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A small but amazingly noisy group of anti-Israel students organized by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) on Wednesday barged on a San Francisco State University hall where Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat was speaking and drowned his speech with their chanting.

Barkat was scheduled to speak about Israel’s burgeoning hi tech industry and his experience as mayor, but that wasn’t really happening. Campus guards who were asked to help stood by and maintained their neutral stance as observers. SF police also arrived and enhanced the observation deck.


The SJP action was presumably protected under the freedom of speech doctrine.


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  1. Caifornia law does n ot permit disrutions of this sort, a law that originated when Martin Luther King was shouted down by racists. IF campus police stand by saying it's freedom of speech they are idiots and the president of the college here Leslie Wong is an open antisemite who praised professor Raba Abdulhadi after she spent $6,000 campus funds to visit terrorist Leila Khaled "in solidarity." What idiot at the consulate chose this location for him to speak, as SFSU is one of the most antisemitic campuses in US and controlled by the Palis.
    The founder of the SJP graduated from SFSU.

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