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French Olim, just off the plane, receive their Israeli IDs at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem. July 17, 2014

( Well before the November 13 Paris terror attack and the recent incidents in which Jews across France have been attacked by violent Muslims, many French Jews were already considering Aliyah to Israel, polling service Étude IFOP discovered in an extensive survey conducted last September and published this weekend in JSS News, a French webzine produced in Israel.

The survey offers a peek at the views of the French Jewish community, the largest in Europe and third largest in the world. According to the survey’s findings, as many as 43% of French Jews are planning to make Aliyah. As the commonly accepted figure for the size of the French Jewish community is 500,000, then Israel is about to be conquered by as many as 200,000 French Jews and Netanya would surpass Tel Aviv as the second-largest city in Israel.


At the same time, as many as 43% of French Jews are considering a move to countries other than Israel, the most popular of which are the UK, Canada and the US. It is possible, however, that these two groups might be the same group mulling several choices, while an estimated 57% of the Jewish community would still prefer to remain in France, but probably without a yarmulke.

A full 43% of the French Jews surveyed said they had been attacked for being Jewish, and 18% reported being attacked several times. 51% said they had been threatened for being Jewish and 63% had been ridiculed for the same reason. These figures should be particularly troubling for the French Jewish leadership, which last week attacked Marseilles Jewish community official Tzvi Amar who urged his members to take off their yarmulkes in the street, after Benjamin Amsalem, a local Jewish school teacher, was stabbed with a machete outside a synagogue.

According to the survey, as many as 59% of French Jews have family member who has migrated to another country recently.

Here is a cooling down fact: the survey was conducted among 724 French citizens who define themselves as Jewish and have at least one Jewish parent. So while the figures sound great if you’re a Zionist, and they may represent a trend, it’s probably too early to expect all these chickens to roost.

On the other hand, the fact that the survey was conducted in September, well before the explosion of terrorist and anti-Semitic attacks in France, it could very well mean that these numbers have only increased and that rentals in Netanya are about to climb sky-high.


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  1. France’s loss, Israel’s gain.
    ברוכים הבאים!

    The ingathering of the exile קיבוץ גלויות is proceeding. The rest of Europe’s Jews, as well as, American Jews, are not far behind you all. The Muslim invasion, conquest, and imposition of Sharia, will insure that happens in short order.

  2. EVERY Jew in not only France but al of Europe needs to leave. They need to go to either Israel or the U.S. BUT they need to leave before another Hitler comes into power of in the case of todays Europe, before every country in the E.U. becomes a Muslim nation. France, England & Sweden are already Muslim.

  3. I only wish it were true. No future for Jews in what will become a muslim majority country. And the Frence authorities are unable to protect their Jewish citizens. They made huge mistake in allowing muslims to enter their country. Germany is on same path with over million muslims bringing in "religious" baggage to western country, dooming themselves to race wars.

  4. jews have been expelled from many countrys over the centurey's due to there criminal behavor. The talmud and there other writing's are the most vile/evel on the planet.
    rottinchilds and rottinfellars started the banking scam fiat paper currency. The jew criminals in the cesspool (dc) and on Wall street and on & on.

  5. If i was Jewish i would really be considering leaving France or Europe the huge migration of Islam will threaten their existence, soon they will be under seige and it will be the 1930's again, Government's are talking tough on the hate crimes but when it comes down to it they are complicit in them with the allowing migration of Islam the Trogan Horse. Civil unrest will soon sweep Europe and any way you cut it the Jews will be blamed for it! History repeats it self, I will countinue to pray for the Jewish People and the peace of Jerusalem as the Bible commands it also says God told Abraham "I will bless those who Bless you and curse those who curse you" This should be awake call for the world. God Bless.

  6. It is so sad to see the rise in anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe. I cannot blame these French Jews for getting out of an area where their lives and the lives of their families are threatened on a daily basis. Since the French government seems to have taken a position that the Jewish people are expendable in comparison to keeping the "peace" with Muslims living in the French nation…I can only ask that G/D protect and defend these Jewish immigrants wherever they happen to relocate. What I don't understand is the French lack of a reaction to the invasion of Europe by these Muslim "refugees". Perhaps its a cover up by the mainstream media on this developing catastrophe. I know whats happening in Germany, Sweden, and other nations in Europe but I have to go to online web sites to get any details on this Muslim provacation. What if anything is the French government doing to protect French Jewish citizins?

  7. One of Hitler's closest allies during the second World War was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. He inspired Muslims to join the German forces in large numbers and he was more than helpful in advising Der Fuhrer on the "final solution". After the war he continued to promote the killing of Jews. That's a fact Jack! Of course you being a member of the religion of peace should know this but then again being a Muslim means that you revise history to suit your evil intent.

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