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U.S. President Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama declared Wednesday that the United States is “not at war with Islam” but rather, is at war “with people who have perverted Islam.”

Speaking at the White House summit on “countering violent extremism” the president added that world leaders “must confront the twisted ideology that terrorists use to recruit” young Muslims to their cause.


Coming closer than he ever has before to acknowledging that terrorists from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are, in fact, citing Islam as their motivation, Obama said, “They do draw selectively from the Islamic texts.”

However, he stressed, “No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for terrorism.”

“ISIL (another acronym for Daesh), Al Qaeda and groups like that are desperate for legitimacy. We should not grant them the religious legitimacy they seek,” Obama insisted. “They are not religious leaders; they’re terrorists!”

Obama added that he believed it is essential to address economic and political “grievances” held by marginalized Muslim populations, particularly in the U.S. More to the point, he said, it is essential to address the increasing alienation of young Muslims.

Social media has become the primary means for terrorist groups to reach and recruit new members, Obama said. The problem is, the older generation is often not aware of what the younger generation is doing at home online.

“Old people, you are not connected and as a result, you are not connecting,” he said bluntly. “Today’s young people online in cyber space” are being snapped up by recruiters for Daesh and Al Qaeda via the Internet, impressed by the glitz of souped-up videos and online jihadist magazines.

“When someone starts getting radicalized, teachers may notice a student withdrawing. If they offer support, that may make a difference,” Obama said. “Faith leaders can reach out and in that moment, they too may make a difference.”


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. You are big liar Obama You are Moslem and you say the terrorist are not Moslems just to save the Islam reputation. I am a jew a refugee of Libya since the year 1967 the year my self and all jews fleed Libya. Because the Libyan populations all islamics have started progroms against the jews populations killing entire families. For that reason all jews fled the country. The Arabs when killing were calling Allah uakbar. Thiose libyans in your opinion were not Moslems. The whole world knows that You are an islamic liar

  2. ok, not islam, just fundamental islámics whose clerics call for the destruction of Israel and the Great satan-America and the verses in the Quran that pardon deceiving the infidel & murdering the unbelievers of islam.

    ok, that clears things up. THX Mr prez

  3. The West was at war with Islam from very beginning and it was Islam who first attacked the West,,,the Koran clearly preaches violence against those who do not accept Islam,,,Mohammed himself was a mass murderer just as Islamist are today ,,,We Stand With Benjamin Netanyahu ,WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM…,PEACEFUL iSLAM IS A MYTH PROPAGATED BY MUSLIMS..

  4. Islam is at war with America. ISIS is not the only organization creating mayhem in the world. Or do we forget the ones who terrorised the US on the 9/11 attacks? How about the Fort Hood “workplace argument”? Putting your fingers in your ears and singing “lalala” would not benefit the American people, only make them a more convenient target…

  5. Unfortunately Obama is wrong again. Sunnis are killing Shias and Shias are killing Sunnis. Sunnis and Shias are killing Christians and would kill Jews if they could. Why is the President attempting to wash American’s brains? Is not that most of the Muslim people are bad people but the few that are causing all this jumble are giving them a very bad rap and the majority seem to be doing nothing.

  6. Let`s get it straight Obama,it is not a twisted ideology;it is a twisted RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY…all the violence that Muslims do against the Western peoples is in accordance and in total agreement with the Koran…it is in very clear print for any fool to see if he or she takes the time to study

  7. ok obama I want your daughters taken to the camps and be taught the manly art of brutiaization. threaten daily because they are womanor like the other day a man shot his wife to death, because he was tired of her snd he is still running around. Does that sound good to you.

  8. Maybe he is not at war with Islam But most of us Americans are sick of it and him too…Obama is Muslim and he wants America to embrace it as well. He needs to leave America and move over there with the rest of his friends .He knows he will have a huge fight if he tries to pull Shariah law on the Americans.We are suppose to be a free country.

