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Police outside Hanover stadium after Israeli intelligence information prevented a massive terror attack last week.

Israeli intelligence once again is proven to be the number one weapon for Western Europe, the United States and Russia to fight Islamic terror.

Israeli intelligence was responsible for preventing a massive terror attack at a soccer stadium in Hanover last week, according to Stern Magazine, which also reported that a bomb-laden ambulance was discovered.


European media previously reported that French intelligence warned German authorities that terrorists were planning to attack Germany’s Hanover stadium, where a friendly game was scheduled between Germany and Holland.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel was due to attend the game, indicating that it was not coincidental that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists targeted a stadium in Paris two weeks ago because president Francois Hollande was at the game. An attack inside the stadium was foiled by guards who stopped a suspect, who then blew himself up.

Stern reported Wednesday:

Israeli intelligence handed over exact information on what was expected in the planned attack in Hanover, leading to the last-minute cancellation of the friendly game between Holland and Germany.

A warning had been passed on a day before the game. The next day, hours before the soccer match, another intelligence report warned that a terror attack was “imminent.”

The night of the game four days after the ISIS massacres Paris, German authorities received information from Israeli sources that detailed a planned attack inside the stadium. A search outside turned up an ambulance loaded with a bomb. Police arrested a known suspect.

Two hours later, a Hanover train station was evacuated after as suspicious object was found.



  1. A very humanitarian gesture by Israel…lives were saved in Germany. But in the long run had Israel not known about this and the mass murder would have taken place that would be a giant step in stopping Europe's mindless boycott of Israel and, in fact, would have drawn them closer to Israel against the barbaric enemies they BOTH share.

  2. The problem with the people of Israel is that they are too humane. The Europeons try to screw Israel all the time and they take it. It is time to give Europe what they want nothing from Israel. Limit the fruits and vegtables and cut off all medical help.

  3. Not surprised by this story. Yes, Israel is a light among nations, and has learned, through all those years of PA suicide bombers murderling their citizens, how to curtail attacks__ the wall, Mossad, etc. But what is missing from this picture is that this story is not on the front page of the Times!

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