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Testy Trump;s tweet of a swastika and Bush, circled in red in upper right..

Donald Trump has committed political suicide.

The flamboyant “love him or hate him” candidate for the Republican party prudential nomination has tweeted a montage of pictures of candidate Jeb Bush, with a swastika placed next to him.


NBC News reported:

Tuesday’s tweet from Trump appeared to be quoting from — or a partial retweet of — a supporter’s message with a photo collage of anti-Bush imagery.

One of the pictures in the montage shows Bush, whose wife is Mexican, wearing a sombrero and standing next to a cactus.

Trump finally has fulfilled pundits’ predictions, albeit six months late, and has fallen from first place in polls, which now shows retired black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson leading the pack.

The racist post does not necessarily reflect pressure that Trump feels by losing his lead. It simply may just be another brainless outburst from the real estate mogul who has done a great job of entertaining the media and Americans since his announcement that he would run for president.

The tweet of a swastika next to Bush is bound to earn guffaws from his supporters in the Ku Klux Klan but is just as likely to cost him a lot of support from normal right-wing voters.



  1. Article contains misinformation. Trump did not assemble these images and tweet them. He retweeted and soon DEleted when he realized what they contained. Images are very small and hard to see on a cell phone screen. He is too smart to tweet something like this — and he didn't. Two words for you Tzvi — better research! New polls out: Trump Numero Uno across the country. I'm watching him this Motsa'ey Shabbat on Saturday Night Live! BTW, came out Numero Uno with, guess who? That's right: HISPANIC Republicans!

  2. You need to understand that the retweet of this disgusting attack on the Bush family, by using a swastika, is exactly why his fans just adore him. He's a certifiable racist bigoted idiot and this is working for him. If he begins to drop in the polls..and I believe he will..he will just double down on his hateful remarks. He won't stop. He has no "sense of decency" to quote a fine attorney who went after Joseph McCarthy many years ago.

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