Photo Credit: Yosef Mizrachi / TPS
Emergency services at an Ashkelon factory that was hit by a rocket. August 7, 2022.

Islamic Jihad has managed to kill and injure quite a number of Arab civilians in Gaza in this round of fighting, but their latest victim takes the cake.


One person was wounded in one of the Islamic Jihad rocket attacks on Ashkelon this evening. The rocket hit a factory and blew out a window. MDA subsequently reported that the victim, age 35, was lightly to moderately wounded from the shrapnel. They also reported that he is a Palestinian Authority Arab from Hebron who was apparently working in Ashkelon.

Meanwhile, in Yafo, local Arabs went to the streets to yell Allahu Akhbar and cheer when the rocket alert went off in the Tel Aviv region. The rockets were shot down.

Video of the interceptions:


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