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Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson

Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson has reportedly pledged $100 million, and possibly more, to help finance GOP candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The news was reported in the Friday’s edition (May 13) of the New York Times.


The two men met last week to discuss the issue, according to two nameless Republican sources quoted by NYT who said they were not authorized to speak about the matter publicly.

Adelson, 82, and his wife Miriam met with Trump and his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski at the St. Regis Hotel in midtown Manhattan, while the couple were in town for a gala dinner to benefit a Jewish organization.

During their chat, Trump reportedly told the Adelsons he is dedicated to protecting Israel’s security.

The billionaire has financed Republican causes over the years to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars – but this year he plans to scale back contributions to Congressional campaigns to focus on helping Trump, according to the report.

There is, however, the thorny problem of logistics: there is a limit on how much money a single individual can give to political campaigns in the United States. In order to give really “big” money, one requires a “super PAC” — super political action committee.

On Thursday, one such group announced it would aim to raise $20 million for Trump. The Committee for American Sovereignty was formed by Doug Watts, a former aide to Ben Carson’s campaign. Watts now serves as the executive director of the group, which he said “will not accept special interest PAC contributions.”

However, up to this week Trump had not yet decided whether he will allow PACs to help finance his campaign. Last October he disavowed nine unauthorized groups and demanded they return all funds they had raised to support his campaign. It seems that now, however, he has come to the realization that for a general campaign there is no way he can gather the needed $1.5 billion through individual contributions alone. Several of the bigger powerhouse Republican superPACs are quietly gearing up to begin the job of rounding up their major givers — something that Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton  had already gotten busy with months ago — and have hired top-flight fundraisers and campaign managers to crank up the party machine.

Meanwhile, Adelson explained his reasons for throwing his support behind his fellow business mogul in an op-ed he wrote that was published in Friday’s Washington Post: “He is a candidate with actual CEO experience, shaped and molded by the commitment and risk of his own money rather than the public’s.

“I am endorsing Trump’s bid for president and strongly encourage my fellow Republicans – especially our Republican elected officials, party loyalists and operatives, and those who provide important financial backing – to do the same,” Adelson wrote.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. I will continue to pray for Trump's election. I will continue to pray that Trump is honorable and stands by his pledge to not take anyone's money for his campaign. He doesn't need it.

    What this billionaire should do , is pledge to help build the wall between the US and Mexico. Now THAT would be an honorable, patriotic move.

    We should all be praying that Trump keeps his promises and that he picks a VP that will be respected and fully able to get foreign nations to support Israel and the USA.

  2. Lets see:50 millions for crooks like Gingrich and 100 millions for a triple and unstable crook like trump. meanwhile there are still 200000 holocaust survivors in Israel who live in dire poverty. Giving Tsdaka to the super rich is what the republicans are all about…

  3. lose is spelled with one "o". not two. as in, losing or loser. looser is when something is tight and you make it looser. this misspelling has been making the rounds on the internet as if it is the correct spelling and it is severely annoying as the other stuff that's always defaming Israel and the Joos.

  4. Good, thanks, Mr. Adelson. God bless you, yours, and America. Trump is lightyears better than the murderer, spy, traitor, anti-Jew, venomous, confiscatory, evil whining, savage, Mrs. BJ Clinton, aka, Hilarity. That's true even though he's only on the right track on some issues and not yet on it on others. There are enough clear differences.
    And, to those who think giving this money to poor people is a better use don't know how much he already gives poor people, you ignoramuses.

  5. Moishe Sachs – You are a ignorant and rude idiot! Trump does not care about Jews! He was too damned busy doing niothing to attend his grandsons Bris, making light saying if you've seen one Bris, you've seen them all! He doesn't care about Israel. The little bit Hillary has forgotten about Israel is more than Trump will ever know. Hillary has defended Israel and will always defend Israel! Trump would sell Israel out in a heart beat if he thinks he could make a penny in doing so!

