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Bukhari with shoes - which one is his?

The Mossad is breaking into Muslim homes and driving them crazy by taking possessions, such as a single shoe, according to the British Muslim who founded the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK.

Anti-Zionists should be cringing with embarrassment over Asghar Bukari’s Facebook and Twitter post, which in part read:

Are Zionists trying to intimidate me: Someone came into my home yesterday, while I was asleep. I don’t know how they got in, but they didn’t break in – the only thing they took was one shoe……. they] left one shoe behind, to let me know someone had been there.


He asked followers to “share this widely, and The is happy to oblige, although Twitter has closed one of his accounts that posted the insanity.

Let’s not judge him harshly. Perhaps the Mossad really took the shoe to frame him. The Mossad probably firebombed a synagogue, put the shoe in the mud nearby and intended to put the shoe back in Bukhari’s house before calling the cops to catch him with the evidence.

And why one shoe? That is exactly the brilliance of the Mossad plot against Bukhari, who also will be charged with trying to fool police by hopping on foot to throw the police off guard.

It is all so obvious that the Mossad should be ashamed of such an amateurish scheme.

Before reading Bukhari’s rant, let’s look at a few other comments on Twitter after his shoe tweet went viral:

Zionists and Uncle Toms going bonkers. I’ve waited so long for this. Heaven. Now can I have my shoe back??

I will soon be doing a video on my now famous (chuckles to myself) shoe. Watch this space. Watch this space. Haters gonna hate

Zionists are bullies they operate to intimidate muslims. Don’t get bullied. Don’t let them operate in the shadows

Actually thinking about it, they also stole dead children’s body parts #MossadStoleMyShoe Can’t believe zionists upset I said they stole something. Hello they stole the whole of Palestine #MossadStoleMyShoe

Funny thing is the zionists now trying to desperately hide their game of intimidation on my Twitter feed. Bit late the horse has bolted

And now for his piece de resistance:


Bukhari’s post.

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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. What i want to know is this,,,was the shoe l;ace still on the missing shoe,very take 2 shoe laces to hang yourself so Mossad saved his life because he could only half hang himslef with one lace …Mossad to the rescue again….

  2. And Sadly he got his Education here in Good ol USA! go figure,
    I just can not Comprehend,that those Ignorant ,Brainwashed Moran's belief this CRAP! ? .Why are they still in the West, if it is so AWESOME in the Middle East and the Sharia Law? Go back where you came from, if your Born in Europe or the USA make up your mind to either Pledge Loyalty to your Country or GET THE HELLo out of here(or there!)

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