  9. Who kill 6 millions Jews in Europe?
    Who kill millions red Indians and rob their lands in America? Who kill indigenous peoples in south America, Australia? Who started WW1 & WW2? Who invented all kind of weapons to killing people?…. and many more

  10. On the way to the crusades against the Muslims, Christians killed Jews. Christians have a long history of killing Jews for not accepting the Christian god man.Meanwhile, Muslims protected Jews and often Christians in their lands. Muslims have been savages as have Christians..

  11. all jews and christians who hate isil al qaeda talibaan and their all types of supporters are our brothers but those who believe in shedding blood of innocents are our enemy and how much powerful they will be. doesnt matter to us we will oppose them till we will be burnt alive or fried alive we dnt fear to them we are shias we are iranian

  12. Shemaya. The Crusaders did so much damage in the Middle East.
    Cruel and horrible murdering men they were. The things they did were worse than barbaric, to both muslim and Jewish people.
    The muslim got rid of the crusaders, but they did the same to the Jewish people too.
    The Jewish people copped it from the crusaders, then Muslims..
    Just like in WW11, first the nazi, then after they left, the Russians.

  13. Basically, he’s saying he doesn’t want to have a military confrontation with ISIL. He’s afraid of such a confrontation. How many more people will have to die while the president and his supports try to correct the twisted ideology that causes young people to leave their countries and join this evil group?

  14. I feel the Presidents words here are being misrepresented & portrayed. I feel Islam condems violence as much as christianity does. There are extremists in all religions who believe killing is ok under certain circumstances. It can get quite complicated, but reduced to it’s simplest form, it’s not complicated at all if you focus on the human spirit & how emotions work, which is where everything starts. It is said that $ makes the world go round & the love of $ is the root of evil. I disagree totally, it’s emotions that run the world, not $. You have to have emotion before you have love or hatred of anything good or bad. Action is often the fruit of emotion. Control or effect the emotion & you control or effect the action or reaction.Essentially, Islam wants to disassociate themselves with ISIS, as much as christianity wants to dissasociate itself with the worst parts of America. This is my two cents worth. Take it or leave it. :/

  15. tell me any one incident of shia killing Christians? even though you ppl made isil al qaeda taliban and 100s of terror groups against us our more then million ppl have been killed in syria iraq afganistan pakistan just becoze of your policies and open support for terrorists still we are calm….. you shd be thank full to our leaders who always order us to love christians and jews accept who love blood shed and kill innocents

  16. I’m with James Edward Johnson, not all Muslims are bad, just most of them. The Druze, Bedouin, Kurds, and some Egyptians and Jordanians are not bad. Perhaps some other Muslims that don’t read the Qur’an or take all the killing and death parts to be talking about an inner struggle, perhaps they don’t believe in Muhammad’s ways of theft, rape, murder, and slavery. About 60% of Muslims believe in Sharia Law and Honor killings, all these I would call radical Muslims.

  17. Obama’s father is Muslim which makes Obama a Muslim by Islamic law. Even though Obama’s first father was not around for much of Obama’s life, his second father was. In 1965, the mother of Barack Hussein Obama II, Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro her second husband, an East–West Center student from Indonesia (also a Muslim). A year later, the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Obama spent about 5 years in Indonesia were he went by Berry Soetoro, and listed his religion as Muslim. Obama was instructed in Islam at public school. Ann Dunham afraid for her son’s safety and education moved to Hawaii with B. Hussein.

  18. There are four reasons Christians, Jews, Buddhists, agnostics, etc. support Muslims. 1) They are ignorant. They don’t know or believe that Muslims want to convert or kill them. 2) They are afraid. Afraid of being called a bigot, afraid of losing support, or afraid of physical harm. 3) They are on the take. Jimmy Carter is a prime example, in 1976-1977 Carter’s business was in financial trouble and received a 4.6 million bailout. 4) They secretly want the agenda.

