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Arson on Hebron Mountain Thursday night, June 11, 2020

Hakol Hayehudi continues to report about the Silent Intifada, which has seen a decrease in the number of terrorist incidents in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem over the past week. A total of only 15 terrorist incidents were recorded, with the exception of arson, which are often difficult to trace and count accurately.

Arabs set fires during last the week near the Gilad farm, near the settlement of Eshtemoa, near the Givat Harsina neighborhood of Kiryat Arba, in the Gevaot forest near Gush Etzion, and near Kochav Hashachar settlement in Binyamin. Fire firefighting crews dealt with a series of other arson attacks by Arabs last week at various locations, which inflicted heavy damage.


Last week, Arabs threw stones at a bus near the Yakir Junction in Samaria. The bus was damaged and three passengers were lightly injured. Another passenger suffered an anxiety attack. At another event earlier last week, a van transporting children was stoned in the Jordan Valley.

During a military exercise in the village of Itamar in Samaria, a terrorist armed with a knife tried to infiltrate the settlement and was caught. There were no casualties.

Also, on Thursday night, a commuter was attacked with a cinder block while standing in a traffic jam due to roadwork on Route 60, near the village of Al Aroub near Gush Etzion. She said police or military forces were not present at the scene. A vehicle driven by Arabs overtook her and a cinder block was thrown at her. Her vehicle was damaged.

In addition, during last week, Arabs rioted in Jerusalem and Jaffa on several occasions, throwing stones at police and bystanders. A Dan Transportation Company bus was stoned in Jaffa.

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