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Terrorists attack Israeli soldiers with a Molotov cocktail in Arab village riot near Beit El and Ramallah.

Israeli soldiers saved Jewish motorists from a firebombing attack Friday night when they shot and killed a Palestinian Authority-American teenager who was throwing a Molotov cocktail at passing cars on Highway 60, north of Jerusalem, Friday night.

Military spokesmen said that Israeli soldiers had set up a lookout patrol on the highway spotted the teenage terrorists hurling the firebomb and opened fire “in order to neutralize the threat to the lives of civilians driving on the highway.”


The terrorist, age 14, was identified as Orwah Hammad, who the U.S. State Dept. said was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved to the Palestinian Authority with his family at the age of 6.

He was from the village of Silwad, and residents told Haaretz that Hammad was the cousin of a terrorist who killed 10 Israelis in a sniper attack in 2002 and that his uncle was reportedly killed in the intifada that began in the late 1980s.

Hammad’s cousin admitted to the newspaper that he was among a group of that was throwing rocks at motorists, but U.S. State Dept. Psaki responded to the attack by sending “deepest condolences to the family of a U.S. citizen minor who was killed by the Israeli Defense Forces during clashes in Silwad.”

She made no mention of the circumstance of the shooting and simply stated, “We call for a speedy and transparent investigation, and will remain closely engaged with the local authorities, who have the lead on this investigation. We continue to urge all parties to help restore calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of the tragic recent incidents in Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Psaki last week “condemned” Wednesday’s terrorist attack on the Jerusalem light rail train, when a three-month-old American-Israeli baby was killed, but unlike the American response strongly supporting Canada after the deadly attack that killed a Canadian solider in Ottawa the same day, Psaki suggested Israel do nothing.

She condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms,” expressed “our deepest condolences to the family of the baby,” and then urged “all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”



  1. I think the us administration should avoid escalation and remain calm but refraining from aerial attacks in Iraq and Syria in the same context. But if the action against radical Islam is truly justified then shut down the double standard, stop walking on egg shells avoiding insult to extremists. Enough is enough.

  2. Why should Israel hold back…they are being attacked! If someone was on our soil attacking us (like the current islamic attacks on people) we would / should fight back… unfortunately, with a president like O we know that won’t happen…. wish we had a real leader like Israel and Canada

  3. Tensions are already escalating a little late for that State Dept rhetoric. All these Arabs are the same no matter where they originate. They are indoctrinated from childhood to hate jews. There will only be peace when Messiah comes.

  4. Who cares what the state dept says? The entire American executive branch of government follows the same path as the boss,Obama. In the view of the US gov. Isreal is treated as a problem,not an Allie The Obama gov is the most anti-Israel government of the US since Carter. Remember that the entire state dept ,including Kerry are just echoes of their boss. " A fish always stinks from it's head".

  5. WHY are JEWS afraid to tell the truth….whenever you talk of rock throwers mention that the arab rock throws get a VERY handsome monthly salary that is MANY times the regular salary arabs get working….some rock throwers get as much as $1500 per month….instead of the $75 per week they get normally working in their usual jobs working for arabs bosses. SO MOST OF THE REASON FOR THROWING ROCKS AT JEWS IS…purely get huge salaries for doing it…that is their great jobs their earning a fanatastic living! If they kill a jew and go to jail for a few months….their families get their salaries plus a nice bonus of perhaps ten thousand dollars….Isis also gets huge salries about $150 per DAY! from the MILLIONS of OIL money that Isis steals from Iraq oil wells !!! The Israeli arabs get paid by ABBAS and the PLA
    from money (AID) given to them as free gifts from the USA and EUROPE and from ISRAEL….billions per YEAR! Also Saudi Arabia sponsors terrorism ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! The most famous is that Saudia Arabian prince living in mansion in Florida, paid for housed, fed, trained all the 19 terrorists (15 were citizens of Saudi Arabia) to be able to fly planes and to destroy the world trade center twin towers!

  6. BUSH to his DISCREDIT order the FBI who was watching this Saudi prince and new all about what was going on YEARS before 911 happened…Bush ordered the FBI to keep it top secret and to NOT INTERVENE not arrest not do anything not before not during and not after 911……………because the USA politicians are handsomely rewarded with gifts (like MONEY) from Saudi Arabia. We do not even need their oil…the USA has MORE oil on USA soil then the Saudis have! But the USA oil companies are ORDERED by the white house (BUSH and CLINTON and the present white house) to NOT produce enough oil for our needs and to buy oil from SAUDI ARABIA !!!
    IF we used our own oil then the price of oil would go down and HURT the SAUDI pocketbook so we cant do that to our Saudi friends (they always were and always will be our ENEMIES wanting the USA taken over by Isis and Hamas and others but we pretend we know nothing) meanwhile the FBI files are still not being acted on and NO arrests were made and no arrests will be made….its all SECRET>>>>shhhh no one knows about 911….its still a secret!!!

