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Israeli soldiers and security personnel protect Jews in Silwan Valley.

More than two dozen Jews under heavy police escort moved into six more homes purchased by a Jewish investment company in Silwan Valley, including the City of David complex, in eastern Jerusalem Monday night.

A group of Arabs hurled firecrackers and stones at police in a failed attempt to enter one of the buildings, and one policeman was treated at the scene for head wounds.


Three of the homes are located in the City of David complex, located on the road opposite the Dung Gate that is the entrance to the Western Wall Plaza. At least one of the other homes is situated near the ancient Silwan Pool.

The Jewish Press has learned that approximately two dozen youth moved into the newly-purchased homes as part of a strategy to show an immediate presence prior to families moving in.

One of the youth, “A.” said he is part of a group of four young men who are in the two-story house near the Silwan Pool. He described the house as “very beautiful” and recently renovated. “A” added there was no violence and that the group intends to stay there for another day or two.

One resident of City of David said there is a long waiting list of families waiting for buildings to be purchased by Jews.

The leftist camp, backed by the European Union and Obama administration, has continuously protested the presence of Jews in the Arab neighborhood.

Jews, including a large group from Yemen, lived in the Silwan area decades ago but were forced out by the British during the period of the Mandate even though properties were purchased by Jews.

The City of David organization keeps its lips shut tight on how buildings are bought, and the recent purchases are no exception.

Its spokesman Ze’ev Orenstein told The Jewish Press that the organization was not “directly involved” in the purchases, which were carried out by the Kendell Financing company.

Kendell’s lawyer Avi Segal told The Jewish Press, “Kendell Finance is a company that deals with property and investments. The company chose to invest in buildings in Jerusalem that were bought legally.”

All other questions to Segal and Orenstein were met with a wall of silence, which is the smartest strategy because anything they say will be held against them by Peace Now, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and anyone else who cannot stand to see Jews violating the sacred principles of the holy ”peace process” that demands the expulsion of Jews from the same neighborhood from which the British once expelled them.

Al sources are mum on the purchase price of the homes and the whereabouts of the previous Arab owners.

It is widely accepted that the buildings fetch a hefty price, especially since the Arab sellers know that Jews are willing to pay through the nose to return to the area.

The Arab sellers usually operate through a third party to protect themselves and their families from their brethren who consider them traitors for selling to Jews.

The Obama administration can be expected to frown on the new purchases in Silwan Valley.

Let them frown.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.



    Myth: “Jews and Arabs lived in peace and harmony in the land until the Zionists arrived.”

    This was not so. The tiny Jewish communities in Safed, Tiberias and Jerusalem were subject to routine prejudice and persecution. These were punctuated by pogroms or “events.” Such “events” (Meora’ot in Hebrew) were regarded more or less as natural occurrences like earthquakes, and were used to mark time: “It happened on Purim, three years after the me’oraot was not uncommon. This is the story of a pogrom or massacre that took place in Safed in 1834. It is sometimes erroneously portrayed as just the work of bandits, but it is not so.

    The motivation, along with greed, was clearly anti-Semitic. From a contemporary traveler, we learn that:

    …the Jews of the place, who were exceedingly wealthy, had lived peaceably in their retirement until the insurrection which took place in 1834, but about the beginning of that year a highly religious Mussulman called Mohammed Damoor went forth into the market-place, crying with a loud voice, and prophesying that on the fifteenth of the following June the true Believers would rise up in just wrath against the Jews, and despoil them of their gold and their silver and their jewels…When that day dawned the whole Mussulman population of the place assembled in the streets that they might see the result of the prophecy. Suddenly Mohammed Damoor rushed furious into the crowd, and the fierce shout of the prophet soon ensured the fulfilment of his prophecy. Some of the Jews fled and some remained, but they who fled and they who remained, alike, and unresistingly, left their property to the hands of the spoilers. The most odious of all outrages, that of searching the women for the base purpose of discovering such things as gold and silver concealed about their persons, was perpetrated without shame. The poor Jews were so stricken with terror, that they submitted to their fate even where resistance would have been easy…When the insurrection was put down some of the Mussulmans (most probably those who had got no spoil wherewith they might buy immunity) were punished, but the greater part of them escaped. None of the booty was restored, and the pecuniary redress which the Pasha had undertaken to enforce for them had been hitherto so carefully delayed, that the hope of ever obtaining it had grown very faint.

    … The tale of Tsfat was repeated many times before and after, on a greater or larger scale. The cries of “Israeli apartheid” and “Zionist Racism” heard so often today are rather ironic against this background.

    This account by Dvar Dea tells the story.

    Ami Isseroff
    (also at Fresno Zionism)
    How many people know that there was a pogrom against the Jews of Safed, (Tzfat in Hebrew) in 1834?

    How many know that it was far worse then the famous massacre of the Jews of Hebron in 1929? It lasted for 33 horrific days.

    I suspect few people know the first fact, and even fewer if any know the second. I only discovered it after some research.

    This pogrom is known in Jewish history as ‘The great plunder of Safed’ and it lasted from the 15 of June 1834 to the 17 of July of that year. This pogrom had been forgotten because this whole era of pre – Zionist Palestine, (or the Land of Israel prior to the emergence of the Zionist movement) has been cast aside by more powerful events that happened later, namely the beginning of the Zionist enterprise.

    Now it is been rediscovered; mostly by people from the Israeli right, because for them anything that puts the Arabs and Moslems in a bad light is welcomed. But their motives don’t mean that this event should be forgotten again.

    It needs to be remembered, first because it happened, second because it has direct relevance to the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians, especially after the recent bombing in Eilat. Slightly more then 172 years after this pogrom, the forces of hate and bigotry still run high in Palestinian society. Except for one important change, the added factor of denial, of playing the sole victim in this conflict and putting all the blame on the Israeli side.

  2. It pains me that what could be an important factual article/item seems instead to be laced with a sneery spiteful POV instead that is more suitable for a private blog post and not serious reporting.

  3. Lol. Sorry I was unclear about what I meant. The moving into the area by Jews is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem. The fact that Israel's leaders are unwilling to put an end to Arab hooliganism is the chillul I was referring to. We are in total agreement.

  4. What has been written below about the pogroms by Arabs against the Jewish communities at Safed and Hebron is entirely true. They were carried out with British approval. A descendant of families who lived in those towns in the 1920s wrote that the British, to "protect" the Jews when they saw the hordes of Arabs approaching, threw the Jews into prison, stripping them of weapons. When the Arabs had had their way in the towns, the Jews were released. All their belongings had been looted and their houses razed to the ground. This is well in keeping with Muhammad's deeds in the Hadith and with his teachings in the Qur'an.

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