Photo Credit: Government of Turkey
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey has offered to host the seven Egyptian leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who were asked to leave Qatar.

Turkish media quoted President Recep Tayyip Erdogan late Monday as saying his nation would welcome the leaders if they wished to come to Turkey.


Erdogan, who leads the Islamist AK Party, made the remarks while speaking to reporters on his presidential plane during his return flight Monday from a state visit to Qatar.

Turkey has also been mentioned as a possible destination for Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal, who it was rumored was also asked to leave Qatar. Hamas officials later denied the report published in a Tunisian newspaper, however, saying the group’s relations with Qatar were “passing through an extraordinary phase.”

One the Hamas terror organization’s greatest financial and strategic backers, exiled Hamas commander for Judea and Samaria operations Saleh Arouri is currently living in Turkey. It is Arouri who is believed to have been the true mastermind behind the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens in Gush Etzion this past June.

Arouri confirmed to a group of clerics in Turkey in early August that the Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas was responsible for the murders.

When he made that announcement he was sitting next to Qatari-based Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The Doha mega-preacher, a favorite on the Al Jazeera Arabic-language satellite television network, had organized the gathering.


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. why only ISIS and why not also HAMAS, FATAH, AL QAIDA, HESBOLAH, JIHAD ISLAMIC, PLO, AND MANY OTHERS ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATIONS ????? they are the same creatures that left arabia peninsula 1400 ago, and since that they behavior are like primitive barbarians only promoting destruction, and killing every where in the name or their satanic religion , islam from hell

  2. Yes, I’ve read that Turkey is the TRUE powerhouse of the middle east. The largest military base in that part of the world is in Incirlic…a USAF facility housing 25,000 personnel. If that were to fall into Turkish control…well, it is no small matter.

  3. GREAT,,, Now we do not have to keep on looking for excuses to prove to the European Union and all those countries that would like to see to.Turkey join the EU, that Erdogan is the Radical Facist Islamist we have been telling the world,,,” on your Own Doorstep ERDOGAN,,YOU CLEAN UP THE MESS”

  4. The PLO/Fatah/HAMAS have gone from Jordan, to Lebanon, to Tunesia, to Israel, to Damascus, to Qatar, to Turkey. That is how the Wests' foreign aid is being spent – keeping these worthless criminals, shysters, and murderers in comfort with dreams of their own importance. Risible the lot of them and the fools who bank roll them are totally imbecilic.

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