    Wake up people. Islam is the most dangerous movement in the world today, and we can not let it win. They are armed with the sword that is militant and political, they are armed with shields, they will us human shields, political shields using our own laws against us, and the social shield of if your anti-muslim you are an evil bigot, as well as immigration and their wombs, importing and breeding more and more Muslims into our society every day. WAKE UP and be VIGILANT.

  19. Called in other words Muslims. Don’t be fooled by his rhetoric and craft at using a Language contained in Qur’an, which English Speakers simply don’t understand, or know. His slight of the tongue will confuse those who don’t understand the terminology.
    Yori, Miriam’s husband says…

  20. Ethiopia is an example of the religious tolerance the churchs are built near Mousqus &0 problems Christians have Muslim friends muslim buy from Christian shops no problems because they are too civilized to try to convert each other follow the Ethiopian example and your problems shall be solved God’s will

  21. …..what is obama hiding the whole obama administration blind and deaf..??..what / why is his polici and his damn administration ignoring these actual killings by the islams…their leaders are clearly damn islams and hiding ,, ofcourse in a safe place…”’..are the rest of the american people agree with these ignoring lier…if not…why they all can’t impeach him…

  22. No, he isn’t Muslim, but in the USA every religion is welcome. President Obama is a Christan, I am Jewish and I voted for him twice…and would vote for him again if he could run a third term. I believe he is the greatest president our country has ever elected to date.

  23. No, he isn’t Muslim, but in the USA every religion is welcome. President Obama is a Christan, I am Jewish and I voted for him twice…and would vote for him again if he could run a third term. I believe he is the greatest president our country has ever elected to date.

  24. I would like to believe Presiden Obama knows what he is talking about but the reality is that he has never read the Jewish Scriptures or the Christian Bible. If he has then with all due to respect to the man who is president of this country he is totally ignorant, sleeping with the enemy or mentally ill. I have my own assumptions about his intent or mentality and the party he supposedly leads. But let me raise the questions as to where are the members of the other parties, Republicans and liberals who seemed to have tied their apron strings to a sit and do nothing policy while much like Nero they are watching America Hero and are Shades of Grey while America faces defeat. To do nothing but criticize isn’t much different than watching an unholy fire consume our own country which threatens each and every one of us. You know what really bothers me is that our government didn’t hesitate a few years ago to burn down a compound in Waco that was supposedly a threat to our country. Surely it was a cult but ever so small and the government never seemed to hesitate in its endeavor to end its eistence because of a hand few for lack of a better word barbarians. Now daily we watch as another “cult” threatens the world and as of yet I have found few who want to risk the untold suffering it will bring to America indeed the world, While I believe it to be Biblical (past and present) how can we who claim to be followers of Christ watch humans being burned in cages, heads chopped off, children multilated and others, mostly children, crucified on crosses and yet many of us who claim to be children of G_d stood patiently getting ashes wiped on our foreheads yesterday with the beginning of lent. While those ashes meant something else and which were from the remanents of last years palms I could not help but think about the ashes of all those who have been beheaded and others who have been burned alive. And have you heard, which may be a rumor, that they are now harvesting organs from those they kill? Vengenance is mine says G_d and though G_d is capable of taking care of the situation I suspect the price of those of us who do not support a conscious effort to protect our Christian borthers and sisters will in one way ofr another feel very real pain, as some already have, as the barbarians freely march across the the world that G_d charged Adam and Eve to tend to! This is a situation without any pretty scenario to come but judgment will eventually befall all nations and it is past time to ask what Jesus would do? Love does conquer evil but not when that Love is confronting Barbarian children of the devil, Satan, himself. who have no respect for anyone or anything but the god of wealth and there appears to be plenty with hands dripping with the blood of innocents and they are around the world.

