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Jewish-American comedienne, writer, and actress Sarah Silverman

Is comedienne Sarah Silverman aiming to become Jane Fonda (a.k.a. Hanoi Jane) of the Trump years? You be the judge. This week the author of the priceless verse “I love you more than bears love honey / I love you more than Jews love money / I love you more than Asians are good at math,” which, you’ll have to admit is both racist and hysterical, issued this subversive tweet (all caps in the original): “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE.”


Needless to say, very few of her followers liked that call to action, whether they took it seriously or … nauseatedly? Here are the most recent responses from Sarah’s account, sans edits:

“You are delusional. Military? Lol. You, your elitist friends, rioters & the convicts are going to wake a sleeping giant.”

“She is just the most un-American human being in America and should be punished for her treasonous mouth.”

“You’re *literally* calling for a military coup. Do you think that ends in democracy?”

“(In 3 consecutive tweets) First of all trump equals no correlation to Hitler. Secondly the only fascists I see … are the rioters burning, breaking, vandalizing shit because they don’t want an … opposing view. … if these riots continue so will martial law and more power to someone u don’t like.”

What riots? you may ask. Turns out the background to those Silverman calls to action was the protests at UC Berkeley of “150 masked agitators” – that’s how the school administration described them – which erupted ahead of a scheduled Wednesday appearance by Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos. Those democratic efforts to shut up the gust speaker caused $100,000 worth of damage to the campus. The masked goons were not students, but were sent in with the purpose of turning a peaceful demonstration against Yiannopoulos into a violent riot.

And so, the hysterically funny Sarah Silverman is now forever branded with her link to fascistic goon squads using violence to blow up events to which they object.

Also, as these things usually go, pre-sales have been soaring as a result of those violent attacks for Yiannopoulos’ new book, “Dangerous,” scheduled to be published March 14.

The British-born journalist Yiannopoulos is the celebrated homosexual, conservative bad boy of the moment, much as Sarah Silverman used to by the bad girl for the left several decades ago.

Here are two very famous Yiannopoulos quotes:

“Muslims are allowed to get away with almost anything. They can shut down and intimidate prominent ex-Muslims. They’re allowed to engage in the most brazen anti-Semitism, even as they run for office in European left-wing political parties. And, of course, politicians and the media routinely turn a blind eye to the kind of sexism and homophobia that would instantly end the career of a non-Muslim conservative — and perhaps get the latter arrested for hate speech when he dared to object.”


“With a little effort, we can help fat people help themselves. But first we have to make sure that “fat acceptance,” perhaps the most alarming and irresponsible idea to come out of leftist victimhood and grievancean politics, is given the heart attack it deserves.”

Now you get why the left hates him so much.

Finally, Yiannopoulos is a practicing Catholic, but says his mother or maternal grandmother (both mean the same thing) is Jewish. So this fight is inside the family tent, one contestant being a Catholic-Jew, the other a Reform-Jew.



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