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Joint Arab List MK Ahmad Tibi speaks to protesters in Sheikh Jarrah, June 11, 2021.

MK Avigdor “Avi” Maoz, leader of the Noam party in the Religious Zionist Knesset faction, on Wednesday called on Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to launch an investigation of members of the Joint Arab List and leaders of far-left organizations, following their meeting in Ramallah with representatives of six Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-affiliated organizations that Defense Minister Benny Gantz had designated as terrorists this week.

“Yesterday, the MKs of the Joint Arab List met with representatives of the six organizations that were designated only this week by the Minister of Defense as terrorist organizations,” Maoz wrote the AG.


“Today, representatives of many left-wing organizations also came to Ramallah to visit, support, and express solidarity with those organizations,” MK Maoz continued, and added: “Among the participants were Hagai Elad, CEO of B’Tselem, Dr. Yehudit Oppenheimer, CEO of Ir Amim, Rana Salman and Yonatan Ger, CEOs of Fighters for Peace.”

Maoz called on the AG to launch an investigation based on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Law: “I call on you to launch a criminal investigation for the purpose of prosecuting the participants in those meetings for violating the Anti-Terrorism Law (2016), according to section 24 (a), which states: ‘A person who commits an act of identification with a terrorist organization, including by way of publication of words of praise, support or sympathy, hoisting a flag, displaying or publishing a symbol, or displaying, playing or publishing a slogan or anthem in any of the above, is liable to imprisonment for three years.'”

See? Actions have consequences. DM Gantz was mostly flexing his right-wing muscles for political gain, but now a crafty right-wing opposition MK is going to take this all the way to the cops. More power to him.

Let’s see what Maoz can get done with the Kashrut reform…


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