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El Al Israel Airlines Boeing 767-300ER.

A passenger who flew from Sao Paulo to Zurich in 2012 has won a small claims lawsuit against the German airline Lufthansa after being forced to fast 14 hours when the airline did not stock his kosher meal.

Isaac Kopfler was awarded the damages by a Brazilian court Monday, four years after he filed the suit against the airline for $5,000 demanding a refund and damages.


In its decision, the court ruled: “The passenger has the right to receive what he paid for. It is a consumer relationship and, unlike what the airline claims, the nonexistence of kosher food, despite having been requested in advance, is not an accessory matter,” according to the court decision. The kosher meal “is of great importance and is based on religious principles,” it said.

Lufthansa said the flight was operated by SwissAir, which operates under Lufthansa.



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