Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
New construction in Gilo, eastern Jerusalem

The UN Security Council resolution will not slow down construction in the 1967 liberated parts of Jerusalem, according to the municipality’s Local Planning and Construction committee. In fact, on Wednesday, the committee plans to vote to approve thousands of new housing units in Jewish and mixed neighborhoods across the 1949 armistice line, a.k.a. the “greenline.”

The planning committee will approve 2,600 new housing units in the neighborhood of Gilo, another 2,600 units in Givat Hamatos, and 400 units in Ramat Shlomo – altogether 5,600 units in eastern Jerusalem.


Acting and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem and Chairman of the Local Planning and Building committee Meir Turgeman, told the press he is “not intimidated by the UN or by any other entity trying to dictate to us what to do in Jerusalem. I hope the new US Administration will give us a push to continue replenishing the housing stock which was reduced during the eight years of the Obama Administration.”



  1. FN: SΓΈrg For At Folkeretten For Israel Opprettholdes: FN: SΓΈrg for at fastboende israelitter i Judea og Samaria ikke blir fordrevet bort fra landet disse israelittene har tilknytning til! Dersom ikke: FN er blitt en Organisasjon som Opprettholder konflikter imellom araber-palestinere og jΓΈder: hvilket ansvar?

  2. Spot on Mr PM Netanyahu!
    The outlaw Obama hates the Israeli PM, and now this sophomoric community organizer has betrayed the nation of Israel! Obama’s decision fools no one. This was not a political decision, but a personal decision. The sooner we get rid of this fool in the White House the better. God bless Israel , and God bless prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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