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Ha'aretz toon used by Hamas

The News website Palestinian Information Center, which covers, among its regular beats, “Zionist Terrorism,” recently uploaded a cartoon it borrowed from fellow traveler Ha’aretz showing traditionally anti-Semitic depictions of Haredi politicians celebrating their control of budgets squeezed from secular Israelis.

The Hamas-oriented PIC added its own judgmental note, but didn’t need to alter the original visual message. It fit its world view perfectly.


H/T Ishay Friedman.



  1. Ha’aretz, after it went broke in 2014, is now funded by the EU, individual anti-Israel European nations, such as Ireland, Spain, Norway and Sweden, and the State Dept. It is far more anti-Israel than Al Jazeera, read only by 3.9 per cent of the Israeli public this year, from a public who often read two or even three different newspapers. However, it is the only newspaper read by most Embassy staffs and foreign journalists. That way they do not have to bother getting propaganda and distorted news from the Palestinians as they are provided it by this ragsheet. Now you know why Obama truly thought most Israelis loved the left wing parties and would choose suicide by obeying the State Dept demands to do so.

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