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Nicholas Thalasinos (L), one of the victims of the San Bernardino massacre, had argued with Farook about Islam not being a peaceful religion.

Well here’s a possible motive: a strongly pro-Israel, anti-Islamic, politically conservative Evangelical Christian was one of the victims of the mass murder in San Bernardino. Not only that, but the man posted on social media the day before the attack that he had recently received threats, including a death threat.

How do we know this?


Information about the victims is finally being released.

By 3:30 p.m. local time on Thursday, Dec. 3, the families of all fourteen of the deceased victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California had been notified. Once that was completed, the San Bernardino County Coroner then released the names, ages, last residence and date of birth for each victim.

The youngest victim was 26 years old, the oldest was 60.

Once information began to seep out, one was (or at least some of of us were) immediately struck by details about one of the victims, 52 year old Nicholas Thalasinos.

Thalasinos is a member of a messianic church and is strongly pro-Israel. His Facebook page is filled with positive postings about Israel and Jewish holidays and messages of Shabbat Shalom. He was also a strong political conservative.

Co-workers described Thalasinos as strongly outspoken about his political views, but “wonderful and compassionate.”

But here’s the kicker: The USA Today report, which buried this detail 31 paragraphs down in a 54 paragraph story about some of the victims, on Tuesday, the day before the massacre, Thalasinos posted on social media that he had received threats in recent days, including one stating he “will die.”

An Associated Press report revealed that a co-worker said that Thalasinos and Farook had argued recently about religion, and Thalasinos complained to her that Farook “doesn’t agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion.”

Thalasinos and his wife are members of the Shiloh Messianic Congregation church in Crestline, California.

“This shooting has caused each victims family, friends and co-workers, along with the first responders, to suffer an enormous personal tragedy. We must stand strong and offer support to each individual affected by this senseless attack,” stated San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon.

Investigation into the attack now reveals that the two who shot to death those 14 people and wounded another 21, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27, had been in contact with suspected terrorists both in the United States and abroad. Thousands of rounds of ammunition and fifteen pipe bombs were recovered by the investigating authorities.

By Thursday afternoon the investigation was turned over to the FBI and was being treated as a counterterrorism investigation.

Shannon Johnson, 45, Los Angeles (DOB: 03/06/70)
Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, Rialto (DOB: 03/08/69)
Aurora Godoy, 26, San Jacinto (DOB: 02/01/89)
Isaac Amanios, 60, Fontana (DOB: 06/29/55)
Larry Kaufman, 42, Rialto (DOB: 08/12/73)
Harry Bowman, 46, Upland (DOB: 06/08/69)
Yvette Velasco, 27, Fontana (DOB: 04/03/88)
Sierra Clayborn, 27, Moreno Valley (DOB: 06/15/88)
Robert Adams, 40, Yucaipa (DOB: 05/02/75)
Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, Colton (DOB: 10/14/63)
Tin Nguyen, 31, Santa Ana (DOB: 04/06/84)
Juan Espinoza, 50, Highland (DOB: 06/24/65)
Damian Meins, 58, Riverside (DOB: 02/02/57)
Michael Wetzel, 37, Lake Arrowhead (DOB: 04/29/78)


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  1. Clearly the man who killed innocent victims was not a peaceful Muslim. That doesn’t mean that the majority of Muslims don’t want to live in peace. I think conservatives should avoid arguing with co-workers about their religions. There isn’t a winning situation there. If the man had been peaceful, it would have been wrong. Since he clearly wasn’t peaceful, it didn’t help.

  2. Peaceful Islam is a myth ,,, Islam always puts on a peaceful face when they are not yet in the majority ,,but once they reach that critical number non-muslims are always subjugated,,you want proof ?? Just look at all the Muslim countries not a one has equal rights for non-muslims and in some you are not even allowed to practice your religion,,, so please stop saying “peaceful Islam” as it does not exist

  3. Were all not perfect to judge malik, and farook, were not there to witness what’s the true happened. ALL of u who are using the name catholic bit the truth in ur heart u were protestant. because the true ROMAN CATHOLIC, not criticizimg the ISLAM. because ROMAN CATHOLIC AND ISLAM. ang BILAT PAKAMATYAN.. hahahahaha.

