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Hebrew-speaking ISIS terrorist, possibly an Israeli Arab "defector."

ISIS released a video in Israeli-Arabic-accented Hebrew, ranting and warning the Jews that Islamic State plans to come to Israel to slaughter and eradicate everyone until no Jews are left in Jerusalem, Israel and the world. They would first overrun Jordan, after which they would overrun Israel from every direction.

ISIS has been focusing a lot of attention on Israel lately, and local ISIS affiliated terror cells have been captured by Israeli security forces. A number of Israeli-Arabs have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq.


This may be the first time that the Islamist organization has spoken directly to Israelis in Hebrew.

The clip shows a masked soldier wearing a uniform, with a rifle and a dagger, who speaks a fairly modern dialect, with an accent that shifts from heavily Arab, with an unusually soft R for an Arab speaker (which could suggest Israeli upbringing). Like most Arabs, he is unable to pronounce the P sound, and so he says Bashut instead of Pashut (simple), and Bachad’tem instead of Pachad’tem (you feared).

At the beginning of the video, he turns to the camera and says, “This is a serious and clear announcement to all the Jews, the first enemy of the Muslims. To all the Jews who conquered our country, the Muslims. The real war has not started yet, and everything you had before is simply called a child’s play compared to that which is going to happen to you in the near future, inshallah (God willing).”

Speaking of the current wave of terror, he expresses the hope that ISIS will arrive and destroy Israel. He promises the annulment of the Sykes-Picot borders, which, in 1916, divided the dying Ottoman between France and Great Britain. He boasts of having already eliminated the Syrian-Iraqi border, and foretells erasing the Syrian-Jordanian border, too—a direct threat against King Abdullah II of Jordan. He then promises removing the Syrian-Palestinian borders, too, which is a curious promise, because that could mean the end of the dream of Palestinian statehood (under Ottoman rule, Palestine was ruled by a governor who sat in Damascus).

He promises to eventually arrive in Israel to destroy it, to avenge its “crimes,” telling Israelis: “Do whatever you feel like in the meantime, until we get to you, and then we’ll destroy everything ten times over for the crimes your committed. And we promise you that soon there will not be a single Jew in Jerusalem and throughout the country. And we’ll continue on until we eradicate this disease worldwide.”

The above reference to Jews as a worldwide disease suggests the speaker is versed in 19th century anti-Semitic literature, probably in the texts published and distributed by the Saudi government, which rules over a publishing empire dedicated to Jew hatred.

He repeats a theme commonly used by Hamas culture, chiding Jews and Westerners for their love of life, as compared to the Arab Klingon-like infatuation with death and killing. “Look what happened to you,” he slams his Israeli viewers, “a few stabbings and running over by our brothers in Palestine, you fell over on your head and started to fear any driver traveling too fast. You’re even scared of any person who grabs something in his hand. Simply put, that is your level. Think about it even for a second, what will happen to you as soon as—inshallah—tens of thousands from all over the world will be coming to slaughter you and throw you in the trash without a return?”

The speaker is clearly an Israeli Arab, or an Arab from the territories who attended an Israeli educational institute or otherwise lived near Israeli Jews. He is likely the son of a middle class family, he appears poised and secure. His recitation is restrained, meaning that he knows and understands his target audience: excited Hamas videos in Hebrew are usually so over the top, and rife with humiliating pronunciation gaffes, they often go viral as comedy. This one is not for laughs.

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  1. All of our synagogues, Jewish Centers and schools world wide must double up security… and ISIS should keep in mind what happens to every single nation who threaten to destroy us the Jewish People……

    The Solution

    1. Restore Israel’s confidence in the justice of its cause. Quickly end the “occupation” and return – mentally – to the Land of Israel as rightful owners.

    2.Immediate nullify the Oslo Accords and eliminate foreign groups that entertain any notion of controlling the area, just as we did in Operation Protective Shield.

    3. Restore Israeli control over all parts of the Land in our hands and declare full sovereignty in all of Judea and Samaria – as we did in the Golan Heights.

