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A message from an ambassador of the Palestinian Authority, Israel's "peace partner."

The Palestinian Authority ambassador to Iran has said that Israel is a cancer” that “will be destroyed,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet Sunday morning.

He also said, ‘We have seen increased Iranian efforts for terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria. ”The PA ambassador’s remarks, quoted by the Prime Minister, are a carbon copy of those of Hamas and exposes the Ramallah regime headed by Mahmoud Abbas as a terrorist organization in a shirt and tie.


Netanyahu said:

The ambassador said he is happy with orders from the ruler of Iran, [Ali Hosseini] Khamenei, to send weapons to the West Bank.

He added, and I quote, ‘The Zionist regime is an aggressive cancerous regime that sooner or later will be eliminated.’

Netanyahu emphasized that the ambassador is not a Hamas official but one from the Palestinian Authority headed by “peace partner” Mahmoud Abbas.

He asked rhetorically what will be the reaction of the United Nations.

“They give Iran a place of honor instead of dealing with incitement like this, which leads to terrorism such as we have experienced lately,” referring to last week’s firebombing of an 11-year-old and her father by two Palestinian Authority terrorists.

Netanyahu said Israel will not allow the Palestinian Authority “to force a second Hamastan on us and endanger our security” by going to the U.N. Security Council to circumvent negotiations with Israel.

“This is the same United Nations whose Human Rights Council last year brought 20 decisions against Israel, one against Iran and one against Syria,” Netanyahu added.

The Prime Minister said he expects the international community to unite against the Palestinian Authority effort.

We also can expect  the Palestinian Authority  observer to the United Nations tell the international community how much Abbas  wants peace and that Israel refuses to make peace with a regime that publicly states that Israel is a “cancer that, sooner or later, will be eliminated.”



  1. Will Israel survive two more years of Hussein O, the Anti Semite and Jihadist in Chief and his friends at the UN and EU? I hope so. But Hillary Clinton, his probable successor, will continue his anti Israel, pro Hamas and PA policies. Listen to what Bill Clinton has to say about Israel and you will know that she will continue Hussein O's anti Israel, Anti Semitic policies. I will vote for any Republican that says he will support Israel. However, can the Republicans be trusted? Hussein fooled me and I voted for him the first time because I foolishly believed his words – that he was a friend of Israel and Jews. What a sucker I was.

  2. The Palestinian’s should consider themselves to be very fortunate that Israel is a fair and just country. Israel has the capability to annihilate the Palestinians in a matter of seconds. The same holds, true for the Neanderthal regime in Iran. Israel has the sixth most powerful militaries in the world. The Arab countries didn’t even make the list. There is no other country in the world who shows more restraint than Israel. However, Israel must do a better job in making more out of their opportunities. For example, during the Protective Edge campaign, Israel was making great strides against the enemy. In fact, I read an article that said that Hamas was losing control so quickly, they pleaded for a cease fire. This was a great opportunity to finally get rid of a terrorist group dedicated to Israel’s destruction. But, Netanyahu succumbed to pressure from the U.S. and Europeans to stop the operation. What Netanyahu should have said, that this is a group of terrorists who spend a great deal of money, time, and effort destroying Israel. We have a right to live in peace and tranquility without constant upheaval from Hamas. As such, this operation will continue until Hamas is wiped out of existence. Would this get rid of all problems Israel faces in the region, no but it would have provided relief for Israel. It also would have sent a strong message to others who wish to do harm to Israel that this will be their fate as well. The EU just voted to have Hamas taken off the terrorist list, decisions like this make a bad situation worse. Israel must spend less time trying to be more well liked and more time in securing the needs of the country. Regardless of who likes it or doesn’t like it. .

  3. What you fail to remember is that if you look at the history of the middle east from 1948 until today, it is the Arabs who carry out terrorism against Israel, it's the Arabs who have had countless intifadas against Israel., it's the Arabs who has caused death and destruction, not only to Israel but others in the region as well. So, given the context of these facts, it would be safe to say that it's the Arabs who are a cancer and Israel is trying to find a cure.

  4. Showing Bibi has no clue about using 5th columnist or Quisling tactics or strategy to

    permanently end the threat from Iran.

    The threat doesn't need to exist. But people with "no clue" don't know how to end it.