  25. USA – Wake-UP America – Obama is muslim sympathetic and part of the 1400 year Game-Plan of islam – BEST Be Onward Together in Christ and OUT of ALL twisted Judeo/Christian coated religion like catholism, orthodox, **islam**, **christLam**, mormon, jw’s and many others – Jim

  26. The rational and progressive world is at war with islam, As Christian i stand by all of those who suffer at the hands of these animals. I stand by Israel, the jewish and christian community in the middle east. Its time these animals get more than words or slaps in the hand. Give them martyrdom.

  27. Yes he is a Muslim,what hole is your head in Margaux,you’re just another liberal idiot,he’s not a Christian I am he’s not,don’t go around lying and telling false crap,Alfredo yes you’re right,he’s going to be impeached,don’t listen to these lying thugs who come on here with their liberal BS,most Americans are not in this nuts camp!

  28. Please do not forget few remarks by the President Obama at Cairo University, Egypt, June 4. 2009:
    1- “…And throughout HISTORY, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious ‘tolerance’ and ‘racial equality’. (Applause.)
    2- “…And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against ‘negative stereotypes’ of Islam’ wherever they appear.” (Applause.)
    3-“I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam” (Applause).

    My comment: from this sentence President Obama does NOT make it precisely clear what his reaction would be IF Islam declares war on the United States…!
    Please see:

    Joseph Rosen
    Author of 'Why a Jew?'

  29. It doesn't matter what this fool thinks they are at war with the United States and Israel. When He called this group ISIL, Junior Varsity he was essentially projecting his own woefully inadequate, impotent, and delusional view of the world. This is what happens when a pseudo intellectual, with brain damage from too much marijauna use gets into a position of power. It will take the United States and a great portion of the world decades to recover from the damage this fiend has created and their is much blood on his cowardly hands. I use to attribute this attitude to leftist extremism; I now see it for what it truly is: pure Evil.

  30. Islam has declared openly and loudly that they are at war with the entire free world, USA included. Too bad the free world pooh poohs this jihad. One day the free world MAY wake up. It'll probably be too late. If anyone is to save the USA, it will be up to the citizens, themselves, to do the saving.

  31. Does Obama know anything about history? There are adversaries you can confront in a dispute and the reason will prevail; so are most international political bodies around the world. But there’s a certain category of politics which is outside of the reach: Religious ideology of fascistic origin e.g. Islamofascism/Islam.
    Most concerned citizens have no doubt: the West is at war with Islam. Can you comprehend that, Bumma Boy?

  32. Well, first of all he's right that one cannot go to war against an idea, which is what all religions are. Second, Israel shouldn't even exist as a state, as the U.N. had no business taking Jewish European refugees and settling them where there was already an established population. And finally, Obama IS the president, has more legitimacy than the last president who got us into this mess to begin with, and deserves the support of every American, regardless of party, race or religion.

  33. Imbecile, Have you ever read the history of Israel? Jew's, have been living in Israel for the past 3,350 years. The UN did not exist or even the U.S. at that time. Ninety per cent of the Arabs living in Israel, today, had great grandparents who immigrated there to work for Jewish foreman. Furthermore, Obama is illegitimate. He is a total phony. His s.s. # is false, His birth certificate, questionable. His college transcript, non existent. Are you employed by Obama or the N.Y. "Slimes", to monitor this website?

  34. Sorry to burst your bubble Jeff, but the Jews were granted the exclusive right to declare sovereignty everywhere west of the Jordan River by the League of Nations. You know, on territory of the NON-ARAB Caliphate of the former Ottoman Empire. Despite official recommendations from 1922 through 1947 to alter that international law, they were all unanimously rejected by Arab leaders and therefore rendered null and void.

    And yes, Barack Hussain Obama is our president and, by virtue of the office, deserves respect. Past president Carter is probably his biggest fan since he will no longer be considered the occupant of the oval office that weakened the United States the most while strengthening its enemies. Barack Hussain Obama wins that distinction hands down.

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