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JIhadi John executing dual US-Israeli citizen Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist he beheaded last summer.

Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi has reportedly apologized to his British parents for causing them embarrassment by his beheading innocent victims of the ISIS, but he did not state any regrets.

He told his mom and dad through a third party in Syria that he really is sorry for the “problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused,” The Sunday Times reported.


However, he did not express any sorrow for cutting off the heads of ISIS victims and then letting the entire world watch his brutality and hear him speak from behind his mask.

Emwazi’s father Jasem originally called his son a “terrorist” and a “dog” after he was identified but then  rejected the identification of Jihadi John as his son, a graduate in computer science. The family has gone into hiding since Emwazi was identified.

Even the family lawyer has dropped the case like a hot potato for “personal reasons” after he filed lawsuits for slander on behalf of Jihadi John’s father.

The attorney, Salem al-Hashash had stated that “so far, Western security agencies have not provided any evidence to prove that Mohammed Emwazi is Jihadi John” and that the identification by The Washington Post is “untrue and baseless.”



  1. Not much of a man got to hide behind a mask. The people he killed showed morepride and strength then this coward who kills people who are tied up. Just like most of ISIS they kill unarmed people knelling asking for mercy. They kill defenseless people, and wear masks cause they are afraid! If they were not afraid take the masks off!

  2. Since that murdering b*****d likes CAGEs so much, I say let’s put his family members in cages. Make videos while they’re being burnt to death, one by one, and make that go viral. To keep things interesting, maybe decapitate one or two of them and then shove bacon into the corpses, on video of course.

    He’ll get enraged and careless and then will be easier to capture.

    Harsh? Probably, but human filth like him deserves nothing less. Do you think his family members are innocent?

    Nuts don’t roll far from the tree.

  3. Here is a thought…why are news agencies still showing brutal pictures….this just makes ISIS happy they are getting free publicity for their sick and wicked and evil cause. Maybe if the news just tells the news and stop with the pictures. England is horrible at doing this…the more guts and gore the more pictures they print. Time to bust the ISIS balloon but report the news factually…not ISIS way.

    As for this character John…if I was his family I would be in hiding too…maybe they might think of dropping being muslim too. I like Bibi's statement 'your enemy is your enemy'. Muslims have been at war since almost the day of their founding….religion of peace??? I don't think so.

  4. To be the parents of a publicized psychopathic killer must be the worst thing in the world. Hopefully they will see the errors of their beliefs and turn to the ONE TRUE GOD….the GOD of Abraham, father of them ALL. Like it or not they are ALL brothers.

  5. Deborah we have a saying in America…..birds of a feather flock together………another words like minds hang around together. Which makes you wonder…….didn't the parents pay attention to what he was doing and trying to fly here and there? A safari in Africa ? That is odd ? His parents had to know something. To top all this off….ISIS is not doing anything the Quran (Koran) isn't in their book. Recommend if anyone can get it or you can read it online….The Atlantic …there is an article (15 pages) in the March 2015 issue called "What ISIS really wants and how to stop it" by Graeme Wood. There are no pictures of blood and gore in it……I think you can get it online, if you can't get the magazine. I give this article 5 stars! We are only seeing the beginnings of what ISIS will do……..again they are following the Quran perfectly.

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