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On Friday, July 3, the United Nations Human Rights Council approved a Resolution condemning Israel for violating human rights during the summer of 2014 conflict with Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge.

The resolution was based on the investigation conducted by a committee appointed by the United Nations, and headed by Mary McGowan Davis. The UN’s original choice to head the committee, William Schabas, had to resign from that position when it was revealed that Schabas had been a paid advocate for the PLO. But even the report named both Israel and Hamas as potentially having committed war crimes.


Although purportedly based on the committee report, the resolution was drafted by Palestinian Arabs and Arab states, according to Haaretz.

When the report was released last week, it was blasted by both Israel and the United States.

The United States was the only “nay” vote against the Resolution. Of the 47 member nations in the UNHRC, 41 voted in favor of the Resolution. Germany, France and Ireland were among those voting in favor of the Resolution which condemned Israel – but was completely silent about Hamas – for its conduct during the conflict.

Although only the U.S. voted against the resolution, several states abstained. Those abstaining were India, Ethiopia, Paraguay, Macedonia and Kenya.

The vote took place Friday afternoon, July 3. That same day Israel was fired at from the Sinai, on the heels of vicious attacks against Egyptians by ISIS affiliates, while violent unrest roils the region. An ISIS affiliate claimed it was responsible for the rocket from Sinai.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had this to say about the vote:

“On the day on which Israel was fired at from Sinai, and at a time when ISIS is committing vicious terrorist attacks in Egypt, as Assad slaughters his people in Syria and as the number of arbitrary executions per annum climbs in Iran — the U.N. Human Rights Council decides to condemn the State of Israel for no fault of its own, for acting to defend itself from a murderous terrorist organization.

“Israel is a stable democracy in the Middle East that upholds equal rights for all its citizens and acts in accordance with international law.Those who fear to openly attack terrorism will – in the end – be attacked by terrorism.

“The council that has hitherto adopted more decisions against Israel than against all other countries cannot call itself a human rights council.The State of Israel will continue to defend its citizens against those who call for its destruction and take daily action to achieve this goal.”

The Resolution calls on all parties to comply with an investigation currently underway but the prosecutor’s office of the International Criminal Court to determine whether a case based on the allegations in the report and the UNHRC Resolution should proceed there.


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  1. So basically Netanyahu said Piss off to the UN and it’s terrorist supporting cast of minions. And France & Germany backing the vote, no big surprise as well as Ireland who teamed up with the PLO back in the sixties. em all.
    Mr. Netanyahu do what you do best and keep standing up for and protecting Israel.

  2. Mike Burke I am an American who does not recognize my country anymore. Israel listens for the sound of sirens and dreads the UN. I wait for the sound of the Lord’s judgment coming to my nation and dread the next executive order

  3. ……Very clear…yes very clear!!..How in the world can you blame your own brothers…?..The europeand countries are already in the GRIP of those islams/muslims…their countries are dominated by these islams/muslims…They sweeten, giving them all priorities, calming all those islam/muslims in their blaming all the time ISRAEL!!!..
    What ever any islam/muslim organisations, terrorizing, killing even their own blood, not to forget all kids and women….AGAIN ISRAEL GETS THE BLAME..!! The Europeans UN / UN HRC, EU, ..members are a big shame and a bunch of hypocrits, of the rest of the world…
    They all should be replaced with the next US presidential elections..or now, if we’ve the power and mandate for it…..
    How Criminals are they!!!!..

  4. Something is fishy about this UNHRC vote. I guarantee you Obama and Kerry told countries to vote against Israel, while Obama and Kerry would oppose it.
    Take 4 of the countries that voted against Israel. Germany, UK, Latvia and Estonia.

    Does anyone in their right mind think Latvia and Estonia would vote against Israel, if the U.S told them to vote for Israel.
    Right now Latvia and Estonia feel threatened by Russia.
    Latvia and Estonia need the U.S more then ever, thinking Russia might invade the Baltic countries.

    There is no way in history Latvia and Estonia would have voted against Israel if the U.S didn't tell them to do so.
    The same with Germany and UK.

  5. Look at your face in the mirror before you talk and I am not angry nor do I bash Islam I State Facts Maybe Not To Your Liking But Then Again That Is What It Means To Live In The West and The Freedoms It accords us. As to killing one self notice who connects payment with killing and Islam bashing.

  6. Now why would you say all that in the 4th of July to me? All I said was ‘what else is new’ did that offend your sensibility? How did you get Islam in there? Or payment? Or death? Or are you implying death to me because you don’t like my face? Or politics? I think you are confused ……in America we have the right to our opinion until we try to impose or threaten another’s existance for their free speech. I don’t live in Gaza or jenin or Rama lah and nor do you. Now that is a reality check of getting a life. Have great 4th of July enjoy the cookout and the freedoms this country offers you.

  7. The UN still has that old and irritating view of Israel and its Jews, ever since Ernest Bevin, Britain’s new Foreign Secretary, decided to “hand the whole Palestine problem to the United Nations” on 14th February 1947. So even today, the nagging “pea under a pile of mattresses” still remains and the UN could not, nor ever has overcome the fact that Israel has evolved into the metropolis it has become today. They could never tame a lion which was hungry for its own habitat.

  8. The UN is a loudspeaker for the Islamic world. It’s best to ignore the corrupt gang pretending to be honest world-politicians. As long as the UN includes failed 3. World countries in the assembly as long do Israel or any other decent state follow their recommendations or advice.

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