  4. Sorry you have made an incorrect assumption. I am not for Islam. I am against anyone being mistreated because of their religion. I am a Christian and attend church often. I have a great deal of respect for my Jewish friends. I have only known a few Muslims, but they were not terrorists and wouldn’t support terrorists.

  5. your Islam came last , totally man made, your mohammed did not prove himself but only spread his political religion through terror and murder and rape ,Islam is not known for love,, Islam is of satan =murder, rape , slavery,lies ,pretense,,keep it in your muslim countries

  6. This is pretty stupid as a rationale for mass murder. These two had a reasonably high level of training including IED construction, I don't believe they would be motivated to give up their young child and commit murder/suicide to kill a single person. I'm guessing Lashkar-e-Taiba or other Pakistani group, since both had Pakistani origins & had travelled there.

  7. This was obviously planned for a long time and suggesting that out was in response to pro-Israel comments is only going to create more anti Israel sentiment and more anti semitism.
    I hope this article is removed as these speculations can do nothing but incite more hatred.

  8. Followers of Islam will hate us and kill us no matter what. When there are enough of them, it won't matter if you say anything or not.

    Islam itself must be outlawed and eradicated.

    And just because there are 1.8 billion Muslims, that does not make the problem insurmountable but rather simply a larger problem. And thus it needs to be dealt with initially in a different fashion.

    The first step to dealing with Islam and its followers is to learn about it and then to educate non-Muslims as to the nature of Islam and its followers. And people must not take their education from the followers of Islam but rather from its critics. People will then step back in horror at the realization of what we have in our midst. Islam and its followers will then become marginalized, and that will be the beginning of the end for Islam and its followers.

    Like Nazis and Nazism which together with Islam, its followers and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who all worked together so diligently to murder our people, Islam itself must be outlawed and eradicated. Islam goes even further by canonizing in their Qur’an and their own religious works the commands and examples to murder our people to the very last one.

    Now, all the Germans did not need to be killed. But Nazism, its leaders, dedicated followers and the symbolic vestiges promoting its presence were eradicated. Only the places of horrors it created and the history of what it did are preserved as a reminder to humanity.

    The Dome of the Rock and the al-Aksa mosque need to be razed. Had our people known the nature of Islam in 1967 (after nearly 1400 years we still have not internalized the nature of Islam and its followers… shame on us), we would have exposed Islam for what it is, say by reading aloud the Qur’an, and started demolitions. Islamic presence must eventually be removed, everywhere. It is important that anything of value must be disposed of in a fashion such that there is no gain nor profit from the effort.

    The solution for the moment is not a war of aggression against Islam but rather the education of our people and of western civilization regarding Islam.

    Religions can be evil. People need to understand the exact details of Islam, its history to this day, its tactics, its strategies, and to grasp the Darwinianly perfected nature and makeup (with the intelligence of captured and bred blood of other peoples including our own) of its people. We need not to take for granted extrapolations of early unrelated biblical texts that predate by thousands of years where the people of Islam may have originated. We must not blindly accept as truths Muslim explanations for their origins. They simply are what they are, and have Darwinianly perfected themselves by systematically killing off any of their own people who become apostates or voice civilized and intelligent ideas.

    Search for the following. jihad watch islam 101

    Search for the following. matthias kuntzel ahmadinejad's world

    Search for the following. c-span Book Discussion on Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
    Here is a sample lecture that addresses Eurabia which is but one topic of her works. The actual lecture starts at 6:00 and should be viewed at least through the first question and answer, the conclusion of the lecture and lead-in to the Q&A beginning at 45:00 in the video. Note that the first person asking questions is "Andy Bostom" who is in fact Andrew Bostom. Note that the key point providing an understanding of what is happening in Europe today is stated twice starting at 20:00 into the video.

    Search for the following. netanyahu's right schlussel

    Search for the following. The Brussels Journal, The Truth About Islam in Europe. You may also find the article by searching for as follows. Western Civilization and Culture, The Truth About Islam in Europe. Skip to the twenty first paragraph which starts out with "Robert Davis' methodical enumeration in Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters indicates that perhaps one and one-quarter million white European Christians were enslaved by Barbary Muslims from 1530 through 1780."

