Photo Credit: Chaim Bleicher / TPS
Soldier near Maarat HaMachpela - July 1, 2016

A female terrorist approached a guard post near one of the entrances to the Tomb of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpela), in Hebron. The terrorist pulled out a knife and tried to stab a Border Policeman.

The Border Policeman managed to accurately shoot and neutralize the terrorist with no harm to himself or anyone else, according to the police.


Update: The terrorist is dead.

There are reports that this terrorist is from the same family as the terrorist who murdered Hallel Ariel yesterday, according to Elior Levy, a reporter from Yediot Achronot.

It is unknown at this point if the terrorist got around the IDF closure of her village, or if she was already outside when the closure was set up.

*Regarding the word “neutralized”, the word is used when the terrorist is no longer capable of harming anyone. It could mean the terrorist is dead, unconscious, arrested or sufficiently wounded to no longer pose a threat.


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  1. muslims want to force there religion on others … it is not acceptable… Hindu never force there religion on Muslims or anyone else… Muslims tries to insult others religion … bravo Israeli soldiers keep it up… save your faith your religion at any cost… whole world will support Israel …

  2. Why kill the wayward youth? It's self evident that
    the soldier could have simply shot the knife out
    of her hand or at least tried to Talk to this child.
    This solider is obviously a right wing zealot and
    should be arrested and charged w murder!
    At the very least he should have let this child
    stab him once or twice and then perhaps
    BiBi could meekly suggest the shooting under
    International law was maybe…pretty please …
    almost justified. Then charge him w murder

  3. Why is there no pressure from our esteemed President for this to stop? Not a word from the White House. His silence condones the murdering of innocent Israeli men, women & children. He threatens & condems every other act of terrorisim in every country, everywhere but Israel. Why is there no pressure @ least from the Jewish Community on the Office of our Comander & Chief to Condemn these horrific murders by theses monsters. We need to txt, tweet, email & call in large numbers & demand He condemn these murders as what they are Islamic Jihadest Terrorisim.

  4. Benjamin Sherr – You have to precede your post for The Jewish Press readers with the words 'tongue in cheek', or 'facetiously speaking' – otherwise our readers will take you seriously. Pietro Tomaino, Sidney Sands for starters….

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