Photo Credit: Israel Police
Remains of a 107mm rocket that struck southern Israel on Dec. 17 2017

Residents of southern Israel say they are not going to be cowed by terrorists in Gaza who are once again attempting to terrorize them — but neither do they intend to allow themselves to remain targets either.

Tamir Idan, head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, said following the latest round of rocket fire on Sunday night, “Tonight the Red Alert air raid siren again sounded through the communities around the Gaza Strip, and this time there is damage to the homes of residents, although no harm to body and soul.


“The State of Israel is determined not to allow the continuation of the rocket fire, and we are not prepared for a state of emergency to become a routine in our lives. We say in clear language that we are strong, and determined, and we support the security forces.”

Two rockets exploded in the Gaza Belt region, both landing in a residential zone, at around 8:45 pm. One hit a house, damaging the structure but leaving the residents unharmed because they had enclosed themselves in their bomb shelter literally seconds before.