    Search for the following. Can We Ban Islam? – Legal Guidelines for the Criminalization of Islam in the United States

    Search for the following. An Invasion of Refugees

    Search for the following. How Islam breathed new life into slavery and the slave trade in Europe

    Search for the following. Bat Ye'or: Andalusian Myth, Eurabian Reality

    Search for the followng. Devshirme: A Muslim Scourge on Christians

    Regarding Obama, search for the following. Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model

    Search for the following. discoverthenetworks obama

    Note that Allah is not the same as G-d, and Islam although "monothesism" is not the same as Judasim.

    Lets take a look at some of Islam's diktats as follows.

    8:12 “And when your Lord revealed to the angels who reinforced the Muslims, ‘I am with you with help and support so make those who believe firm through the help and good news you bring. I will cast terror (extreme fear) into the hearts of those who disbelieve, so strike their necks (behead them) and strike all their finger joints, cutting off their fingers and toes!’ ”

    “Fight them until there is no more chaos and [all] religion belongs to Allah” (8:39)."

    “slay the idolaters wherever you find them” (9:5)

    “until they pay the jizya with willing submissiveness and feel themselves utterly subdued” (9:29)

    9:33. It is He {Allah} Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions

    9:80 “You Muhammad, may ask forgiveness for them, or not ask forgiveness for them…Even if you asked forgiveness for them seventy times, Allah still would not forgive them..That is because they have rejected Allah and His Messenger. Allah does not guide deviant people.”

    (47:4) “Therefore when you meet those who disbelieve, strike their necks—

    The followers of Islam have been indoctrinated since infancy that Islam and its followers will eventually rule the earth. The commands cannoized in their Qur’an very explicity make that a point and dictate that it should be accomplished by slaying the Jew and the infidel until the task is accomplished. Again, this is what Muslims from childhood are taught, believe and expect. The orthodox Muslims that practice it are labeled “terrorists”, "radicals" or some other euphemistic label that lets Islam itself off the hook, when in fact they are carrying out to the letter explicit and very clear Islamic religious commands. An example would be to say that there is a problem with the radical SS, thus implying that Nazism itself would otherwise be okay if it were not for those pesky SS.

    Present day Muslim leadership is sly in their stealth jihad by gradually infiltrating and undermining our civilization and our very thought process itself.

    Islam will not and cannot coexist with civilization. From the perspective of Islam, any instance of rational civilized thought must be eradicated. That is because any instance of the “good” acts as a mirror, a standard by which evil can be recognized and called out. Thus the hatred of the good, the hatred of western civilization and of Jews in particular.

    The problem is that people do not understand Islam and the nature of its followers.

    I propose that we work on educating others regarding Islam and its followers. We must do this in foreign publications as much as we do here. Western civilization needs to understand the details and nature of Islam and that of its followers.

    In the words of Turkish PM Erdogan regarding the term "moderate Islam" to describe the AKP party – "These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    "Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not." – Samuel Lurie

  9. Every person that worked with the shooter thought he was a good guy too. He was well liked. They had a baby shower for him. Look how well that worked. Blaming a victim because of a conversation, yes, just a conversation and Not an argument as the article says, for someones premeditated murders on numerous coworkers is ridiculous. The Muslim man was not mistreated. The two men had an adult conversation. You and the writer of the hit piece are making a lot of assumptions.

  10. This has nothing to do with a discussion or an argument. These sub-humans had an arsenal that can blow up the entire city of San Bernardino, these are cold blooded killers, blood thirsty animals and are following exactly what their so-called prophet thought them, kill, rape, behead the infidels. There’s no rhyme or reason let’s stop being stupid and naive. Wake up liberals and smell the coffee, the bullets, the bombs, the blood of the innocent, we are at war with Islam stop being politically correct. Yes O’Bama wake up.


  12. In a period of one year there were more than 350 mass shooting in United States over 349 shooter weren’t Muslims . The only one that happen to a Muslim the bigot are blaming 1,5 billion Muslim around the world. Is there aby logic . There is no different between this shooting and the 350 mass shooting that occur this year

  13. Let's start with educating YOU about Islam and Muslims, Phil. These terrorists are NOT practicing Islam. Islam LITERALLY means "peace," and every official Muslim leader in the world has decried the actions of these terrorist groups as unIslamic. They have essentially been deemed excommunicated by the Muslim faith.

