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The Port of Long Beach

The ZIM Shanghai successfully unloaded its cargo at the Port of Long Beach without any delays or problems.

The Shanghai was unable to unload at its previous port of call, the Port of Oakland, after ILWU 10 union workers (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) refused to unload the ship. ILWU 10 claims that violent demonstrators intimidated and physically threatened the workers.


At least two groups were demonstrating at the Port of Oakland, “Block the Boat for Gaza”, and the “Stop Zim Action Committee”. Members of ISM, the “International Solidarity Committee” were also spotted at the protests.

At once point some demonstrators were reportedly told to leave their Hamas flags at home due to the bad publicity their support for the Hamas terrorists was generating.

The ship sailed on to the Port of Long Beach, which is the second busiest container port in the US, after the Port of Los Angeles which it adjoins.

ILWU 10 is currently in a contract battle with the Port of Oakland, and there are claims that the union tried to use the BDS protesters as pawns in their negotiations.

There are questions if ZIM ships will continue to try to use the Port of Oakland anymore. The loss of ZIM’s business would ultimately just hurts the workers and the local community.

Jon Banquer reported on Twitter that the ship experienced no delays at the Port of Long Beach and is now on its way to its next port of call in Russia:

Jon Banquer @JonBanquer ZIM Shanghai unloads/loads with no delays at Port of Long Beach. Ship now on its way to Vostochny Port in Russia #BlockTheBoat #stopzim fail

BDS protesters regularly try to stop ZIM ships from docking and unloading at ports around the United States, but the Port of Oakland is the only port where ZIM ships have had any real problems.



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  3. Has happened before, Longshore Workers try not to get involved in such conflicts, and 30,000 s screaming Arabic and waving flags and banners is a volatile situation. I wouldn't want to walk that gauntlet, and risk being attacked by crazies like these, not knowing what the crazies will do. If anything, I fault Law Enforcement and the Port Authority for not insuring safety for the Longshore folks trying to run that gauntlet. The Longshore folks are not all big and burly, given that most ships are loaded and off-loaded by Cranes these days, and those Crane Operators are Longshore, as well as being all the machine operators for all the other machinery. The Port Authority needs to explain why they are willing to use Taxpayer Money to pay the fines for not providing services contracted and paid for. I wonder what the issue actually is, maybe a Pro-Pal Attorney on Staff? Maybe a Pro-Pal Port Authority Commissioner sacrificing their responsibilities for a personal political Agenda? Maybe such scenarios in the City Government that keeps LE at bay…

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