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The Netanyahu administration has told New Zealand not to try its reported attempt to resurrect the “peace process” through the United Nations Security Council.


New Zealand now is a non-permanent member of the Security Council and reportedly is preparing a draft resolution for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to resume talks.

Channel 2 television said that government security advisers called New Zealand’s ambassador to Israel, Jonathan Curr, for a meeting on Wednesday and told him to forget the idea.

The draft resolution, according to Haaretz, includes a freeze on building new homes for Jews in Judea and Samaria as well as a ban on demolishing illegally-built Arab homes.





  1. This article comes across as a one sided anti-Israel piece of propaganda for what it omits:
    A) The proposal was never officially presented to the Israeli government prior to it's announcement – as per protocal. It comes as no surprise that the Israeli government would find the NZ assumption that flying this in the court of public opinion was serious diplomatic offense.
    B) There is no one to make peace with at this time. The PA and Hamas are not united. The PA has violated the Oslo Accords with no repercussions by the EU, USA or Russia.
    C) The generational incitement to KILL JEWS and DESTROY ISRAEL has made a durable peace IMPOSSIBLE in our time.
    D) There is no evidence that the chaotic violence and destruction that defines the Arab world would NOT replicate itself in the West Bank.

  2. Rich of New Zealand, who tear down buildings which are erected without a license…

    "Legal obligations
    You have a legal obligation to comply with the Building Act. In particular, you must not start work before obtaining a building consent. If you do not comply with this requirement, you will be committing an offence under the 2004 Act and may be liable for a fine of up to $100,000, plus up to $10,000 for each day the offence continues."

    But then why shoudl the rule of Law Apply here?

  3. Though it's a cliche,it's insanity on the part of outsiders telling Israel to repeat failed processes. There is no equivalency between Israel and the Muslims. They want to destroy all of Israel and all Jews so they can rule a Middle East caliphate and spread it to the rest of the world. All Jews want is to live in peace in our little piece of land. If the Muslims stopped attacking us, there would be peace. They won't; there is no peace process with those who won't compromise.

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