    The Quran itself teaches strongly of Christ and His greatness. Actual Muslim teachings regard Jews and Christians as "people of the book," and worthy of the same eternal rewards as any Muslim.

    Their teachings stress compassion and kindness, not violence. One of the very foundations of their faith is freedom. Throughout history, they have treated their enemies fairly in conquest. Try comparing that to Christian history, which often preferred to eradicate their enemies in the event of victory. Islam preaches fairness and justice, but also mercy and love. There must be a balance, and violence and war are strongly STRONGLY discouraged and only to be used as a last resort. Terrorism is strictly forbidden.

    In fact, of all religions out there, Islam is probably MOST like Christianity. Their teachings very often parallel each other.

    While the numbers themselves may seem big to us, the percentage of terrorists in the context of Islam at large is 0.03%. Enough to cause damage, sure, but nowhere NEAR what people want to think. Trust me, if they were as great in number as fear-mongers want us to believe, we wouldn't be here. You are part of the problem. A big part. Your blind hatred and prejudice make me sick. You are being just as evil as they are by punishing 99.97% of Muslims for the actions of the tiny minority. Next, let's attack the entire Christian world for the actions of the KKK.

    It is YOU who do not understand Islam and its followers. It is YOU who needs a serious wake-up call. And it is people like you, who insist on forcing your beliefs on other civilazations, that spark the seed of rebellion in people who differ from your opinion. Jihad is mainly reactionary. America and Western civilization have taken it upon themselves to play judge to the rest of the world and it is that arrogance that makes people want to resist in order to protect their cultures. If anything, WE have created Jihad. We have insisted on assimilation, rather than incorporation of cultures.

  14. Laura Bellamy By the way, Christians and Jews are only considered worthy of paradise if they accept Allah and Mohammed as his prophet. They pay tjizya or die. It's in the Qu'ran and the Hadith. Read it. Qur'an (9:29) – "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

  15. Anything other than submission to the sadist gibberish f the prophet is considered “slandering the prophet” of islam and , aw hell, nevrmind, i’ve never seen any of these that look at it from the leftside view change by hearing the simple truth.
    I choose to hate the ideology of islam in its entirety and also the culture that derives from said cult, and offer no apologies for rejection of such predation.

  16. Bless the memory of Nicholas Thalasinos -looks like a wonderful and kind man. And may his widow be comforted! THE SHOCER IS THAT THE TERRORIST WAS OFFENDED ABOUT VOILENCE MANIFESTED BY FOLLOWERS OF ISLAM WHEN HE WAS INDEED PLANNING TO USE VIOLENCE HIMSELF!

  17. You are right, I believe, Joe, in your antipathy to the LEFT these days – Bibi calls them the "hard left" and I agree with him (I tend to call them the Lemming Left, as they make decisions against their own survival e.g. the EU and BHO with Iran etc.

  18. But to understand the historically good side of Communism / Socialism from a Jewish perspective you need to read Jewish history in Eujrope, their suffering and poverty. And Judaism is strongly for JUSTICE

    Read the Sermon on the Mount – John Stott has a wonderful exposition that I'd like to read again (I lent it to someone and it didn't come back.)

    Any Christian would be challenged by the extent to which we are to be responsible for our neighbour.

  19. If this was the sole motivation Farook really showed the world how peaceful Islam is. Only kill those who disagree with you, Oh wait that is exactly what the Quran says to do.
    Quran (4:89) – "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks."
    Quran (8:12) – "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

  20. Of course it's the utter truth. Islam is about as much of a peaceful religion as excrement smells good. Muslims around the world if they had an ounce of common sense should have started questioning their religion long ago and begun shaking off the shackles of this fake excuse for a faith based on the demon allah and the retarded pedophile prophet mohammed.

  21. Face it. Nearly all terrorists in the World are Muslim. The liberal press tries to hide this fact. Islamic-rooted terrorists in the Phillipines, China, Thailand, India and around the World are referred to as “insurgents” and other non-Islamic terms. Islam is like Pol Pot on a global scale. When religious fanaticism reaches these extremes, the correct description is cult; not religion.