    4. The Arabs living in Judea and Samaria must be forced to declare loyalty to the Jewish state or paid to leave the country.

    5. Allocate the entire Land to its owners, the Nation of Israel – particularly all citizens who serve in the army. Allow accelerated construction throughout the Land.

    6. Any nationalist violence will be considered an act of war and the permanent resident status of its perpetrators and those close to them will be revoked.

  2. Isreal need supporters and protected, people forget Hebrews are gods chosen people, its our job and duty to protect… As a Christian they are as precious to me as my own children,,, Isis needs to be squashed,and I'm ashamed of my u.s government who lie, cover the truth, and do good to cover the bad, shame on all of us who turn a blind cheek.I pray we all stand united to rise above all the evil in the world and unite in unity to fight for the good of our children and grandchildren.

  3. Like the rabid vermin they are, backed against a wall, they know their end is near, so they lash out with big threats and big words… The average Jewish citizen, hand in hand with the IDF and the G-d of Israel – are all ready to exterminate this vermin and ALL of ISIS from the face of this earth!

  4. now it's time to take harsher punishments against those who work against our government who are sitting in the Knesset.
    1) members of the Knesset must pledge their loyalty to Israel and only Israel
    2) no Knesset member should speak on behalf of a different country or a terrorist organization
    3) members of the Knesset who incite or promote terror should be punished
    4) charge them with treason as any other country would

    time to punish them and immediate family (spouses, siblings, parents)
    1) revoking citizenship
    2) deport to Gaza or other nation that will accept them
    3) seize homes and all assets
    4) lifetime ban from Israel including Judea & Samaria

    these punishments should apply to any terrorist or anyone who is waving an enemy flag such as ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas, PLO, etc

  5. We were here long before you even existed and shall be for long after for we have no hatred in our hearts and the righteous always win at the end even though lots of innocents will suffer and die…The world evolves and you regress I feel so sorry for you guys but I shall slaughter you scoundrels with no mercy and trust me I am not alone in fact we are much more numerous than you are and also much cleverer…

  6. ISIS is making war against Israel, because it declared that it intends to destroy Israel and to kill all the Jews. It is written in the Torah, in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 20:10-18, that God commanded that, in the war, Israel kill all the enemies, without distinction between combatants and civilians. So, the state of Israel must kill all members of ISIS, without distinction between combatants and civilians.

  7. Brandie Minor Obama is not America (although, sadly, he perfectly represents a good portion of it). Those of us who support Israel must do so with more than prayers. Their fight is our fight, and we all must fight it together.

  8. Someone should explain to ISIS that they are not only dealimg with a strong conventional power (look at what's happening in Syria when a compentent administration, Russia, goes after them) but they are dealing with a major nuclear power. Victory for ISIS against Israel will end in a nuclear holocaust for the Muslim world and perhaps others.

  9. dogs should not bark at lions. there was a great army long long ago. one of there great men threatened israel. this man was killed by a boy with a stone, his body beheaded and fed to the birds. you should know this because its written in the old testament. a book you revear. be careful what you say. you may suffer the same fate.

  10. I trust in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. In numerous places in his word he has promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse israel. Out of the mouth of ISIS comes their real fate, a Curse from the very God that created them. God's word also has promised this land to Israel, and no one can take it from them again. Israel has been reborn and have started their journey back home to recieve the blessings of God (Genesis 28:10-15 and Genesis 35:9-12). Whose message will you believe Gods or ISIS.

  11. The Catholic church knew what was going on in WWII with the exterminantion of the Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Disabled and oh yeah the Cristians. That's how many of the "war criminals" got safe passage and new lives in other countries not standing trial for their atrocities.

  12. What these people do not understand is that we are not a People who are here by merit of our own military prowess. We, as Jews, as a People, we are NOT great fighters, we are NONE agressive, and we have never won a war YET without the hand of HaShem on our side.
    Let them come and we will see.
    They have never raced a real army till they get to Israel!

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