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Rabbi Yehuda Glick

In a surprising interview he gave Haredi radio station Radio Kol Hai, MK Yehuda Glick (Likud), known in the mainstream media as the “rightwing extremist” who advocates Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, used the opportunity to deliver conciliatory messages regarding his position on the relationship between state and religion in general and the Reform movement in particular.

Glick was the next in line on the Likud election list, and when Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon resigned from his office as well as from the Knesset last week, Glick took his legislator seat.


Glick told the Haredi radio listeners that “there’s no need to boycott the Reform, and it wouldn’t be so bad if the chief rabbis had met with them, we need to strengthen everyone. The Reform are Jews, and they deserve their human rights as Jews.” But Glick insisted that “the official body which is responsible for halakhic issues in the State of Israel is the Israeli chief rabbinate. But I believe the rabbinate should be considerate of the entire public, within halakhic limits.”

That part is a bit puzzling, seeing as the chief rabbinate believes it is acting within its halakhic boundaries when it views the Reform movement as an enemy of traditional Judaism and its values. The same chief rabbinate will probably have a hard time complying with MK Glick’s call to “integrate the Reform according to their proportionate presence in the Israeli population,” and his statement, “I believe the Reform movement needs a greater representation in Israel.”

When asked if he believes a Reform rabbi should be allowed to conduct a chupah ceremony, Glick said that, “It isn’t clear why in Israel it is required that weddings be conducted by rabbis. After all, the rabbi has no halakhic role in the chupah ceremony. All you need is the couple and two witnesses.” Glick said “there should be clear instructions as to how to conduct a wedding ceremony, and just as you don’t have to have a rabbi at a circumcision, under the chupah you don’t need a rabbi either.”

Speaking about drafting Yeshiva students to the IDF, an issue which may come up again with Avigdor Lieberman—who believes every young Israeli must serve—taking over the defense ministry. Glick related, “I have two sons who are soldiers and one son-in-law who studies in yeshiva, and I think each one of them contributes his part to the Jewish nation in a dignified way and should be allowed to do so.” Glick said “we should enhance the public’s appreciation of yeshiva students, but anyone who uses his yeshiva as a means for self advancement (meaning cheating the draft and going to work instead of serving) — that’s very serious. Ultra-Orthodox men who are not studying should volunteer in ZAKA or in Yad Sara.”



  1. To the critics who say that Reform and Conservative Jews are not Jewish, I would say look what happened in south florida where an Islamic terrorist attempted to bomb a Conservative Temple, if he had succeeded would their deaths been of less value because they were Conservative? The Islamic terrorist didn't seem to know the difference. Thank G – D they failed

  2. Mr. (Rabbi?) Glick has just made the case for non-Rabbinate marriages, when he said that there is no requirement for a rabbi to be under the huppah. Istaeli law already provides for community property, alimony and child support. He and David Amsallem might get along better than they would expect. Kol Yisrael arevim zeh b'zeh – All Israel is responsible for each other.

  3. Rabbi Glick the intermarriage rate in 2015, for Reform Jew's is 90%. Therefore, 45% of the children are "shgutzim". In two generations, that 45%, will shrink to 5%. If they want to have a separate religion, that is their decision.

  4. Yehuda Glick sold himself and the Jewish people out to get a Knesset seat. The Reform are reshaim. I grew up in Cincinnati their headquarters and saw how they destoyed the Jewish community and self destructed. Will Glick also give the Sluts of the Wall a heachsher?

  5. Good comments by Rabbi Glick. It makes good strategic sense.All Jews must be equal. It is not good for any society or people to have one group who is more equal than another. In fact it is dangerous in the long term for unity in societies when groups feel that they are not accepted as equal in their own land.

  6. Yaakov Zelig Hitler was not the arbitrator of Jewish values . There should be consideration extended to Russian Jews who were cut off for 2 generations ,however , while Jews born to Jewish mothers are Jewish , Reform Judaism accept patrilineal descent .
    Conservative Rabbis are closer to Orthodox , than
    to Reform.

  7. Tom Elner and Yaakov Zelig. Recently it was advocated by a writer in the Huffington post that the reform movement become a different religion along the same lines of actions taking by protestant Christians toward the Catholic church. It would be not good if the reform movement is pushed to do this. The reform movement must feel equal because there is nothing stopping them from buying an island some where and starting their own Israel where they feel equal.

  8. Those numbers grow up every time I read a comment of this sort. About the same year I have read 60%, 70% and now 90%, all posted by Orthodox people outraged for any goal the Reform acomplishes. I guest that the more pious you are, the more Reform intermarry that year to you.

  9. Yoykhenen Groy Velvel I did not invent the Halacha. This was decided 3350 yrs. ago. If your mother is a "shiksa",, you are NOt Jewish. Only 45% of all children born of these intermarriages are Jewish. Reform Judaism is committing demographic suicide. Eventually, they will eliminate more Jew's from the planet than Hitler.

  10. Yaakov Zelig The "argumentum ad hitlerum", to boot. It's funny that nobody blames secular atheist jews for intermarrying, just the Reform.

    But seriously, do you really believe that the Jewish Law compilated in the Shulchan Aruch is the same exact one as the one Jews followed 3000 years ago?

  11. Yaakov Zelig The "argumentum ad hitlerum", to boot. It's funny that nobody blames secular atheist jews for intermarrying, just the Reform. Do you really believe it's Reform's fault? Do you believe that if Reform didn't exist all these Jews would be Orthodox now?


    They would be assimilated, secular non-religious jews who would have intermarried long ago. All the people you talk about intermarried DESPITE Reform Judaism. Reform doesn't encourage intermarrying, it just puts up with it and deal with it, because there's nothing you can really do about it in a place like USA.

    But seriously, do you really believe that the Jewish Law compilated in the Shulchan Aruch is the same exact one as the one Jews followed 3000 years ago?

  12. Yaakov Zelig :Your liberal and incorrect use of the word sheketz or in yiddish shkuts just adds to the knowledge we get have of your hateful personality you are so proud of! The Talmud do not use such term which means a disgusting crawling creatures ! not even when describing pigs. The Nazis were fond of the word in German when describing Jews. You are therefor describing a segment of the Jewish population who wish to retun the the hate and morality of the 7th centuary (but with internet and cell phone ) Isis is looking to recrute Jews…

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