  22. I will say this a million times….the Islamic religion is NOT a peaceful religion as long as they have their book the Qu'ran. I do not say this lightly but have studied the Qu'ran over the years and there is no peace in it. Mohammed was a warrior and a murderer……why would anyone want to follow that guy. Blessings to this man who tried to reach this terrorist instead of being silent. We should never hide in fear from them, this is what they want and if they get offended, so be it. Time to speak up, time not to shut up………see something say something. With that said, it doesn't mean you need to be unkind to a muslim..they are decieved, some are actually searching for a way out. If they want reform, toss out the Qu'ran and follow the Bible.

  23. Unfortunatel, the liberal Jews would rather kiss up to Al Sharpton, PLO types and other Jew-haters than rub shoulders with pro-Jew Christians. It's a sickness to always try & make nice to people who want to kill you & ostracize those who are your allies.

  24. Would you say that the Bible is peaceful? It's just
    that we know better than to follow a lot of the war messages in the Bible. And millions of Muslims do not follow the war messages in the Qu'ran. The only religion I know that is peaceful is Buddhism, and even then, Buddhists in Burma are pushing out and rioting against Rhyinga Muslims.

  25. Islam is a hateful murderous anti Democratic, Anti Western Culture, Anti Jewish, Anti Christian, Anti Gay basically Anti anything that THEY DO NOT LIKE. It is an intollerant relgion of others. Those are the facts. Now how do you fix that. Those Moslems who feel differentally take contol of its radicalization. Until then it is not humanly possible to tell the good from the bad.
    So you good Moslems will be profiled by default.

    President Obama you are an idiot, an ignoramis and step up you PUSSY and call the facts for what they are. This is Terrisists at work and call it you fool.
    I cannot wait for the day to stop hearing you speak, lie and be our President. I want to vomit every time you speak as you come accross arrogant and and act as if you are lecturing us. Well guess what some of us are smarter and more worldly than you will ever be.
    The populus today, even your most ardent supporters used to like and trust you. You are just HOT AIR and Friking Arrogant and you will write your books and get your awards after your Presidency but at least soon that will be over and done with and we will hopefully be faced with a better candidate who is not like you.

  26. Jeff Beach Yes you are right and I will add for Karen that the Buddhist are fed up with the Rhoingas attacking them and rapping their women. They are smart to defend themselves.
    Karen I do notnknow eher you get your info. Sounds to me in the very liberal and bias media.

  27. These Islamic Radicals are out of date in seeking to relieve thier oppressions if that is what it is, Speak up buy some bullhorns, in this land we have the first admendment and if your land does not. Then take your Bullhorns to the United Nations for they mission is to place no one above another. God Bless Ghandi And Dr King

  28. Today’s Tucson News: 5 Middle east men with large cylinders in their backpacks released into Arizona. This is after 5 Syrians and 2 Afgani detained 2 weeks ago, and released by the Feds for no show on Terrorist lists. This has been going on for a very long time. They are here in massive numbers. Be alert.

  29. To call this shooting a workplace violence only shows how closed minded a person is because they do not believe in Christ and have had their hearts hardened by God. They are unable to see what is in front of them and unable to hear what is truth. Pray for them because if they continue, they are truly head to the underworld forever.

  30. Karen Gomberg Yeah, as if NPR is impartial! I don't know how you read Joe Diaz' comment, but he did not use the term "kill" in reference, or even in proximity, to Sharpton's name; he categorized Sharpton as a Jew-hater. Please read more carefully before posting or commenting.

  31. I feel the warnings coming, don't talk about your faith, keep your support for Israel hidden, show extra respect to Muslins, otherwise you will bring suffering on yourself and you will be blamed. Nicholas Thalasinos was a martyr for his faith and in my books a hero.

  32. Well, I guess they showed him. "I'll show you that Islam is a religion of peace, if I have to kill every one of you, just to prove it!"

    Case closed. Decision rendered.

    Islam is an abomination.

    This is the attitude of the ancient Canaanites, whom Hashem told you to give up to the edge of the sword. Don’t you see, why this was ordered to be done?

    And yet still, even today, you give back the Temple Mount.

    Doesn't anyone learn anything, ever?

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