  6. Yaakov Zelig As usual you are 100% wrong and have no idea of what you are talking about! Trump has NEVER DONE A DAMNED THING FOR ISRAEL and Hillary has done and will continue to defend Israel!
    Trump was too busy doing nothing to attend his grandson's Bris and you think he cares about any Jew? Just because you have a Jewish name does not make you a good Jew or even know anything about Jews.

  7. Dale Cordell – You are as big a liar as Trump! Trump has already taken millions in camplign contributions and has said he is going to raise $1 Billion! An honorable person does not lie and Trump lies about everything!

  8. Yah!! Trump is going to need a VP who "will be respected" since no one is going to respect him the way he behaves. His lack of seriousness and decorum is going to remove what little respect for the Office of the President is still left.

  9. Dale Cordell — Trump is not going to build a wall between Mexico and the US and make Mexico pay for it! He does not have the power to make Mexico pay for anything nor will congress approve the expenditure to let the US pay for it. Trump says a lot of things but has NO IDEA OF HOW THE GOVERNMENT WORKS AND THINKS BEING PRESIDENT IS LIKE BEING THE OWNER OF A BUSINESS WHERE YOU SAY SOMETHING AND THE WORKERS DO IT! Government does not work like a business! Just because he says he is going to do something does not mean the congress will fund it! Trump does not have the power to make any US company move back a single job that they moved outside this country! BTW, every time the Democrats tried to stop a company from moving jobs outside the country by trying to raise their taxes or take away any benefits that were awarded to the company for keepng jobs here, were over ruled by the republicans in congress! The republicans will continue to let American jobs move out of the country and block the Democrats from doing anything to stop these jobs from leaving so do you think they will help Trump, NO THEY WILL NOT! Lastly, there is no one that the republicans currently have that is strong enought to be a vice president who will be strong enough to help Israel!

  10. Yaakov Zelig – What socialist party are you talking about? The socialist party in Israel? Bernie Sanders Socialist party? If you think Bernie has raised $250 million you are a dmaned fool. AS for Hillary taking money from the Chinese that is a damned lie and you cannot prove it! Just because you think something does not make it so!

  11. The fact that Trump did not attend his grand son Brit, does not make him a Jew hater. After all he is not Jewish, his daughter is, therefore that's not a matter of discussion. What bother me the most is that in the 2016 Presidential Election we have two of the most disliked candidates gunning for it. Unbelievable. One is a crooked liar, the other one is a well respected businessman that does not know how to control himself. Since I have only two choices, I will pick Trump. I do not trust Hillary a bit. Remember President Nixon was removed for losing 20 minutes of tapes, Hillary is running for erasing over 30000 email from her computers. That's what I call Chutzpa.

  12. Edward Lobel You Sir are so far in the tank for Hillary that you can't even think logically. You write a bit more intelligently than her majority very low IQ supporters but you do nothing but spout all the Democratic talking points that have been repeated endlessly for months. We can only hope that you and your ilk go away quietly once Trump is elected and Hillary is jailed or at the very least disqualified from continuing this charade of perpetuating Obama's disastrous policies which includes his hatred for Israel.

  13. Good on you Sheldon Adelson, many thank you. In this day and age there are no perceptable great many heading into the office of power, and presently we are left with only two choices, neither are very exciting, so one has to try and choose the most practicle. Trump is definitely that choice. Hillary is a viscious walking disaster of lies and conceit from top to botttom.

    Edward as to your comments on how the governments works, the top guys lay down the laws, guided by the business sector and an attempt is made to put it into motion by the workers. The diffference between government and company is that a company has a botton line and shareholders, so an attempt is made to get it done. The government sends out memo's giving instructions which mostly are not adhered to. The people who pay for this are never informed (the shareholders) and the issues like arms and war are brished under the carpet in pages of historical blanked out documents.

