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Princeton University Professor Jan T. Gross.

Poland is preparing to sue a Princeton University professor for libel in an article written last month alleging that Poles “in fact did kill more Jews than Germans during the war.”

Professor Jan T, Gross, a Polish-born Jew and historian, also stated that Polish intolerance is behind the country’s agreement to accept only 5,000 Syrian refugees instead of a larger number,


The article was re-published by the German newspaper Die Welt, prompting more than 100 complaints to the office of the Polish prosecutor. The prosecutor’s spokesman Przemyslaw Nowak told Polish television that the country’s criminal code “provides that any person who publicly insults the Polish nation is punishable by up to three years in prison.”

Gross previously has provoked Poland and wrote in a book n 2001 that Poles in the town of Jedwabne massacred several hundred Jews.


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. The Poles that moved to the US seem very intelligent. Not sure about the ones still there. I read an article, years ago, about Poles in bread lines complaining that the Jews were eating all their food. There might have been a handful of elderly Jews in the whole country at that time.

  2. The truth certainly isn't popular these days…

    The Poles are happy to play the victims of the Nazis (and they were), But less willing to accept that they were just as fanatical I'm their Jew-hate as the Nazis.

    Can't remember the name of the town, but the Poles massacred Jews returning from the death camps post-WWII Who were trying to reclaim their homes.

  3. We have something in the United States called the First Amendment, which allows people like Prof. Gross to write what he did, even if the statement were inaccurate (which it isn't). In short, this threatened lawsuit by the Polish government would be immediately dismissed as frivilous by every court in the land, and would be regarded by one and all as nothing more than a bad Polish joke.

  4. Yes, there was hostility towards Jews in Pre-War Poland. And yes, some Poles did kill Jews, and some did help the Nazis. Yet Poland never had a pro-Nazi puppet government, or paramilitary facist formations like the Arrow Cross in Hungary or the Iron Guard in Romania. Even the most anti-Jewish members of the pre-war Polish government would not collaborate with the Nazis. Some members of the National Democrats (A Pre-war Polish party with an anti-Jewish agenda) risked their lives to help Jews. This is not as simple an issue as Professor Gross makes it out to be, and has nothing to do with Poland (And Hungary) not being hoodwinked into accepting Moslem "refugees."

  5. "After Germany invaded Poland, Poland was the only country in the world where helping jews or refusing to help in the capture of jews was punishable by death. In Poland, the Germans killed 2.7 million Jews and 2.9 million Poles."

    Will you please link to the documentation on this?
    Thank you.

  6. Ole H.Johansen look fellow, make an eford and find it yourself,it is published, it is acesible . Documents are in arhives many jews live in poland U ask them to forward it to U O.K. ! . Do not play helples. What else do U want handed on the platter? " Docs. " that Gross used wrighting his 'historical books ?" god luck in getting that ! start diiging today.Your life is to short to find such . God Bless U.

  7. Ole H.Johansen Also, there is 70 years + worth of archives where you can find plenty of information on the reality of German Nazis occupation of Poland and the virulent propaganda Germans unleashed against Poles. The prime example is Jedwabne where not one German was indicted and sentenced for murder or even being accessory to murder. All documents that could lead to the real perpetrators from Einsatzgruppen and German gendarmerie, and against Hermann Schaper who was there, were destroyed by German courts in 1970s. Instead it is said, by Gross among others, that Germans only "photographed" the murder. This is the same propaganda that targeted Jews in the 1930s and it continues to be repeated today – abomination.

  8. Gross will stop at nothing and will make any absurd allegation to keep himself in the news. 16,000 Germans were killed in the September 1939 campaign alone. Poles fought on every front in the war against Germany; their military contribution to the war effort was surpassed only by the Big Three. It's about time that this charlatan who poses as a historian is exposed for the fraud and hatemonger that he is.

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