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Former US President Jimmy Carter was on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, Jan. 13, 2014.

Neither Israel’s Prime Minister or its President will meet with the former U.S. President when Jimmy Carter comes to the area sometime in the next few weeks.

Jimmy Carter requested meetings with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, it was reported by Israeli media based upon information provided by unnamed Israeli diplomatic officials, but both politicians rebuffed the offer.


The reason for the rejections is said to be based on the conclusion of the Foreign Ministry that Carter has become obsessively and unrestrainedly anti-Israel in his public statements and writings.

True that.

A senior Israeli official said Carter is “disastrous” for Israel, saying that he “consistently harms the State of Israel, and Israel’s leaders should refrain from meeting him,” Israel’s Channel 10 reported earlier this week.

Carter hugged every Israel-hating Arab from Arafat to Hamas, and has consistently blamed Israel for the lack of peace in the region.

In 2006, Carter’s book “Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid” was drubbed not only as anti-Israel, but as factually twisted in order to make Israel look as bad as possible and to excuse any errors or malignancies on the part of the Arabs.

A long-time employee and confidante of Carter’s, Prof. Kenneth W. Stein, had this (and much more) to say about Carter’s manipulations of truth in the “Palestine” book:

While Carter says that he wrote the book to educate and provoke debate, the narrative aims its attack toward Israel, Israeli politicians, and Israel’s supporters. It contains egregious errors of both commission and omission.

To suit his desired ends, he manipulates information, redefines facts, and exaggerates conclusions. Falsehoods, when repeated and backed by the prestige of Carter’s credentials, can comprise an erroneous baseline for shaping and reinforcing attitudes and policymaking.

Rather than bring peace, they can further fuel hostilities, encourage retrenchment, and hamper peacemaking.

Stein, the first executive director of the Emory University Carter Center, resigned from that position over the lack of veracity in Carter’s 2006 book.


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  1. Jimmy Persona Non Grata Carter – go back to peanut farming. You’re a virulent anti-Semite and have taken favors and money from the sand dwellers of the Arabian peninsula. You’re a disgrace to America but, luckily,no longer the worst president ever.

  2. Given this country’s great legacy of slavery, lynchings, racism and and Jim Crow, the election of the first African-American president was a great moment that presented an opportunity for healing. For that Obama was awarded the prize.

  3. Carter has a lonstanding anti Israel mindset.His people from the Carter Center were in a delegation in 1989,along with US intelligence agents on a pro Palestinian tour of parts of Israel,paid for by the PLO and the Holy Land Foundation.

  4. There is no defense re Netanyahu

    But Carter is either demented or a Jew hater or both.

    The way he treated Begin at Camp David was poor compared to the treatment given to Sadat, a former Nazi spy who was caught and would have been hanged by the British if the Europe part of WWII had ended an hour later. Nice, right?

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