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Just a day after William Schabas quit as head of the UN’s anti-Israel Gaza investigation, the UN Human Rights Council has quickly managed to replace him, and they didn’t have to search very far to find exactly who they needed.

Mary McGowan Davis, a member of the Goldstone Report team, the previous anti-Israel UN report, has been appointed to succeed Schabas.


Schabas’s anti-Israel bias was open for anyone to hear, though it was a surprise to many when Schabas revealed in his resignation letter that he had worked as a consultant for the PLO in the past. Apparently Israel had discovered and exposed that fascinating tidbit, forcing Schabas to step down.

Mary McGowan Davis is a former New York Supreme Court Judge.

Her former investigative partner Richard Goldstone, after whom the Goldstone Report was named, retracted the main accusations of his own anti-Israel report, after it was published.

McGowan Davis on the other hand, continued with her separate report based on the assumption that the report was factual, despite it’s primary author’s retraction.

McGowan Davis said, “Our mandate was to take his report as given and start from there.” – don’t confuse her with the facts.

Obviously if you begin with a false premise you’re going to likely reach false conclusions.

It will be interesting to learn what else Israel digs up on these UN “investigators”.


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  1. The U.N. is an antisemetic organization
    The U.N. Antisemitism agenda.
    This is all smoke and mirrors.
    The history of the U.N. in relationship to Israel which affects antisemitism worldwide, has been shameful and catastrophic.
    When you have an organization where a substantial part of its members are adamantly anti Israel and promote her destruction.
    Members who spew hate and violence.
    Members who consistently vote against Israel without justification or humane logic.
    An organization that finances terrorism and helps Hamas and its ilk to hide weapons and launch missiles from U.N. facilities against innocent civilians, men, women and children.
    Look at the history of U.N. resolutions against Israel and the resolutions against the terrorists organization confronting Israel.
    The U.N. an organization that is extremely biased against Israel.
    When you put members of states that violate human rights on a daily basis on the Human rights commission, that speaks volumes.
    I can go on and on.
    Need I say more.
    YJ Draiman

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