  7. NOW if Israel had any guts and any brains…they would arrest immediately any rock throwers and DEPORT THEM out of Israel FOREVER….take their blood/DNA/fingerprints/and pictures of face coded into computers that can recognize and pick them out of crowd of 5000 people walking before special cam corders mounted in key locations where most people pass by…(they have such cameras and computers for past five years at least!) then deport them with understanding that if they are ever found back in Israel two legs will be amputated and they will be deported again…… first they will laugh and spit in your face….the first time Israel goes through with it and deports and then catches a few criminals coming back to Israel and amputates their legs and deports them again…POOF there will NEVER be a single rock throwing again ever

  8. I want your opinon out there readers: Imagine some paid those very same rockthrowers to throw rocks at woman and children and policemen in NORTH KOREA……………..what do you think would happen to those rock throwers….??? HMM….I have a feeling the rock throwing would stop within say five minutes and NEVER start up again….how many of you agree??? Russia would have the rock throwers either shot on the spot of sent to SIBERIA for 20 years hard labor….so ONLY the USA and ISRAEL the two weak on punishment for crime countries in the world would ever allow violent protests and rock throwing to go on for decades….this has been going on as long as I can remember!

  9. hey nice guy, great idea…we should do it in north america too. All these animals on watch lists…how much does that cost…round them up and deport them. They dont deserve to live in our countries if they spew hatred and death to western civilization, why are we tolerating them, they get our social services, welfare, medical and dont provide anything to our communities.

  10. IN EGYPT there was an infatada the SAME DAY at the SAME TIME as the first one in ISRAEL…………the police in EGYPT came by with a few jeeps and opened up the back gate of the jeeps and there were heavy machine guns that opened fire and killed HUNDREDS of infatada terrorists and poof in ten minutes the EGYPTIAN IFADADA was over never to start up again….not a bad idea! NOW EGYPT has offered to make a country for the Palestinians….if the Palestinians give up all claims to ISRAEL and ALL CLAIMS to having half of Israel becoming arab Palestine and there would be PEACE in the middle east…EGYPT would donate a huge track of land next to gaza making gaza ten or 20 times bigger….to accommodate all the Palestinians in the world!…and there would be peace…..but the UN and EUROPE and the USA laugh it off and say NO>…Israel has to give up half of Israel NOW to the Palestinians who want to kill them…and then a year later (or sooner) they can continue the war/and negotiations for another half of the small remnant of Israel all over again.

  11. instead of taking their passports away, like the ottawa killer, let them go fight and ban their return to all western countries, with the flick of a switch on the homeland computer system. taking their passports and making them stay in our countries is retarded.

  12. Well Debra ;Good show…Unfortunately i find it very hard to love those Murdering child killing scum bags that are suppose to be human beings. Those who can cut an innocent mans head of because there God thinks it a good idea. Those who have no compassion for any one,not even those they call there own. I wish i could love every one it would be so nice. But Alas ;; how i hate these Demons who reek destruction on Good people. How i wish them dead so the world would be a better and kinder place. I pray for their Destruction and a new beginning full of Love . Amen

  13. Remember that when they say "throwing rocks at" they are not talking about little thumb-sized or even fist-sized rock, they are often big chunks of masonry, generally whatever the biggest chunk they can heft is, and are big enough to go through windshields and injure or kill drivers.

  14. David Conley yes true,but sometimes we can help with just a little of our good spirit touching theirs to help plant a seed of goodness to help wash some of the evil away.I want to think that evil can be turned around as in my life bad turn to good, made me a better person

  15. Gary Katz ,understand but after the brust anursym in my head 2 time and died,i look at life so different,like if a snake is all at once by my feet and bites me and i die then that snake has always been waitting on me to walk that path, i am saying i wish no death on anyone i use to be on ipeace and talk with so many from other countries and i so wish we had a world of peace,maybe dreaming but hope is in my heart for all who are hurt and i still love everybody that is just the person i am

  16. America has been taken hostage by an anti American regime. It is also anti Israel (in case you hadn't noticed). True Christians in America pray for Israel and Jerusalem. We love you. Please pray for us too!

  17. Hey buddy,no need for the name calling! Just so you know there are women fighting the ISIS asshats! if they die by a woman s hands they go straight to hell!!!! I love how people bring themselves lower buy using bigotry! Show you intelligence and not use words like you used instead pray for those who put the terrorist down! God bless though's who took one life to save many! I am mad as Hell Like You But there is no need for Name Calling!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I Have To Agree With All That Replied, Some Are Just Evil And There Is No Coming Back From That!!!!!!!!!!!! Death May Reign On Those Jihadist Scum May They Reep What They Sew!!!!! May All Thier Heads Fall May They Not Take Another Soul That Belongs To God, May They All Rot In Hell Where They Will Feel At Home With Satan Himself!!!!!!!!!! Along With The Current Gov Admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. It makes me sickened and ashamed of my USA Government. We are so sorry. The USURPER POTUS is a Muslim Terrorist himself as far as many of us are concerned. The 14 yr old was a murderous terrorist also. Hopefully unless our Elections are rigged again we will get an Honorable person in the Whitehouse.

  20. You say whatever you like Leonard…and with out fear of retaliation from ANY ONE….because that is YOUR right as much as it is theirs and for them to call YOU names, is no better, nor worse, than you calling others names. It is your RIGHT and NEVER, stop exercising it!

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