatives last Friday approved a bill that would prohibit the United States from being a part of free trade agreements with the European Union if its participates in the Boycott Israel campaign.

Khouri’s call for a boycott will stir up more anger among Congressmen who already have passed measures to restrict aid to the Palestinian Authority.

The Democratic and Republican parties;’ campaigns for the 2016 presidential elections are moving not high gear, and each candidate will try to scream louder than the other against BDS.

It is reasonable to assume that Khouri will receive a phone call from Coca-Cola’s headquarters today telling him to keep to put the cap on his mouth.



  1. Back a long time ago, Egypt was run by a guy named Nasser. Nasser gathered the heads of other Muslim/Arab countries, and asked for a boycott. He wanted companies doing business with Israel to stop, or lose all the business in the countries he represented. Some companies complied.

    The US had Coke, and Pepsi. Pepsi decided to go along with it, but Coke did not. So, maybe unofficially, Pepsi boycotted Israel. Some years after that, I was in an Arab country. I went to a bar and ordered a rum and coke. It did not taste right. The bartender showed me the bottle of PEPSI he had poured from. I asked for coke, but he said he didn't have any, just Pepsi. I assumed this was residual from those days in the boycott.

    Years later, I was in Israel again. The West Bank sold Pepsi, not Coke. In Israel, at the time, they sold Coke. Now, they sell both, and I had already hated Pepsi from the days of the boycott.

    Years later, I learned that Coke was active in Germany during WWII. It had spawned Fanta, which I understand was how they stayed in business during the war. Yet, I did not fault them for that. I want to deal with the here and now. But, if Coke persists, or gives in to this anti-Semite, I will be very disappointed. And the lesson is that history can, and does, repeat itself. Sometimes for the same reasons, and sometimes for others. Boycott is wrong, and big business should not be engaged in politics. That should be a major lesson.

  2. Let the USA Jews take note when Clinton preaches support for Israel that Obama pre-election stated that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel – and what happened to these words when he was elected.
    Clinton is in the financial pockets of the Arabs and is no friend of Israel.

  3. I called the Coke Hdq in Atlanta Georgia to see what they had to say about this guy, etc. PHONE NUMBER: 404-676-2121 ****ADVISE EVERYONE TO CALL AND PROTEST…….the person I talked to had not heard about this and I read her the article with the guys name. I advised if they do go through with a boycott of Coke, I will no longer consume the product. She said she will get right on this because I was the first to call on this subject. I support Israel …….Totally ! I will give up my addiction to drinking this product if they don't mention this….I am just one person, but many people make a army………call the HDQ's and protest against this guy.

  4. Shoshana Culwell, I will NOT cal Coke headquarters, but I will call for all Americans to simply BOYCOTT ALL COKE PRODUCTS, until they solve this problem! I am NOT GOING TO BUY ANY PRODUCT ASSOCIATED WITH COKE UNTIL THEY TAKE AWAY THE FRANCHISE FROM Zahi Khouri! I urge all Americans (especially Jewish Americans,) to join me!

  5. Harold Taback you are an ignorant idiot who simply makes things up to fit your ideas! Hillary is indeed pro Israel and if you think otherwise you are as stuid as everyone knows you to be. As for Obama and Jerusalem it was the Supreme Court who made that decision not Obama!

  6. I LOVE Coke and some of its other products-but will boycott the whole company, let them know it if they do not disenfranchise the franchise (pun intended). Enough of this BDS movement-(bull-duck-sh-t I say). They can all eat their own stuff if they support TERRORISTS, directly or indirectly.

  7. I don't smoke, drink, or do recreational drugs. Don't drink coffee though I love the smell of it. My vice has always been Coke. Never Pepsi, always Coke. But for the sake of Israel I can go cold turkey and stick with the Southern staple of iced tea.

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