Yeshiva High School Mekor Haim has sued Primo, an Arab-owned company from the Jerusalem industrial park Atarot, for selling it packages of sugar with a kashrut certificate of the Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate — even though Primo lost its certification five years ago. The packages in question also bear the name and insignia of the Batdatz (Haredi) certification, but without the word for “under the supervision of.”

The plaintiffs say they sustained damages of about $100 to $150 each after having bought a large quantity of the Primo sugar, but they seek punitive damages of about $1.2 million.



  1. If anyone perpetrates a scam, as this manufacturer was, they usually make sure that they were hiding their subterfuge, that they wouldn't be caught. Five years or ten, that they got caught at any time was because the manfacturer slipped up and their dishonest plan failed.

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