    Instead of acting, Bibi cluelessly sits around with his finger up his bum, waiting to react.

    Good thing his brother Yoni, was not that way.

  5. Barack (Barry [Soebarkah] Soetoro,) Hussein Obama (BO), is a left-wing political philosopher

    and a professional Marxist-Leninist, communist, state socialist, authoritarian socialist,

    Marxist, ML, bolshevik.

    BO studied the 14 books of Marx and the 54 books of Lenin.

  6. Deaths caused mostly by communists:

    Lenin and Trotsky only killed tens of thousand of people each.

    Lenin died early from effects of the second assassination attempt.

    Trotsky was driven from power by Stalin.

    Stalin, a Georgian, killed 30 million Russians, mostly from starvation.

    Hitler, while one of 20 kinds of socialist, was not a communist, killed 13 million people in his death camps.

    Mao killed 60 million Han Chinese, mostly from starvation.

    Pol Pot killed half the population of Cambodia, 3 1/2 million people.

    All the above people were only killed, because there were laws against people owning guns.

  7. The solution is simple – Israel adopts the international law from 1920 (S. Remo) which gave ALL legal and sovereign rights to lands west of the Jordan river to the Jewish homeland. Similar rights were given to the Arabs living in the region in four other mandates that were created: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Twenty two Muslim countries exist today ONLY ONE JEWISH NATION given exclusively to the Jewish people – with complete sovereign and legal rights -Note that ONLY religious and citizenry rights were given to other minorities.
    This solution enables the left in Israel to separate itself from the Arabs by having foreign national status given to all non-citizens similar to the status given to Puerto Ricans, Virgin Islanders and others.
    The right gets sovereignty, and Israeli law and order in all lands–We ALL (Arabs, Jews, Druze,, Aramaic, Caucasians, get PEACE AND SECURITY and most importantly —–no ISIS country in our midst!!!
    WATCH THIS 15 minute film about a new perspective for peace between the Israelis and the Arabs based on the discovery of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo peace conference of April, 1920. This long hidden document explains the legal rights of the Jews as well as the Arabs. By returning to the negotiating table and respecting historical facts and international law the film believes there can be real peace between Israel and the Arabs.

  8. Bibi, what are you waiting for? these ass holes are crusing for a brusing, they will never let up and the UN or Obama will not be of help to Israel so do what needs to be done, if that includes nuking them then go ahead. bottom line: Its either Israel or them

  9. a very good point but the whole world seems to be against Israel so you need to do what has to be done and wipe those ass holes off the face of the earth. they will never change and their position is "don't confuse me with facts, my mind is make up" Your job, Bibi, is to protect Israel and the Israelis, do it!

  10. My wife and I are Christians and visited Israel in 2007. As governments world-wide embrace socialism and paganism, we pray for Israel and the Jewish people who will again be the scapegoats for demagogues looking for someone to blame. Psalm 122:6.

  11. and he studied the Koran and loves the sound of the muezzins call to prayer…the most beautiful sound he ever heard….he also proclaimed that there is no future for those who slander the name of the prophet of islam….that's our Hussein Obama….

  12. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN… Israel is Gods People… God is 1000% (Actually INFINITELY% behind Israel… ) I am ashamed of what America says about Israel now with all of Islam being placed in US GOVERNMENT. Dismantling its military both in leadership, personnel, and physical size). I wish I was Israeli… I am proud of your country… at this time NOT mine…

  13. This is in response to Ethel Madnick Your smarter than me. I'm so ashamed that I voted for Hussein O the first time. Truly ashamed. My Christian husband warned me, but Sarah Palin scared me and John McCain, seemed to be pandering to the Christian religious right. I will never vote for a Democrat on the national level again. Never. I too was a lifelong Democrat, having only voted Republican twice before Hussein O, for Rudy Giuliani only once and Michael Bloomberg, who ran on the Republican ticket the first time even though he was and is a liberal Democrat. I'm going to change my party registration to Republican. In my state, you can't vote in a primary unless you are a registered member of the party you are voting for. I want a say regarding who the Republican nominee is. I never thought this would be the case, but given Hussein's anti Israel mania and antisemitism, I am now a one issue voter. Women's rights have been subsumed by the greater issue – the survival of the Jewish People and Israel. My Jewish son – loud and proudly Jewish, will register as a Republican and vote accordingly.

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