Photo Credit: Israel Police / Mabat 2000
Arab terrorist stabbing a Border Policeman near Damascus Gate. Oct. 10, 2015.

The police have released the security footage of the attempted stabbing of a border policeman in the Old City, on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015.

In the video you can clearly see the terrorist pulling the knife and stabbing the policeman.


The police then put down the terrorist.



  1. Daniel Simo…Muslims fear none but Allah SWT and that's why my brother in religion took it upon himself to attack that USraeli policeman with 9 other morons…USrael may have demolished everything in Falestine but not the determination of these young fearless Falestinis who yearn for JANNAH in the hereafter by dying FI SABILILLAH….InShaAllah ISLAM WILL TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD…

  2. In such close proximity, with the knife in his hand, the shooting was justified in order to protect themselves. Whether you personally condone it is moot.

    In fact, I'd argue the other way – with so many police officers and bystanders at immediate risk, you really have no choice BUT to condone the shooting.

  3. One stab with a knife can be lethal, this bloke was actively stabbing repartedly at the policeman's upper body, it was a kill or be killed situation, there is no basis to suggest that anyone should have waited or intervened pn any basis other than immediately shooting to neutralise him

  4. In other circumstances your cirtique may have been applicable, but here it is not. Police in Israel as well as in the U.S are trained to shoot to kill, not to maim. They are taught to aim for the torso which is the easiest target because of the size. And they are taught only to discharge their weapon when there is an aggressor and they need to thwart an attack.

    If this man was brandishing the knife and threatening an attack, perhaps they could have subdued him. This man, however, was in the middle of aggressively stabbing an officer. Firing their weapons was totally justified and I'm willing to bet most respected police forces would agree.

  5. Andre de Kock something is wrong with you fool. do you even live here? the amount you know about reality on the ground is zero for sure. the point is not punishment fit or not the point is sending a msg. not tolerated period. do you really believe this kind of arabs give a flying crap if they sit in jail? they laughing. the brainwashing is in plain light for you to see from prominent arab politicians do your research and grow up.

  6. Ruben Norberth Musca you need to brush up on your history, buddy. Even after 1948, Syria, Lebanon, etc all stated that so-called "palestine" was theirs and that it was part of their goal to get rid of Israel. Let's see how far back in history you can trace the "palestinians". Before Arafat, they were just arabs from all over the middle east. Suddly, the PLO creates Palestine.

  7. The problem with westerners (including myself before actuall moving to Israel) is that they try and handle the middle east with a western mentality. Unfortunately that doesn't work. You need to handle arabs like they would handle you. If they had their way, you would be a slave, infidel.

  8. Andre de Kock

    Hi Andre,

    I understand your point but let's see it from what happened down there : you are attacked, the guy has a knife and is ready to die, your colleagues are around and can be hurt too but you can also hurt your colleagues if the bullet goes wrong … this is a lot of things to think about within a second, no? See it as impossible to judge how the soldier behaves then.


  9. David C. Telliho While the police are still investigating the crime, the most logical conclusion is that he picked it up at the mosque he attended just before he shot the person (Mr Cheng).
    The 'boy' was heard to be shouting "alluha akbar" or however they spell it. The particular mosque has a history of producing "lone wolf" attackers.

  10. Obama is backing up Palestinian so to divide Israel the house of the MOST HIGH GOD but Palestinian will be slaves to America for the rest their reckless life Look at the so called South Korea divided From it's own blood just to please America not knowing what comes nest forever South Korea will remain slave to America policy. That Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people according to the Scripture is a holy land of Israel i don't know if barack Obama knows this.

  11. I lived and worked in Iran all through the 70's and, sadly, Muslims have been chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" for a long time and are taught to kill all non-believers. … The USA and Israel have atomic weapons. … We need to stop pretending that Muslims can be nice, and nuke them all. … The UN should ban the religion (it should ban all religions that call for violence against others). … Hitler burned the wrong books. … The Koran should be put on its funeral pyre. … We, Christians and Jews should stand together and yell "Death to all Muslims!" and make that an official policy of the USA and of Israel. … Hope Trump is listening? Can someone on IN please get a copy of this to Trump?

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