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Iranian-backed Houthis in Sanaa, Yemen.

The United States knew more than a month ago that four Americans were being held hostage by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, according to YemenOnLine website editor Jamal Al-Awadhi.

YemenOnLine sources said the hostages are being held at a hotel that is secured by Houthi rebels.


An Obama administration official said on Sunday that “several” American citizens are being held by the Houthis, apparently in the Houthi stronghold in the capital of Sanaa. The city has been heavily bombed by Saudi Arabia, raising fears for the lives of the Americans in captivity.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that none of the hostages work for the American government and that at least has dual American and Yemini citizenship.





  1. If you get stranded in Yemen because you took a little risk, don't expect us to send lawyers, guns and money. Why would you even go to such a place, in the first place? For money? Then, buy yourself out of the situation. There is not much sympathy for such foreigners, in this corner.

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