PA Arabs Continue Destruction of Ancient Israelite Village

Sebastia/Shomron is a "hot spot for Palestinian Authority historical revisionism," said the head of Regavim's International Division.

‘Surge In Illegal Arab Building Along Green Line a Security Threat’

All along the Green Line, Jewish communities are being encroached upon to the point where there is no buffer zone, zero reaction time.

IDF Razes 11 Illegal Arab Structures Near Jericho’s Jewish Archeological Site

The construction is yet another attempt by the Palestinian Authority (PA) to establish facts on the ground in Area c, the parts of Judea and Samaria under direct Israeli control.

Another Ancient Biblical Site Under Threat from Palestinian Authority Construction

The Palestinian Authority paved a road and is allowing residential building at El-Unuk, a site from the times of Joshua.

It’s Not your Daddy’s Civil Administration: COGAT Demolishes Illegal Arab Vacation Resort

This week’s action joins a series of significant demolitions that have been carried out in recent months and according to the Regavim movement indicate a welcome changing trend.

Arabs Vandalize Joshua’s Altar on Mount Ebal

"Only the fixed Jewish presence of a farm or town will prevent further damage or destruction," activist group says.

The Palestinian Authority’s Not So Stealthy Takeover of Judea and Samaria

“The illegal building that's taking place by the Arabs has increased so dramatically in the last year that it's out of control. If we judge according to where these activities are happening, they’re definitely in places which you can see they’re trying to create facts on the ground,” says Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi.

Palestinian Authority Illegally Building a Resort Complex in Gush Etzion Nature Reserve

The Palestinian Authority is taking advantage of the war to continue building a new city in the Ha-Masrek nature reserve atop the Judean Desert in eastern Gush Etzion.

Illegal PA Building along Green Line ‘a Ticking Bomb’

Palestinian Authority Arabs have built nearly 20,000 illegal structures near the Judea and Samaria security barrier, warns NGO Regavim.

European MEPs Will Fight EU’s Funding of PA’s Illegal Takeover of Area C

The EU is enabling and funding the Fayyad Plan to take over Judea & Samaria.

Regavim: Defense Minister Gantz is ‘Silver Platter on which State of Palestine is Being...

Israel has rapidly been losing lands in area C to European Union-funded illegal construction projected executed by the PA.

Exposed: PA Grand Plan to Occupy Area C, Israel is ‘Losing Judea and Samaria’

It is described as “a well-oiled mechanism” in which the EU secretly provides money, people and planning and legal knowledge to prepare a plan that will “isolate Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem and establish a de facto terrorist state in the heart of Israel.”

PA Building 16 Schools at Strategic Points in Area C

Civil Administration inspectors arrived and photographed one site, but the Al-Quds Center for Legal Aid obtained an Israeli court order to prevent the demolishing of the building.

Arabs Invade Area C with 100 Illegal Schools Israel Can’t Take Down

Sadly, the smart settlers in today's version of the story are Palestinians, and the dumb government are the Israelis.

Over Shabbat, Arabs Uproot Trees Planted by Efrat Residents

On Thursday night, Arab farmers secretly planted a massive grove of olive trees along the northern border of Efrat's Dagan neighborhood to illegally grab the land.

Arab-Owner Fields Destroyed by ‘Occupation’ Turn Out to Be Lands Stolen from Israel

The "Arab fields" were actually an IDF training area that were invaded and illegally occupied by the Arabs.

How Israel Lets Palestinian Authority Get Free Power While Taking Over Land

Meet the Israeli-registered company that owes a billion shekels to the Israel Electric Corporation and serves as an arm of the P.A. as it attempts to illegally encroach on Area C.

PA Builds 7 Illegal Structures in Israeli Territory Every Day, Data Shows

The EU has been funding the illegal Palestinian Authority seizure of state land.

Regavim Warns Knesset: PA Creating Land Bridge through Illegal Building in Samaria

Regavim documentation shows illegal Palestinian Authority construction where Jewish communities were before the 2005 disengagement.

Residents of Khan al-Ahmar Feel Used by the PA, It Made Them ‘Soldiers to...

“The Palestinian Authority considers us soldiers to defend the E1 areas and will not give up the outpost,” explained one of the family heads.

Next to Efrat, Arabs Destroy 2 Kilometers of Second Temple Era Aqueduct

An illegal factory in Beit Fajar in Gush Etzion took about two kilometers from a Second Temple period aqueduct and ground it into gravel for construction.

Rate of Illegal Arab Construction in Area C Increased by 80% in 2022

Regavim: “The Israeli government is creating a de facto Palestinian state.”

Israel Slams Palestinian Authority Attempt to Manipulate ICJ to Expel Jews From Judea and Samaria

Among countries to participate in the week-long hearings are the United States, China, Russia, South Africa and Egypt. Israel sent written testimony.

PA Formulating Massive Aid Package for Eastern Jerusalem

There is no Israeli consent to these plans, and no permits were provided for these projects. Most of the projects are slated for areas under full Israeli control.

Salam Fayyad Likely to Return to PA Premiership and Head Relations with Biden Administration

In Ramallah, it is said that it is not inconceivable that the Fayyad program to take over Judea and Samaria will return in full force and take center stage on the Palestinian Authority agenda.

Yesha Council Head Warns of PA Plan to ‘Dissect’ Judea and Samaria

Palestinian Authority construction projects are being designed to take the high ground overlooking critical transportation arteries, according to Israel Gantz.

Gantz Approves ‘Confidence Building Measures’ with the PA for Biden’s Visit

The measures, which include the approval of six Palestinian Authority building plans in Judea and Samaria, “de facto puts Area C under the control of the P.A.,” says Gush Etzion Regional council head.

Illegal Construction on Biblical site Prompts Rare Israeli Action

Despite its location in Area B, Israel's Civil Administration has decided to act in Tel Aroma to prevent further damage to the site.


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