  14. Doroty Mehta "Hillary is a viscious walking disaster of lies and conceit from top to botttom." Just goes to prove how stupid and ignorant you are! Just because you say she is a liar does not make it so and in fact it makes you more of a liar than almost anyone except for Trump who does not tell the truth at all. In fact according to the "fact checkers" Hillary has the higest level of truth telling of anyone running for POTUS and Trump has the lowest level of telling the truth! This is from all the fact checkers. So there is a problem with you and not Hillary when it comes to telling the truth!

    As for running a business, I am correct and based on what you say you do not have a clue of the difference between running a business and running a government!My statements of the facts about Herbert Hoover and Bush the Younger are 100% the truth and just because you are too damned stupid and ignorant to believe it or look up the truth, does not make you anything but wrong!

  15. Alde Fried – Do not want to get into the Bris issue only to say he made his other two grandson's Bris but for this one he was too busy. That to me is not an acceptable excuse!

    As for you dispicable comment about Hillary being a crooked liar, that is not the truth! The fact checkers have said she is the most honest person running and Trump is the biggest liar. Those statements are easy enough to check on and I suggest you do it! As for 'missing" 30,000 e-mails that is simply not the truth and just becuase you think it is, does not make it true! I would think (if you were old enough to vote) for Bush the Younger did you take into consideration his lies about WMD's and all his missing e-mail – and his were really missing) For you to say that Trump is a well respected businessman shows how little you know about Trump and his integrity. In fact a Jew voting for a big time prooven lying crook like Trump, NOW THAT IS REALL CHUTZPA!

  16. Susan George Do you practice being stupid and ignorant or were you born that way? Hillary did not murder anyone, nor is she responsible for murdering anyone! If you do not like the truth it is no reason for you to go around spreading lies!

  17. Dale Cordell – Did you hear what Trump said yesterday about raising money? He said the first money he is raising for his run in the general election is going to pay him back for the money he spent to win the nomination! Just how honest do you think that is?

  18. Richard Charron You are a stupid and ignorant idiot! It has been prooven that Trump supporters are at the lower end of the IQ scale and are low educated! You do remember when Trump said he loves the low educated and the not to smart people? He did say that for a reason! For your information Hillary has done nothing absolutely nothing that would land her in jail, in fact I heard you will be in prison a long time before she ever will! You are too stupid to understand that Trump has done nothing, not a damned thing ever, for Israel and that Hillary has done a lot and that the paople in Israel who know better than you are supporting Hillary and not Trump! Do you really think Trump is going to get Mexico to pay for his wall? Don't bet all your money that he will! Do you think he is going to get one single job back from Mexico or China? Are you too stupid and ignorant to rememver that the Democrats tried to stop this from happening by giving these companies incentives to stay and the republicans voted them down! Even now, when the Democrats offered Carrier a big concession to stay in Indiana, the Republicans refused to go along! Before you go on ranting about how people tow the Democratic line, pershaps you should find out what it is that you are against!

  19. Yaakov Zelig You are the authority that says who is a Jew ?wow ! did the master of the universe gave you a title ? I remember you from the 24 hours break I got as a solder in the lebanon post, you wagged your finger at me and said:" Woman! go home and make babies no place in the Israeli army for you…"now you tell me to support a crook like trump or I am not a Jew ? and you are ?

  20. Edward Lobel Spoken, like another knee jerk liberal. What is a gentile businessman, not holding government office able to do for Israel? As for the "gonofta", she takes her advice on Israel from the self hating Blumenthals. She hugs Suha Arafat, after a pro Arab speech. Her top aide is a Muslim. Her adviser on Iran is a Muslim. She also has as advisers. two anti–Israel "schvartza's, Mills and rice. You need to mature. The Democrat Party, today, is NOT the same as a generation ago.

  21. Edward Lobel Being rude and calling every one stupid does not go down well. You are however entitled to your opinon, taking a line from your book, be that it is wrong.

    Presume you must be one of the sad little people that voted Obama into office, damaging Israel, Jewish people and the world by giving access to a war monger who established the ground work for the next world war.

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