Photo Credit: Miriam Alster / Flash 90
Rabbi Shai Piron (L) and Yair Lapid, Yesh Atid party chairman. (archive)

After Yesh Atid’s failure in the elections, cutting them down to 11 seats from 19, and most likely heading them into the opposition, there is much disappointment in the party.

MK Shai Piron, who was the former Minister of Education in the 19th Knesset said that he is considering the idea of leaving politics.


MK Yaakov Perry, who served as the Minster of Science in the last Knesset is expected to quit if he isn’t appointed as a minister in this government, an appointment which is very unlikely to happen.

If Piron and Perry quit, then Elazar Stern, who served in HaTnua in the last Knesset, and Pnina Tamnu-Shateh are expected to take their place.


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  1. Yesh Atid did fairly well in the last election but people have memories. What have they done and what have they achieved besides absolutely nothing. You may want to check out my posts from before and immidiatley after the last election. I predicted that this was a no party on the road to nowhere. It is the old story of "You can fool some of the the people……" but in the end 19 seats go to 11 and 11 will go to zilch. Lapid like his father before him think that they run the world. They need to know that se is do an Eibishter. It is He that runs the world.

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