Photo Credit: Carmel Horowitz, IDF
Viper attack helicopter launches a missile. (illustrative)

Israeli fighter pilots bombed a terror target in central Gaza late Saturday night, the Israel Defense Forces announced.

“IDF jets attacked a terror target belonging to Hamas in the central Gaza Strip,” the IDF said in a statement released to media after midnight. “The attack was carried out in response to the placement of explosive devices on the border fence.”


Israeli air strikes were seen in a number of locations, according to Arab media.

The attack follows the explosion of an improvised explosive device near the security fence along the border of northern Gaza earlier in the day on Saturday, and the subsequent retaliation by IDF artillery.

“An explosive device detonated near the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip. No forces were in the vicinity at the time of the explosion,” an IDF statement said. “No damage or casualties were caused to our forces.”

Israeli tanks fired two shells at a target east of the Shujaiya neighborhood of Gaza City in retaliation for the bombing. There were no casualties on the Israeli side, the IDF said.

There have been at least five IEDs planted by terrorists along the Gaza border in recent weeks. Two soldiers were critically injured in the first explosion.